Harry Potter and the Na'vi Avatar

Chapter 2

Harry Potter and the Na'vi Avatar

By: Brian64

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction and no attempt at any profit is being made here, I own nothing as it all belongs to JK Rowling (Harry Potter) and James Cameron (Avatar) and whoever they have assigned their rights to.

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Chapter 2: Good Morning Pandora

Harry awoke slowly, feeling thoroughly disoriented. He felt… different, but very, very good. The air smelt strange, yet tasted normal. Tasted?

Blinking his eyes open, he immediately realised he was no longer on the train. He was lying on a bed with a net curtain around it. Turning his head he saw other beds in the dim light, and many were occupied from the shapes behind the insect netting.

As he started to sit up, he realised immediately why he felt so unusual. He was huge! And from the look of his arms and legs visible through the tee-shirt and shorts he was wearing, quite blue.

It took him a few minutes to get used to moving around. Besides being significantly taller, his tail swished around behind him, randomly swatting a bed or one of the bedside chests next to them as he stumbled around. He quickly discovered that there wasn't much else to see in this large high-ceilinged dorm. Just a few chairs, and lots of wooden beams.

The entrance was easy to find as it was a large sliding gate, but unfortunately he couldn't open it. Moving to the panel of buttons nearby, he was a little disappointed to find that all they seemed to do was turn on the lights. He'd hoped at least one of them would open the door.

Deciding there weren't too many other options if he wanted to get out of the room, he approached one of the occupied beds. The male alien he found seemed fast asleep, even with the lights now shining overhead.

Whispering to him, then talking louder, and finally some gentle shaking had no effect at all. Then, just as Harry decided he needed to be a little less polite and a little more vigorous in his attempts, he finally realised something. These bodies were empty! Just as the one he was now wearing had been.

Lacking any other inspiration, he went back to the entrance gate in the hope that there was something he'd missed earlier. He took another look at the locking mechanism, and wished he had his wand. A simple Alohomora would have had this thing open in no time. He shook the gate again in frustration, and surprisingly the gates parted this time.

Sliding it open the rest of the way, Harry walked a few steps outside before he realised what he was seeing. He really was on an alien world! That bloody big planet in the sky made it perfectly obvious.

"Wow!" he said softly, before sitting down on the ground and just trying to take it all in. There were two, no, three moons in the sky that he could see without trying too hard to find them. He supposed they all had names, but other than size and location, there didn't seem to be any way to tell them apart yet.

"Dave? Is that you?" Harry heard a voice call out.

Startled, he twisted around from where he sat and watched a man approach him. He was a normal looking guy, probably in his thirties he supposed, and he was wearing some sort of face mask. And he was carrying a rifle. This couldn't be good.

"I thought you decided to head back in the shuttle with the others going back to Earth? Oh shit, don't tell me you all came back? Jake is going to– Hey, wait a minute! How did you even get in the link room?"

The guy had continued to walk rapidly towards him as he spoke but then he looked closer at Harry and stopped, raising the rifle he had previously been carrying rather loosely.

Harry raised his hands in surrender and thought it best to remain sitting.

"Who are you? None of our avatars have green eyes! And you have too many fingers to be Na'vi. What the hell is going on?" the man demanded.

"Err, I'd be happy to tell you whatever you want to know, but I'm not sure you're going to believe me. But, umm, do you think you can point that somewhere else please?

The guy moved the rifle a fraction to the side, and Harry realised that was as good as he was going to get.

"As long as you stay there you don't need to worry about it. Now, who are you and where did you come from? I know I haven't heard that accent before."

Harry lowered his arms slowly, resting them on his knees as he replied. "My name's Harry Potter, and I came from Earth. How about you?"

"Norm Spellman, also from Earth. Now, how did you end up in an avatar body?"

"Well, I, umm, kinda died back on Earth, and then I woke up a little while ago in this body in the room back there."

"You died? But woke up in one of our avatars?" Norm thought about that for a minute. "You do look somewhat similar to Dave's avatar, but apart from that, I think if you were trying to cause trouble you'd have come up with a much more believable story, right?"

