Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)



Namjoon rushes into the room and notices Jungkook lying on the floor uncounisous.

He immediately picks up Jungkook and carries him out the room. You were about to follow your brother when J-Hope grabbed your wrist and pulled you back.

Y/N: “Leave me alone”

J-Hope: “But you didn’t answer my question”

Y/N: “If you think that I am going to date you after that, you have another thing coming.”

You got out of J-Hope’s grip and ran after Jungkook to make sure he was ok.

You got to your house and saw Jungkook lying on your bed, still knocked out.

Y/N: “Is he okay?”

You nervously asked.

Namjoon: “He will be fine, just let him rest.”

Y/N: “Okay, you can go rest if you want.”

Namjoon: “I actually have a few errors to run, but I’ll be back soon to check on him.”

Y/N: “Ok, I’m going to stay he with him.”

Namjoon: “good idea.”

As he walked out the room he whispered in your ear.

Namjoon: “Even though, I don’t like the idea of you 2 dating, I’m glad he has you.”

Y/N: “I’m glad I have him.”

Namjoon: “He needs you. He would not of punched J-Hope if he didn’t love you.”

He left straight after saying that. You could see he was worried.

Something wasn’t right.


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