Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


After you got home, Namjoon came over because he needed to tell you something.

You: “What have you done now?”

Namjoon: “Nothing. why?”

You: “You said you needed to tell me something.”

Namjoon: “Yeah, just promise you won’t be mad at me”

You: “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Namjoon: “I want you to be with Jimin”

You: “what? why? me and Jimin are just besties”

Namjoon: “I still don’t approve of Jungkook beign your boyfriend after all these years.”

You: “Get out!”

Namjoon: “Why? please listen to me”

You: “Just go please”

He saw the tears in your eyes and left without saying another word.

He knew you needed some time alone.

You love Jungkook and you want to stay with him.

[At your brother’s house]

Jimin knocked on your brother’s door after hearing what he said to you.

Namjoon: “Hey, you okay?”

Jimin: “why did you go and moan at y/n for?”

Namjoon: “i couldn’t lie to her anymore.”

Jimin: “How do you think i feel? i’m falling in love with her but she is dating Jungkook.”

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