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The lost one


Atlantis (Atlas) is the twin sister of Powder and younger sister of Violet. As a child Atlas was smart as Powder but strong as Violet, now she is even smarter and stronger than before, a warrior now. She and her boyfriend Ekko lead a rebellion against Silco and the Shimmer addicts with the Firelights. She is the main battle strategist and tries to thwart her sister who now goes by Jinx. Even though they are on opposing sides Atlas cant shake how she feels about Jinx. Even changed they are siblings and Atlas cant find the strength to let go of her twin no matter how hard she tries. She decides that only one person can help her reunite with Jinx, Violet who was presumed dead. Despite the fact that everyone thinks Violet is dead Atlas refuses to believe it and sets out to find her older sister in hopes of reuniting their family. She leaves Ekko and her son at home while she attempts to fine Violet.

Action / Fantasy
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Bad Dreams Of Another Time

I walk slowly beside Violet, holding tight to her hand. I look over at my twin sister Powder who holds Violet's other hand while covering her eyes and singing. Violet stops and I turn my head to see what she is looking at. I gasp seeing Vander beating up an enforcer. He leaves the enforcer to walk over to us. Powder cowers behind Violet but I cant bring myself to move. Vander stops in front of us and nods to the left. I turn and as the smoke clears I see Mom laying on the ground, her eyes wide open, dead. I scream and try to run to her but Violet holds onto my hand. Tears stream down my face as I stop fighting and fall to the ground. Behind me Violet falls to her knees and Powder hugs her as we all three cry for the loss of both our parents. Vander drops his gauntlets to the ground and picks Violet and Powder up but I refuse to let him carry me and instead walk beside him.

I stand in the alley, waiting for Violet and the others to get with Vander. I play with my stuffed bear trying to find comfort while I wait. Powder left a few minutes ago to do something but she hasn't come back. 'Everything is fine, they will save Vander, and we will all be okay' I think hugging my bear closer. Suddenly the world explodes. Im thrown into the back of the alley. I hit my head on something hard as I hit the ground and cry out. My whole body hurts from impact so all I can do is watch as blue ashes fall to the ground and the building falls apart. Dust and smoke make me cough as I attempt to get up. I look at my leg and almost pass out at the sight of my own blood. A piece of glass impaled my leg and my crimson blood is seeping through my pants. I begin to crawl out of the alley and over rubble. 'I have to find them' I think as I continue on. Violet, Claggor, Mylo, and Vander were in the building when it exploded, and I have suspicion that Powder may be the cause of said explosion so she must not have been far from the building. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Violet standing over a limp body, a huge body with purple streaks in the skin. "Violet" I call out before coughing heavily. She turns to me and her eyes widen. "Atlantis!" she says rushing over. She drops to her knees and starts examining me but I cant take my eyes off the body. "Violet who is that..?" I ask scared. Her eyes close and I see that she has been crying. Her silence answers my question. "No!" I scream. "Vander, No!" I cry out trying to crawl to his body, he couldnt be dead, there was no way. Violet doesnt attempt to stop me as I crawl to his body. He is mutilated but I can tell its Vander, he raised me after my parents death and I would know him anywhere. I hesitantly reach out to put my hand over his heart. I already know what I will feel but I have to know for sure. I lay my hand on his chest. His skin is only slightly warm but there is no heartbeat. I dont stop the tears from falling as I sit there. Thunder roars overhead I sob. Suddenly I hear a yell behind me. "It worked!" I hear Powder yell. I turn and see Powder standing there, covered in soot but a smile is on her face. "Did you see me?! My monkey bomb finally worked!" she yells. I guess she doesnt see Violet or I's shocked faces cause her smile stays. "You did this...?" I ask looking at her. I had a suspicion that the explosion was her fault but never imagined she would be so stupid as to explode the building while our friends were inside. Her smile falls as she looks at me and sees Vander. "Why? Why did you do this?" Violet asks upset. "I didnt, I was saving you..." Powder says looking around. She seems to realize just how much damage her bomb did. "I only wanted to help.. I only wanted to help!" she says now crying. "I told you to stay away.." Violet says a bitter tone in her voice. "Please, please" Powder sobs. "I told you to stay away!" Violet yells. I wince as she punches Powder and Powder cries out as she falls to the ground. I try to move towards them, to stop Violet before she can hurt Powder anymore but I cant. "Why did you leave me?!" Powder sobs. "Because your a jinx!" Violet yells grabbing Powders face. "Do you hear me?! Mylo was right!" Violet yells as Powder continues to sob. "No! No! Please!" Powder cries. "Violet stop!" I yell not wanting her to hurt Powder again. She seems to realize what she has done and she takes a step away from Powder. She turns away from Powder to walk over to me. "What have I done..?" she mutters looking at her fist. Her knuckles are bloody but I cant tell if its hers or Powders blood. "Go, calm down" I mutter reaching up and touching her face. Her eyes soften and she nods. She walks away ignoring Powder pleas for her to come back. I grab a board from a pile of rubble and use it to get up. I use it as a crutch and hobble to in Powders direction. I look at Powder but feel nothing, no sympathy, no hatred, just numbness. On one hand she is my twin sister, we were raised together and did almost everything together, on the other she just killed the only parental figure we had and our friends as well. I walk past her and almost stumble over a pair of goggles. I pick them up and recognize them immediately as Claggor's. They have blood on them that I swiftly wipe away. I turn to Powder once more before leaving. At that moment I didnt care what happened to her. I saved her from Violet but now she has to figure it out on her own. I dont make it very far before I have to rest. I sit on a box with my head in my hands. "Atlantis?" a small voice says. I look up and see Ekko standing there. His white hair has ashes in it and his arm is bleeding a little bit so I can tell he wasnt too far from the building when it exploded. His eyes widen when he sees my leg. "Can I?" he says. I nod and he pulls out a knife. He cuts my pants so that the cut is revealed. I study it for a moment. "Go get me some thread, a needle, bandages, and a rag" I say touching the glass. I dont feel any pain anymore. "Stay here" he says before running off. When he returns a few minutes later its with the supplies. "Thanks" I say. I grab the needle and thread and pull the piece of glass out of my leg. I groan as I stitch up the cut. After im done Ekko starts wiping the blood away and wraps my leg in bandages.

I wake up, sweating and breathing heavily. Ekko stands beside the bed his eyes wide with worry. "You screamed in your sleep again.." he says softly. "I-I did?" I say sitting up, trying to calm down. He kicks his shoes off and gets in bed with me. "Its okay" he says pulling me close to him. I hold him tight as tears fall from my eyes. "Your okay now" he says softly as he begins playing with my hair. "We are okay" he says before kissing my forehead. "I miss her" I mutter. His breath catches and he nods. "She is dead, we cant bring her back.." he says frowning. I look deep into his dark brown eyes before burying my head into his chest. Silently I tell myself that what he said isn't true. 'She cant be dead' I think closing my eyes and breathing deeply. Since the night of Vanders death a lot has changed, especially in the Undercity. The man that kidnapped Vander, Silco, took over the Undercity and changed it. He started the distribution of shimmer, an addictive chemical that makes people into strong monsters. Me and Ekko started a group called the Firelights, we are the only one going against Silco and his army of addicts. We hope to rehabilitate all the addicts and make the Undercity strong again, not off of Shimmer, but from unity, as it was when Vander took care of the Undercity.

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