Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


After a year of searching for baby kookie.

Jungkook gets a breakthrough when he steals a drunk policeman’s radio and hears from a police radio that the robber’s wife has confirmed he is at a theme park called Okpo land. It made sense considering it was abandoned years ago. Jungkook knows exactly where Okpo land is as he went there as a child.

When Jungkook arrives at the theme park. 2 bodyguards notice him and a fight kicks off when jungkook refuses to leave without baby kookie.

Jungkook punches one of the men in the face before tripping up the other. One bodyguard grabs his arm, but kookie punches him in the face to get free. But the other one gets up and tackles kookie to the floor. His hands are tied behind his back. And he is a hostage.

“I’m a famous singer” says jungkook

“what?” says the shooter

“I am famous. Trade me for the child.” Continues jungkook

The shooter agrees but he doesn’t realise that cops have the building surrounded. The shooter allows one unarmed cop to come in the building to collect the baby. But another one sneaks in behind the unarmed officer and shoots both bodyguards dead. The robber is forced to give baby kookie to jungkook. Then he makes a break for it but another officer shoots the shooter in the head with a sniper from the duck rollercoaster. The cops agree to let jungkook off for nicking the policeman’s radio.

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