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Martian Love

By Ayanna Day

Romance / Action

Saving a Damsel

Authors Note:

Ok guys this is a small rant/ explanation (mostly a rant). I was so sad about the lack of Justice League FanFics. Martin Manhunter is by far one of my top seven superheroes in DC Universe. I LOVE DC Universe. Batman is the shizzzz (I will leave the cussing for Cesarina (Che-Sa-Rina) Its Irish. Yeah. Ok but seriously!!! Lack of DC Universe FanFics. So I decided to make one. Not one Batman, Green Arrow, Superman, or Flash, because they are most popular (I am making a story with Batman in it. Not a Bruce Wayne romance. Just saying. Its Called “Jokers Bride”). I will try to update this twice a month, but I do get writers block and I do have other stories... Anywhos! I will NOT being doing this every chapter or every other chapter thankfully. I will update these A/N: when need be :D. On To the story!!!
“Ces! Go serve table seven!” My boss calls from behind the bar.

“Got it!” I reply heading over “What will it be gentlemen?” I ask notepad in hand.

“A diet coke.”
“A caramel decaf latte.”
“Milk,” everyone looks at him “my ulcer is acting up.” He says looking down.

“Alright,” I say putting my pen away, “I’ll be right back with that,” I tell Mar what they want and look around.

“Why does he get a museum after him?”

“I don’t know, but I say tomorrow we go turn his museum in his mausoleum.” There’s a thud. I turn and watch the guys walk out. On the table, I notice that there’s a knife stuck in the table. Nothing unusual about that in Middletown.

“Mar!! I’ll be back, ok?”

“Alright. Try not to be too long.”

“Ok. I’ll try.” I pull on my coat over my light blue work uniform. As soon as I step outside I am assaulted by the cold air. I quickly make my way down the road towards the police station. I turn the corner and run into one of the men from earlier.

" ’Ello pretty lassie! What's got you in such a hurry?” He says laughing and grabbing my shoulders.

“I was just heading to the police station,” I say keeping a steady voice.

“A pretty girl like you in trouble? Well, that won't do, mate! Don’t ya worry your pretty ’ittle head. I know the perfect group of fellows to help.” He picks me up quickly and starts walking the other direction. “And dont even think of screaming. We’d hate anything to happen to that little shop you were working in earlier.” He chuckles again and sets me down. I swallow a little and timidly follow behind. He grabs my arm roughly and drags me to a building.

“Nothin’ personal darling! We just need you to hide here until tomorrow and then we will carry out our plan. A hostage situation, you see! By the way, my name is Capt’n Boomerang. This is the clown! He’s a man of few words. This is the fiddler, he is quite the musician. And This is Mirror master. He is an interesting fellow here. You’ll learn about him later darling. Anyways. Tonight you will sleep here and tomorrow will be quite an interesting day!”

And with that they tie me up and leave me by myself. I look around. They had gaged me and tied me to a chair in the darkest corner. I turn around as much I can and notice a broken rusted pipe about three feet away from me. I calm myself down and make my way to the pipe. About an hour later and I’m free. I had cut myself pretty badly, but I had to warn the police about those guys. Using the gag to wrap the wound on my arm I search for an escape. The windows were boarded up upon first glance. The front door was guarded by clown and the other three were talking and laughing by the back window. I walked back to the canter of the room I feel an arm snake around my mouth and an arm snake around my waist.

“Shush.” The voice whispers. “I am here to assist you. My name is J’onn J’onzz. I am a detective and part of the Justice League.” I calmed down and nodded. He removed his hand from my mouth. “You can tell me what happened later, but for now we should go.” With his arm still around my waist he leads me to the center of the room. I slowly notice us start to raise. I duck my head as I fear we are going to hit the roof and he chuckles at this and I almost let out a small squeak as we pass through it. This catches the attention of Captain boomerang. He turns to the others to see if they heard anything. They get up to check inside the warehouse and realize I’m gone.

“They know where I work.” I tell him.

“You’ll stay with us for a little while then.” He says.

“I have to work. I cant just disappear!” I say almost panicking. I had to keep working. Missing even one day of work meant I wouldn’t be able to cover rent. I refused to be homeless again.

“This is your life at stake.” He says calmly. “We will take those guys into custody by tomorrow and-”

“Then let me be bait!” I say almost pleadingly. “I can work and they will know and you can get them then! Actually! They want to kill Flash! That’s why they captured me!” I suddenly remember.

“What were they planning to do?” He asks, worriedly.

“They said they were going to turn his museum into his mausoleum.” I quickly remembered. “They were at the diner I work at and were planing this and left. I went to go notify the police when they kidnapped me. They threatened my boss Maricel and I went with them.”

“I will contact the league at once.” He says and goes silent. We were still flying and I looked down. We were above the city and the lights were pretty.

“Do you do this often?” I ask mystified. He just nods in reply. “That’s nice. This is a nice view at night.” He looks down as if taking it in for the first time.

“I guess it is.” He says in reply. “The league says it will still be safer for you to stay with us. However they think that using you as bait might work.”

“That’s good.” I am losing my adrenaline rush and start to feel the effects of the blood loss. “When are we to do this?” I ask him.

“I can take you back to work tomorrow. The league has people overseeing the shop you work at for now. Now we are going to get you to a safe place.” I decide to enjoy the rest of the flight silently. “What do they call you?” He asks suddenly.

“Cesarina Nontle Michael, but usually people call me Ces.” I say fighting to keep my eyes open.

“Well... Ces.... Keep talking to me.” He says.

“But I’m so sleepy...” I slur. He looks over to me a little surprised. He notices my arm finally. The blood was seeping through.

“Did they hurt you?” He then lands on top of a building. I shake my head and explain how I got cut from the pipe. “Someone here can help us.” He informs me. He props me up and keeps me walking. He picks me up and flys us to the third floor and walks to room 33.

“Wally! Open up!” He says a little frantically.

The door opens quickly and a red haired guy is standing in front of us.

“Who are you and why are you shouting this late at night?” He asks looking like he just woke up.

“Wally. Help this girl, she’s injured.” His tree bark brown skin turns to a neon green. His trench coat turns into a blue cape and his clothes morph into a jumpsuit with a red “X” going through it. I try to fight the sleep coming over me, but I lose. The last thing I hear is his voice in my head, “It’ll all be ok when you wake up.”

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