Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


It’s been 3 years since Jungkook died and everything is starting to feel okay again.... It’s still hard but Jimin is helping me through it. I wake up screaming every night knowing that the guy who shot Jimin is still out there. But let’s stop being all gloomy and get to the positive. Our little baby Kookie has just turned 2. He is getting so big so quick. Me and Jimin have now been together 11 years! So, for our 11th year anniversary we are going out for dinner, whilst my brother looks after baby Kookie. Namjoon is doing well with baby Kookie recently, they have bonded well and it’s nice to see them getting along.

You decided to wear your baby blue dress that Jimin bought you, whilst he wore a black suit with a baby blue tie.

“Right. We are off. Behave you 2” you said as you waved goodbye to Namjoon and baby Kookie.

“Don’t worry. We will be just fine. Be good and we will see you soon.” Namjoon replied waving goodbye with baby Kookie in his arms.

{2 hours later...}

As Jimin and you were happily eating at a posh restaurant, the shooter was ready to attack. He picked locked the back door to Jimin’s house. Namjoon at the time was putting baby Kookie to bed upstairs. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear the shooter break in. the shooter creeped up the stairs after hearing Namjoon’s voice. He got to Kookie’s bedroom and watched Namjoon put baby Kookie into the crib before whacking him round the head with his gun. Namjoon felt to the floor like a sinking rock in the deep sea. The shooter knew that Jimin would be back soon so he grabbed baby Kookie and ran out the house, leaving the front door wide open.

Meanwhile Jimin and you were just about to leave the restaurant when Jin phoned and you answered immediately.

“Hello Jin”

“Get home now” Jin replied stressing out.

“what’s going on?” you asked getting concerned.

“I was walking past your house when I saw your front door wide open. So I went in to see what was going on and I found Namjoon knocked out on the floor in Kookie’s room. I’m guessing Kookie is with you as he isn’t here.” Jin said in a calm voice.

“I left him with Namjoon!” you started to panic.

“Get home now!” Jin shouted.

Jin never shouts. You rushed into Jimin’s car and drove straight to yours.

When you arrived Namjoon was laying on the sofa whilst a doctor checked his head wound. You pace around the living room, panicking, tears streaming down your face. “We need to do something, we need to find Kookie. I say, let’s get off our asses, and look for him ourselves!” said Jin.

Meanwhile, in Busan, Jungkook lays on his sofa, he turns on the news and hears about the kidnapping of Jimin’s baby.

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