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Love is to Destroy

By nonfat-latte

Drama / Action


Valentine escapes during the uprising with a pregnant Jocelyn and Jonathan When forced to flee for her life 2 years later she leaves both children to be raised at the hand of the monster Clary with both angel and demon blood is trained to fight 4 her fathers cause And in the search for the mortal cup struggles with the desire to do what she's always been taught or follow her heart

Chapter 1: Prologue

Jocelyn Morgenstern paced outside on the back porch. Through the window she could see her four-year-old son, Jonathan on the couch watching his two year old sister Clarissa draw in a coloring book. His eyes were fixed on Clary with a strange look on his face. She was the only thing he actually cared about and Jocelyn knew it. Jonathan was a quiet boy but his eyes spoke a thousand words.

Jocelyn looked back down at her phone to see the one message she’d been dreading. The unmarked number was that of Lucian Greymark’s: Jocelyn’s best friend and her husband’s ex Parabatai. Ex, because her husband fed him to the wolves. Literally.

"He knows.” She didn’t need the meaning spelled out to her. She knew. Jocelyn had been able to hide the fact that it had been she who’d turned Valentine into the Clave two and a half years ago. Valentine should’ve died in the Uprising. She’d warned them plenty ahead of time. But this was a fact: Valentine was a smart man. And although the Clave had been able to “believably to the shadow world” dismantle the Circle, Valentines followers, and make many arrests Valentine had escaped. And Jocelyn had been forced to follow him. If she had known she’d become pregnant a month earlier, she would’ve fled.

She’d been terrified that her daughter could’ve been born a monster like her son. Valentine had continued his experiments. For the duration of the pregnancy she’d been fed angel blood and she had been sure demon blood. But Clarissa had been born a happy normal red headed green-eyed child. She like to babble and giggle and play. She was the complete opposite of Jonathan who’d been born with a lot demon blood in his system.

Jocelyn took a deep breath and walked slowly back into the living room. Jonathan’s eyes darted to hers for a mere second before looking back at Clary. Don’t show him that you’re scared. Jocelyn thought. Jonathan will know. She had to leave. But she couldn’t take her daughter. Jonathan was too cautious of her. It was getting to the point where Jocelyn had to argue with him before feeding her. Even picking her up was causing a problem. Jonathan would demand to come and he was very in favor of his father. Valentine had a good hold on the four-year-old boy. Slowly she went to the closet and pulled out her purse. She turned towards her kids. Jonathan was watching her with narrowed eyes.

“Where are you going?” He asked with his high pitched baby voice. Jocelyn pursed her lips.

“Your father wants rotisserie chicken for dinner. I have to run to the store.” She said trying not to play with her hands. “Can I trust you to watch your sister for an hour?” He scrunched up his face.

“I’m four.” He questioned. Jocelyn smiled.

“And you’re very smart and capable. Aren’t you?” Jonathan nodded once.

“Can you watch your sister?”

“Yes.” Jocelyn smiled and took her keys off of the key hook by the front door.

“Bye Mommy!” Clary called looking up and smiling. Jocelyn had to bite her lip.

“Bye sweetheart.” Only after she shut the front door did she let out a deep breath. This was so wrong on so many levels. The only thing that kept her going was her knowing that Valentine would be back soon. They wouldn’t be alone long.

Jocelyn got into her car. She couldn’t cry yet. She pulled out her phone and hoped the man she was calling answered on the first try. The ringing stopped. “Magnus Bane?” She asked quietly.

“Yes?” The voice asked cautiously. “It’s Jocelyn Morgenstern. I-I need your help.” After turning off the phone she drove about a block and threw it out the window. Then she drove towards New York City.

Valentine knew something was off when he noticed Jocelyn’s car missing from the driveway. He hated cars. He hated anything mundane but it was easier to use those things than to use portals and get caught by the clave. He needed to stay off the book.

He walked into the house. Jonathan was watching television. He didn’t see Clarissa. “Jonathan,” He said getting the attention of his son. Jon looked up from the violent tv show. “Where’s Clarissa?” Jonathan looked towards the couch. Valentine rounded his chair and followed his gaze. She was asleep there, her face buried in a pillow and a blanket over her body. “Where’s your mother?” He pushed his lips together.

“She said she went to the store for chicken.” Valentine looked at the clock. It was nearing 8. “Two hours ago.” Valentine closed his eyes and took a deep breath. She’d run. And left the children alone. Without feeding them.

He’d always assumed that Jocelyn had been the one to rat him out to the Clave. He’d let it go. Tried to play it nice. That was until one of his men working inside Idris had announced at the meeting he’d held today that is was in fact Jocelyn. Forty others now knew and Valentine was now forced to act. Otherwise he would’ve been showing weakness. He ran a hand through his blonde white hair, thinking.

“Jonathan I need you to go upstairs and pack.” Jonathan raised his eyebrows, showing emotion for the first time all day.

“Father-” Valentine took the blanket off of Clary and picked her up.

“Daddy?” She mumbled, rubbing her eyes with one little fist. She rested her head on his shoulder. “Where Mommy?” Valentine didn’t answer.

“Now Jonathan. There’s a bag in your closet.” He waited until Jonathan had disappeared on the second floor before following him up. He placed Clary in her crib. She watched him with half closed eyes as Valentine packed all of her things into a duffle bag.

“What doing?” She asked sleepily.

“packing.” He answered. “We’re leaving.” The more he thought about his wife, the angrier he got and he didn’t want to take out his frustrations on his little girl. He could do that with Jonathan later. He’d wanted to move back to Idris for some time. He already had a house too. He finished throwing Clary’s things into the bag and left her in the crib to go back his own bag. He then came back in put both bags on his shoulders and picked up Clarissa.

“Jonathan!” Valentine barked. Jonathan peeked his head into the nursery. “Come here boy. Bring your bag.” He did so quietly. Jonathan had so many questions running through his head but he knew better than to ask them. “Don’t let go of my pants.” Valentine twisted the ring on his finger and together they disappeared.

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