Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)


Every hour up til your flight went.

You spent with Namjoon.

{6 months later}

You hadn’t spoken to Jungkook since you left.

You both had gone in different directions.

He was getting more famous and you were getting further and further out of his life.

You were scared to go back.

What are you going to go when you see Jungkook again?

But then you just wanted to see Namjoon and everyone else.

As you got on the plane you quickly checked your phone.

1 new message.

???:(typed) “Can’t wait to see you again. missed you.”

Y/N:(typed) “i missed you too.”

Ever since you left you were constantly texting one of the other members.

You had became every close.

He took Jungkook’s place in your heart.

Your head was finally clear and you could see that Jungkook wasn’t worth it in the first place.

You got off the plane and straight into your car to drive home.

When you got there you noticed your light was on.

Y/N:(thinking) “I swear i turned that off before i left.”

I clearly forgot as normal.

As you slowly opened the door and put your suitcase by the stairs, you heard someone moan from the sofa.

You sneaked round the corner to see Jungkook asleep on your sofa.

Y/N:(thinking) “He waited 6 months here.”

He looked so tired and worried like he hadn’t slept for days.

You put your blanket over him and went upstairs to sleep as it was 5am when you got there.

In the morning you got up to check on Jungkook, he was cooking breakfast again.

Y/N:(thinking) “fingers crossed no arguments.”

Jungkook: “You are finally back.”

He saw your shadow from the hallway.

He ran to you and hugged your small fragile body.

Jungkook: “I thought that you were never going to come back.”

Y/N: “Of course i was coming back. i wanted to see Namjoon.”

Jungkook:(looking down) “I know you probably don’t want to see me right now. I wanted to apologise for how talking about Namjoon like that.”

Y/N: “it’s ok.”

Jungkook: “It is not ok. i went to Namjoon and apologised. He forgave me.”

Y/N: “Good.”

Jungkook: “Please forgive me..... i need you in my life.”

You were speechless. He needed you!

Y/N: “I don’t know Jungkook.”

Jungkook: “Let me show you how much you mean to me tomorrow...”

Y/N:(worriedly) “ermmmm...-”

Jungkook: “please Y/N.”

Y/N:(worriedly) “Okay”

Jungkook: “Great... see you tomorrow.”

He left with the biggest smile on his face.

Y/N:(thinking) OH NO! Y/N what have you done? what is going to happen?


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