Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


5 weeks later, you have been sitting next to Jimin everyday waiting for him to wake up. You haven’t eaten in days so you decided to go to the café to get a sandwich. You pay for your ham and cheese sandwich and as you slowly start walking back you hear your name being shouted . “Y/N!! Y/N!! WHERE IS Y/N? I WANT TO SEE HER!” it’s Jimin! He is finally awake. You drop the sandwich and run to him. You reach his room. He is smiling brightly at you. You are so relieved that you run to him to give a hug. “would you like something to eat or drink?” you asked. “No Thank you” he replied. You were about to ask if he was in pain but then you noticed that he is on a lot of painkillers. At this moment you realise that you really like Jimin, you are still engaged to Jungkook but you want to be with Jimin. You needed to talk to Jungkook and Jimin about this.

You trust jimin with everything so you decided to speak to him about your arguments with Jungkook. You start to tell him what’s been happening whilst he was in his coma in detail. “How’s you and Jungkook?” asked Jimin. You face the floor and reply “We have been fighting ever since you went into a coma”. Jimin looked surprised “but why?” you felt the tears in your eyes as you began to say the details of the argument, “he says that I spend all my time with you and he gets no attention because when I go home I go straight to sleep then back to the hospital to see you” he knew he couldn’t admit his feelings for you yet so he began to say the one thing he could think of, “but you two are great together... don’t leave Jungkook just for me”. You couldn’t do it anymore. You wanted your relationship to end. “I can’t be in this relationship anymore.” You began as you started tearing up. “why not?” he replied concerned. “because I don’t feel the same way anymore...” you replied tears falling down your cheeks. “what changed?” he replied whilst wiping the cheeks of your face with his sleeve. He hated to see you cry. He just wanted you to be happy. “because I’m falling in love with you...but I don’t think you feel the same way anymore.” You began crying even more. Jimin knew this was the moment. The moment he had been waiting for. He could finally express how he trutly feels. He pulls Y/N in for a hug before giving her a kiss. “I don’t understand it’s been 10 years.” You said confused by his actions. “and in all that time I never got in a relationship because I only wanted you. I have only loved you. I didn’t want to get in the way so I kept my feelings hidden. But now I know you love me back. Everything has finally changed.” He finally let out after so long. “but what do we do about Jungkook?” you asked. “I will talk to him about it, he will be okay. Trust me” he decided. “no. let me do it. After all the arguments, we need to talk.” You both agreed that was for the best. You decided you would talk to Jungkook about it in the morning as Jimin would be in hospital for another week.

The next day....

It was time to speak to Jungkook about everything. You both knew the relationship was ruined. “Jungkook, can we talk?” you asked. “there’s no point.” He replied sitting in the corner, staring out the window. “why not?” you asked confused. “because I know you are leaving me for Jimin.” He replied as you stood there shocked. “You don’t understand.” You answered back. “but I do.. I spoke to rap monster about it. We both knew this relationship was falling apart because of all the arguing every night. I knew you were falling for Jimin and I just didn’t want to believe it. But I have accepted it now and have decided that no matter what I will still love you... and I will stay by your side as your best friend.” He admitted. You were speechless.... You didn’t expect that at all. Jungkook was being so understanding. “Thank you for understanding.” You said. “no problem.. it brought me and rap monster a bit closer.” He replied. Jimin got discharged from hospital the next week. You brought him home to your house. Where he lived from now on.

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