Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


It’s been a month now since your argument with Jungkook.

Jungkook is still avoiding you.

Before Jungkook came into your lfie you became really close with J-Hope and you start to fall for him.

Jungkook has left your life yet again.

Does that mean that you are going to like J-Hope again?

Who knows!

After dance practice, you notice J-Hope hasn’t stopped staring at you.

J-Hope:(thinking) “Jungkook and her are over. this is my chance.”

J-Hope started walking towards you after everyone had left the room.

little did you both know Namjoon was waiting for you outside the door.

J-Hope: “Y.N, i need to talk to you.”

Y/N: “please say you aint leaving me too.”

J-Hope: (giggle) “Of course not! i was just wondering if you would go out a date with me?”

Y/N: “a date?”

J-Hope: “yeah as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Y/N: “I’m not sure..”

J-Hope: “please.”

He gave you the puppy dog sad face and you gave in.

Y/N: “Fine, i’ll think about it okay?”

J-Hope: “Okay.”

He left with an huge smile on his face.

After he had left you ran out the room looking for Namjoon.

Namjoon: “Y/N!!”

you turned around and realised he had heard it all.

you ran into his arms and hugged his tightly.

Y/N: “Big brother, what do i do?”

Namjoon: “Follow your heart.”

you stared at him with a worried face.

Namjoon: “Come on, Lets go have dinner.”

After dinner Namjoon dropped you home and went to see Jimin.

He told him everything as Jimin knew how to handle it.


Namjoon: “Yes, i heard it all. she is worried Jimin.”

Jimin: “Jungkook will kill him.”

Namjoon: “Then we cant let him find out.”

Jimin: “Agreed.”


After dance practice, a game of chinese whispers was being played but no one shouted out at the end.

Jimin was told about J-Hope asking Y/N out, so he talked to V about it.

Jimin: “Teahyung, whatever happens. we cant tell Jungkook.”

Teahyung: “I’m sorry, but i cant promise that i wont.”

Jimin understood this as Teahyung and Jungkook were basilly brothers.

It was dinner time.

Teahyung and Jungkook were sitting together.

Jungkook noticed V had something on his mind.

After dinner, tae took Jungkook into the practice room and explained to him everything.

Jungkook grew with rage.

“HE WHAT?!?” Jungkook started to shout.

“He asked her to go on a date with him considering you were avoiding her and she was done with you.” Taehyung calming explained the situation.

Jungkook ran out the practice room and went looking for J-Hope.

“I’m in trouble now. i shouldn’t of said anything.” Taehyung said to himself worried abotu Jungkook and the fate of J-hope.

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