"I guess so," Harry offered, not really knowing how to answer that, and wondering why he felt as though he'd somehow just been insulted.

Norm smiled slightly, and then nodded his head as he came to a decision. "Alright, I'll take you to see Max Patel; he's in charge of the compound now."

He gestured with his rifle for Harry to start heading towards the main compound, so Harry stood up and started walking towards it.

"Did you say, Patil?" Harry asked, turning his head to look back at Norm who followed behind.

"No, Patel. By the way, how did you get out of the avatar barracks?"

"Well I pushed all the buttons, then gave the gate a shake and it slid open. Why?"

Norm shrugged it off, "Last time I checked, it was locked. Maybe someone forgot to lock it after checking the avatars. To tell you the truth we're not sure what we're going to do with the ones whose drivers have left. Hey, do you think other dead people will be able to use them?"

Harry shook his head, "I dunno, but I don't think so. My situation was… a little unusual."

"I'd say so. I'm looking forward to hearing about it," Norm replied.

As they got close to the compound, Norm moved ahead of Harry and opened the door before going through it himself. Harry kept his distance but followed him through into what looked like a medical treatment room. He saw a couple of gurneys with stands for drip bags nearby, along with various electrical devices that no doubt measured various vital signs on the patients.

"Take a seat here and I'll go and find Max. Most of the compound is going to be off limits to you since our air is just as bad for you as Pandora's is for us. Best you stay here and don't go wandering off, especially if you expect to be trusted, okay?"

Harry nodded and walked over to the large window occupying one side of the room. He could see what looked like a very high tech lab or control centre through the glass, and wondered whether there were any face masks that he could wear that had Pandoran air so he could look around.

A little while later he heard footsteps approaching rapidly and turned to the door. A stocky man in a lab coat and mask hurried into view, but paused at the doorway as he spied Harry.

"My God, it's true!"

"You thought I was playing some trick?" Norm said in an offended tone from behind him.

"No, but… this is unbelievable! You're right, the avatar has changed, and those eyes! But where are my manners?" The man walked forward briskly and offered his hand to Harry. "Max Patel. I guess you could say I'm in charge here at the moment."

Harry took the man's hand. "Harry Potter. Oel ngati kameie."

Max smiled and responded in Na'vi. "Oel ngati kameie. Tsun oe ngahu nìNa'vi pivängkxo a fì'u oeru pllte' lu."

Harry shook his head, "How can I chat with you in Na'vi when I've never spoken it before?"

Max was about to point out the obvious: that Harry had spoken it a moment earlier and had also clearly understood his reply. Instead he stopped himself and thought for a moment.

"You say you don't know how to speak Na'vi – you've never studied it then?"

Harry shook his head again. "No, sir, in fact I only heard about Pandora yesterday."

"Interesting, Harry, fascinating in fact!" Max said happily at the anomaly, then continued at Harry's puzzled look. "You were speaking Na'vi a moment ago and understood what I said back to you in the same language."

"I did? Okay, that's just... weird."

Harry wondered how that was possible. Then again, he never realised it when he was speaking Parseltongue either.

"What is 'Parseltongue'?" Norm asked a split-second before Max was about to.

"What?" Harry asked, looking up.

"You muttered something about speaking 'Parseltongue'."

"Err, never mind. Long story," Harry said, starting to feel a little uncomfortable. He hadn't realised he'd even said anything aloud.

Max smiled at him and then took a seat on one of the gurneys. "Fortunately, my schedule has just become empty, and I just love long, interesting stories. Perhaps you could start from the beginning, yes?"

Harry hesitated, and then took a seat on the other gurney. "Okay, but you're not going to believe it."

Max smiled again and gestured with both hands, clearly indicating he wanted to hear the story anyway.

Harry thought for a moment about how he could tell the story without mentioning magic. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Alright, I guess the story starts back in 1981. My parents had been fighting a terrorist called Tom Riddle, and they'd been hiding in a safe house after I was born…"

. . .

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