Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)

Chapter 5: stay there

{while you were knocked out Jungkook carried you in bridal style to his house}

You woke up wiht a loud noise coming from downstairs.

after rubbing your sleepy eyes you looked around.

Y/N: “Wait! this is my bedroom.”

Jungkook heard your voice and came up to his room.

Jungkook: “You’re awake.”

Y/N: “Where am i?”

Jungkook: “You are at my house as it was late and night and i need to get you to bed”

Y/N: “ok.”

Your stomach began to growl as if you have not eaten in weeks.

Jungkook: “Are you Hungry?”

Y/N: “Very.”

Jungkook: “Good, stay here.”

He quickly left the room and ran down to the kitchen to make you breakfast.

While he was preparing it you were getting dressed so you could left straight afterwards.

Soon enough he was comign back up so you laid on the bed.

he opened the door with his elbow.

Jungkook: “Here you go.”

He served you your favouritie food. pancakes with chocolate syrup.

Y/N: “Thank you, so much.”

He placed the tray next to you and walked right the side of the bed to lay next to you.

Suddenly you felt butterflies again and it was getting worse and worse.

Your heart was pounding in your chest.

Jungkook: “Are you okay?”


You both hadnt realised how close your faces had become.

He was seconds away from touching your lips.

You closed your eyes and felt his lips come crashign down on yours.

Jungkook:(breaking the kiss) I like you Y/N.”

You were shocked with Jungkook’s confession.

He stood up and kissed you on the forehead.

Jungkook: “I will be right back. im just going for a shower.”

Y/N:(nervously) “Ok.”

Jungkook slowly left the room went for his shower.

As soon as you heard the shower water going hard against his skin.

You legged it out the house.

You made your way from Jungkook’s all the way to your brothers house.

You slammed hard against the front door.

The door opened immediately with a concerned face upon your brother.

???: “What’s happened?”

Y/N: “Jungkook.”

???: “Y/N, come inside you are all bruised.”

Y/N: “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

???: “Tell me what happened and why are you injured?”

Y/N: “Jungkook’s ex Lindsay beated me up when we were at a concert last night.”

???: “Why?”

Y/N: “Jungkook told her that we were dating.”

???:(angrily) “What happened next?”

Y/N: “She beat me up and Jungkook carried me to his house but his morning he-”

???: “He what?”

Y/N: “He kissed me and told me he liked me. he was sober as well.”

???:(frustrated) “Where is he now?”

Y/N: “at his house but dont do anymore stupid.”

???: “Stay here. I am going to sort this.”

Your brother lost it and ran out the house and straight towards Jungkook.

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