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Shrek and the layers of love


Shrek is emo and Fiona left him and took the kids..But little did he know he could be loved. He meets this blue hedgehog named Sonic. Read as their love story grows more and more! <3

Humor / Fantasy
4.9 11 reviews
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The daily routine of an emo..

"Another day another slay.." Shrek says as he wakes up. "Man I really need to redo my black nail polish.” Shrek goes to the bathroom, staggering over the piles of all the glass from the broken pictures of him and Fiona. Why did she take the kids? Shrek thought to himself. He walks into the bathroom and grabs the eyeliner and starts doing his makeup. After he grabs his fishnets and “He/They” pin and walks out of the bathroom to go get dressed. He goes to his dresser and puts on his favorite “My Chemical Romance” shirt. Shrek takes one more glance at his empty house, then walks away.

~*~*~*~*Note from mee!*~*~*~*~

I’ll try to do at least on chapter a day until it ends..um I mainly got bored so yeah follow maybe or um leave a review??? Byee <3

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