Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


6 months later.....

You are shopping for your wedding dress with your mother

Y/N: I like this one

You spotted a sweetheart lined white dress with little sliver flowers and a diamond incrusted vale

Shop worker: okay, let’s go to the fitting room.

After trying it on.

Y/N: I absolutely love it

Shop worker: that one suits you perfectly

Mum: wonderful darling

Y/N: we’ll take it

Mum: I will pay

Y/N: thanks, mum

Mum: now go spend time with Jungkook

Y/N: see you at the wedding

You leave you mum to pay in the store and head to your car to go to Jungkooks house

As your walking to your car an armed robber stands between you and the car

Robber: give me all your money

Y/N: NO!

He puts out an old revolver.

Robber: I will shoot

Y/N: don’t shoot

Robber: or what

Y/N: I will call the police

He raises the gun up and take a shot at you but Jimin jumps in front of you and takes the bullet.

The robber runs off

You call the police and an ambulance

Operator: what service do you require

Y/N: police and ambulance

Operator: what’s happened

Y/N: my friend got shot by a robber, help come quickly

Operator: calm down, ma’am they are on the way

5 minutes later. the police and ambulance arrived

Jimin was unconscious when he was put on a stretcher and lifted into the back of the ambulance,

The police go looking for the robber and you get in the ambulance with Jimin.

The ambulance rushed you & Jimin to the hospital.

All that was going through your head was the worst possible thought.

Was Jimin really going to die like this? Right now?

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