Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)

Chapter 4: LINDSAY!

As we walked out of the restaurant and back into the car.

I noticed that Jungkook became very quiet.

Y/N: “What’s wrong?”

Jungkook: “Nothing.”

Y/N: “You have been talking much since we left the restaurant. Are you sure that your okay?”

Jungkook: “yes, i just hope you like my surprise.”

{10 minutes later}

We got out the car and i looked around to see Gee Dragon posters everywhere.

Y/N: “J-Jungkook?”

Jungkook: “Yes.”

Y/N: “Who is Gee Dragon?”

Jungkook was shocked that you had no idea who this idol was.

Jungkook: “I’m glad i bought you here because now you can find out.”

“he is my idol and it’s his concert tonight i thought you would enjoy it.”

Y/N: “im sure i will enjoy it.”

You bought have V.I.P passes as Jungkook is an idol so you go backstage and wish Gee Dragon luck.

Jungkook: “Good Luck Gee Dragon. BTW this is Y/N, i bought her to meet you as she has never heard of you before.”

Gee Dragon holds his heart and does a pained face.

Gee Dragon: “hello Y/N, it’s ok that you don’t know me. But you are about to find out.”

You both go to the front of the stage and watch Gee Dragon perform.

You were having so much fun but it didnt last and soon enough the concert was over.

You were both about to head back to the car as it was 2am now.

But suddenly a tall girl with long black hair came out of the crowd and punched you down onto Jungkook,

who tried to catch you.

Jungkook helped you up and stared right into the face of the girl before realising who she was.

Jungkook: “Lindsay.. why are you doing this?”

Lindsay: “What do you mean why am i doing this?”

Jungkook: “You didnt have to punch her.”

Lindsay: “Is this the girl you repplaced me with?”

Jungkook: “Why should that matter?”

Lindsay: “You dumped me because you liked someone else. Are you dating her?”

You were about to disagree with her but Jungkook interrupted you before you could get a word out.

Jungkook: “yeah she is a great girl with an amazing personality unlike you.”

You looked down and smiled as you began to blush

Y/N:(thinking) He called me his girlfriend.

Lindsay noticed you were blushing behind Jungkook and went into full rage mode.


Y/N: “Huh?”

Lindsay was not holding back.

She pushed Jungkook to the floor and punched you right in the head.

You knocked out completely.

Jungkook: “Y/N!”

Lindsay vanished into the distance.

Jungkook picked you up in bridal and rushed quickly to the car.

You don’t anything else after that until....

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