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What happened that night in LA's Street? (Part 1)

Summary : Los Angeles is dangerous in the Night. No Cops just who are on the evening shift but they are also in the office.

Tags: Jennie Kim, Rosé Park, Jim Street, Dominique Luca, Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, David "Deacon" Kay, Christina "Chris" Alonso, Victor Tan, kidnapping, questions, concern

Notes : this is my first ff like this so please if i made something wrong not hate me!! English not my 1st language. Everyone calls Jim Street Street in the series, but since ff takes place on the streets of LA, I prefer to call him Jim in this one. I hope you do not mind.

Jennie see one person front of her. She don't know it's a cop or one of her friends. She don't wants to remember what someone told her when she moved here. The Street's at the night.

"Harrelson sergeant i have an case for your team" the commander says to Hondo. "Okay. Whats it?" he asked the older officer. "A girl disappeared in the evening. Her friend called the police in the morning. the City Hall commissioned us. I know your team it's a day off now, but you guys are the best" he says and he go to his office. One hour later Hondo's team is in the HQ. "Ayo what happened? Today is the team grill party and we got case! Shit" Dominique says. "Yeah bro this is crazy..." His roommate says. "So everyone is here?" Hondo asked the team. Everyone nodded. "Yeah Luca this is crazy we have a case today but the case is different from the other disappearing case. Because we don't have eyewitness. And the cameras didn't work when the person disappeared either" he says for his team. "At least we know the persons name?" Deacon asked Hondo. "Yeah Jennie Kim. Her friend called the 911 in this morning. The mayor wants us to find the missing girl" he says. "But how? At least where did Jennie live do we know that?" Chris asked the team's leader. "Jennie Kim live in the in the same part in LA where i and Luca" Jim says. Luca and him shocked that them don't realized what happening at the night. "Did you hear or see anything?" Tan asked Jim. "Actually nothing. I don't heard nothing. You Luca?" he asked his roommate. "Same bro!" he says. "What if we asking her Friend? She can saying us where did Jennie would have go!" Tan says to Hondo. "Okay Jim and Chris asking Jennie's friend. Luca you and Deac asking Marcus what if he hears or seen something! Tan and I staying here! " Hondo sayed and everyone they did what their boss told them. Street knock on the door. Rosé opens the door. "Hey Jim! What can i help you guys?" she asked the two officer. "Can we ask about your friend Jennie? For example, where did she go in the evening or was there someone who wanted to hurt her" Chris saying gently. She know what it's like when people are asking such things. "Yeah sure. I say if i can help to found her" she let the two officers into the room. Rosé tells everything about last night. "Hey Hondo! Jennie was at North Hollywood Street's" Jim sayed to the phone. "Okay. And Jennie have enemys?" Hondo asked them. "Rosé don't know about that. But she says Jennie had a boyfriend his name was Kai. Maybe he kidnapped Jennie?" Chris asked Hondo. "Maybe guys. Now come back to HQ!" he says to Chris and Jim. " Okay boss". Meanwhile Luca and Deacon was not successful. All Marcus saw was that Jennie is leaving and no more.

to be continued

Notes: I hope you like this one!! don't forget: English is not my first language. I accept constructive criticism.

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