Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


After running for an hour, Jungkook finds J-Hope practising in the dance room.

Suddenly his anger rose and took him over.

He shoves J-Hope into the mirrored wall behind him.

J-Hope: “What was that for Jungkook?”

Jungkook: “STAY AWAY FROM Y/N.”

J-Hope: “Why should i?”

Jungkook: “SHE’S MINE.”

J-Hope: “I’ll fight for her.”

Jungkook: “So be it!!”

After saying this, Jungkook throws the first punch as J-hope’s face.

J-Hope blocked the punch and swung for Jungkook but he dodged it.

Jungkook punches j-hope in the face giving him a cut lip which blood gushing out

All over J-Hope’s white t-shirt

J-Hope gave Jungkook a left hook to him which slits his eyebrow

As his blood dripped to the floor from Jungkook’s eyebrow,

Jungkook gave J-Hope a jab punch to the nose which clicked out of place.

J-Hope’s head went flying backwards into the mirrorred wall behind him, cracking it on impact.

There was blood left on the mirror where his head had hit it.

J-Hope had took quite a hit that he became dazed but that didn’t stop him.

He shook it off and grabbed Jungkook’s hand and twisted it backwards until there was a loud crack that echoed throughout the room.

They kept fighting, No one was backing down just yet.

Jungkook tried to throw a punch with his other hand but J-Hope dodged it and Jungkook hand went full force straight into the wall infront of him.

His knuckles began to bleed franctly.

He didn’t care, he wasn’t going to back down. he wasn’t going to let J-Hope take you away from him until he draws his last breath.

J-Hope was thinking the same thing, he wasn’t backing down either until you agreed to be his.

But just as they were about to swing for one another.

You walked into the room unaware of what was going on.

You look up to see the 2 bloody men before you.

You instantly looked at Jungkook’s hand and got inbetween them both.

stopping them from fighting.

Jungkook&J-Hope: “Y/N move please i don’t want to hurt you.”

Y/N: “Then stop fighting. both of you. i cant take it.”

tears slowly running down your tears. Jungkook tried to wipe them away and you took his hand lightly instead.

Y/N: “Jungkook your hand...... you need to see a doctor.”

Jungkook: “I’m fine.”

Y/N: “Jungkook its broken. of course you are not. we are going to a doctors right now.”

Just as you were about to leave the room with Jungkook...

J-Hope tapped on his shoulder. Jungkook slowly turned to face his enemy. only to recieve one knock out blow to the side of his head.

Jungkook dropped to the floor unconcious.

Y/N: “Why did you do that?”

J-Hope: “He needed to be taught a lesson.”


J-Hope: “Just leave him”

J-Hope reached out for your hand but you pushed him away.

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