Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


2 weeks later...

Jimin is in a coma, and your world is falling apart. You are still shocked by what happened. He wasn’t even meant to be there and now he is dying instead of you. Rap Monster and Taehyung try to comfort you but you still feel guilty for what happened. You go to the hospital every day after work just to see him. You stay as long as possible with him until you must go home with Jungkook.

Ever since that terrible day, you have argued with Jungkook every night. He says that he hardly sees you these days because your always with Jimin but what does he expect when Jimin is in hospital for saving your life. You feel like your relationship isn’t going to last if you just go home and argue every night. Nobody deserves to feel unloved.

This was crunch time for you. You and Jungkook are engaged. You needed to decide, are you going to sort things out with Jungkook or walk away..

Even though you were arguing with Jungkook most nights.... Sitting in the hospital ward with Jimin made you feel loved, safe and when you’re with him you forget all your problems. Feelings were starting to grow... you were falling in love with Jimin.

Time came to pass before only one question was on your mind.

Who do you want to be with..

Jimin or Jungkook??

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