Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


It had been a week since you gave up on Jungkook.

You didn’t care if he was coming back or not anymore.

You had given up.

But has Jungkook?!?

One day you decided you wanted to go see your mum because you missed her.

Once you had arrived at your mums.

You had dinner and you both getting talking.

Jungkook is bought up straight away by your mum.

Mum: “I think you should check up on Jungkook.”


Mum: “He hasn’t contacted anyone in the group for over 2 years. i’m worried.”

Y/N: “Where is he?”

Mum: “In his house. He never left. he just refused to open his front door or answer his phone.”

Y/N: “I will get him to open that door.”

You went to knock on Jungkook’s door, but there’s no answer.

You open his letterbox and start to shout so he can hear you.

Y/N: “Jungkook....It’s me. I just wanted to say i forgive you and please come out.”

There was no reply.

You got a piece of paper out of your bag and you decided to leave a note.

[on the note]


I’m sorry. I forgive you. Please come out we all miss you.

Just think about it....

Y/N xx

You posted it through the letter box and went home.

Y/N:(thinking) “What’s happening to me?”

Why do i keep running back to him?

Do i love him?


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