Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


Jungkook: “Why cant I love her?”

???: “because she is my little sister”

Jungkook: “N.o!! It can’t be. All this time...I never knew”

Namjoon: “It’s true ... I’m sorry but i didn’t want any one to know as i was afraid.”

Jungkook: “Afraid of what?”

Namjoon: “This ....”


At the Bangtan house, Namjoon calls a meeting.

Rest off bangtan: “What is this about, Namjoon?”

Namjoon: “Well i have kept a secret from you all and i need to tell you before you all find out.”

Suga: “Tell us.”

J-Hope: “We won’t hate you for it.”

Jimin: “Everyone keeps secrets.”

Namjoon: “Well you all know Y/N?”

Bangtan: “yes.”

Namjoon: “She is my little sister.”

The rest of bangtan are shocked at this outcome.

Bangtan: “Why did you keep that from us?”

Namjoon: “Because i was afraid that someone would fall for my precious baby sister.”

Suga: “What has changed?”

Namjoon: “Jungkook.... he has fallen for her.”

Everyone turns to Jungkook who is quietly sitting in the corner, looking down at the floor.

Namjoon: “I can’t see her get hurt again.”

Jungkook: “She said again when we first met. What happened before?”

Namjoon: “Something happened a long time ago that made Y/N become insecure and scared to fall in love. Every time she thinks about it she faints.”

J-Hope: “What happened?”

Namjoon: She met a boy and fell in love. He was just like Jungkook but more dangerous.

He got her into trouble a lot and he even hurt her. she became insecure due to how much he hit her.

She met Jungkook and fell for him straight away. she was so scared of it happening again that she collapsed.”

Suga: “OH GOD!”

J-Hope: “Is there anything we can do?”

Namjoon: “unfortunatly no. Well i need to go see her, see you all at practice in the morning.”

Without another word, Namjoon left the room. the rest of bangtan were now concerned about you and how you were doing.

They didn’t want to make you feel scared. They all promised to protect you from now on.

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