Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


You decided that you were going to forgive Jungkook.

But you also decided to only be this friend.

But .. something happened that night.

Jungkook had to leave before you could forgive him.

1 year passed......he still wasn’t back.

You started to think that he would never come back.

You already waited a year.

How much longer could you wait?

You waited one more year for him to come back.

Another year gone....still not back.

You started to forget about him.

All you could think of is when your dad walked out on you.

You stared at that diamond necklace he bought you before he left.

You felt like he betrayed you.

Now Jungkook was doing it...

you couldn’t believe someone so important to you could do this.

He abandoned me.

You was abandoned again.

You couldn’t wait any longer.

You grew closer and closer to the other member you had been talking to since you left.

You didnt know what to do anymore.

You had one guy waiting for you to be his and Jungkook leaving you.

You decided you couldn’t wait any longer.

You didn’t love Jungkook anymore.

No butterflies, no emotions, you just didnt care now.

you realised the other member is who you should be with.


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