Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


After Namjoon had left you and Jungkook alone. He knew that Jimin had to of told someone.

After looking for an hour, he found Jimin at the coffee shop down the road.

Namjoon: “Jimin!”

Jimin: “Hi Namjoon. What’s wrong?”

Namjoon: “Who did you tell and J-Hope?”

Jimin: “I told Teahyung. Why?”

Namjoon: “Jungkook and J-Hope got into a fight. Jungkook is in hospital.”

Jimin: “Oh shit!”

He rose from his stair in shock.

Namjoon: “Yeah, we need to find Teahyung.”

They both rushed out of the coffee shop and to the recording studio where Teahyung was rehearsing.

Namjoon&Jimin: “TEAHYUNG!”

Teahyung: “Guys, what’s up?”

Jimin: “I told you not to tell Jungkook.”

Teahyung: “How do you know that I told him?”

Namjoon: “Jungkook and J-Hope got into a fight. Jungkook is in hospital.”

Teahyung jaw dropped instantly at hearing that.

Teahyung: “Is he okay?”

Jimin: “Yeah, luckily. Y/N turned up just in time to stop the fight.”

Teahyung: “I feel awful.”

Jimin: “You should feel bad. Look what happened.”

Namjoon: “Teahyung, don’t worry about it. He was going to find out at some point.”



Jungkook woke up and saw you fast asleep beside him. He gave you a hug and a kiss before walking downstairs to make you breakfast.

30 minutes later....

You woke up

Y/N: (talking to yourself) “What’s that smell?”


Jungkook: shouting upstairs “Come get them, while it’s hot.”

You run down the stairs before even getting dressed.

You were only wearing a long white t-shirt of Jungkook that goes just above your knee.

You walk into the kitchen with a plate of pancakes sitting on the table.

Jungkook: “nice shirt.”

You and him giggled. Then you both sat down and starting to eat.

Once you had finished eating. You asked Jungkook if you could have some time alone until everything calms down.

Jungkook nodded as he understood that everything was really stressful for you.

He gave you a hug and a kiss on your cheek before leaving to go home and relax.

You decided that you would spend a week to yourself before facing everything.

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