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My Unexpected Mommy - Jaeyong


After Jaehyun’s son, Sungchan mistakenly thought Taeyong is his mom, this sparks a relationship between a rich CEO and a middle class employee. Also published in wattpad @Aria_Engene

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"We're here," Jaehyun said as he parked the car in one of the reserved parking spots.

"Sungchan, time to wake up," Jaehyun coaxed as he woke Sungchan up. Sungchan groaned as he slowly rose from his seat.

"Do I have to do this?" Whined Sungchan as he rubbed his eyes.

"Sungchan, It's 'bring your child to workday'" Jaehyun replied to his son "Remember to behave when we get there," to which Sungchan nodded.

Jaehyun went to the building, holding Sungchan's hand as he entered the building, greeting everyone he came upon. They arrived at the office, where his employees are.

"Jaehyun," Johnny called, which caught the younger man's attention. "Hey, Johnny," Jaehyun replied before crouching down and welcoming Johnny's son, Jisung ``Well hello Jisung,"

Jisung hid behind Johnny's leg as the CEO reached his hand to greet him. "Jisung, It's okay, don't be shy," Johnny reassured the little boy. Jisung shook Jaehyun's hand and quickly went back to his father.

"I see you brought Sungchan," Johnny looked at Sungchan. Both exchanged their goodbyes and Jaehyun went to his office.

Whilst entering the office, Sungchan looked around and saw one employee that he thought was his mother. He immediately tugged his father's suit but his father was busy with phone calls, he grew frustrated and looked back and saw the employee smiling, the same image of his mother's last smile.

He looked at his father and let go of his hand and went in the direction of the employee. Jaehyun turned and saw Sungchan gone off and disappearing. The Office on that floor, the 25th floor was huge and had many employees. This made Jaehyun worried and irritated, his heart pumping adrenaline as he tried to search Sungchan. He wandered around the hall, searching for his only son frantically through the hundreds of the employees including their children walking and passing by.

Meanwhile, Sungchan went to the cubicle of the employee who was sitting there, answering phone calls and typing emails. He was so focused on his work that he didn't notice Sungchan looking at the man with a smile. After he finished the call, he turned and saw Sungchan smiling at him. He looked shocked at Sungchan's smiling sudden appearance. 'This is Sir Jung's son,' he thought. Sungchan giggled and said to the man "Eomma,"

The confused man replied "I'm sorry but I'm not your mom, why don't we go find your father," He guided the little boy out of the cubicle while Sungchan tugs his arm and says "Eomma," and doesn't let go. He continued tugging the man's arm and kept saying eomma and smiling.

"Sungchan, there you are," Jaehyun sighed as he took Sungchan off of the employee. "I'm sorry, Taeyong," the CEO apologized at his employee Taeyong "That's okay, Sir Jung,"

Jaehyun lifted Sungchan up and said, "Okay Sungchan, time to go no," Sungchan pouted as they left Taeyong's cubicle.

-At Jaehyun's office-

Jaehyun opened the door, revealing a bedroom. He put Sungchan on top of his king sized bed and said "Sungchan, what you did was wrong, okay?"

Sungchan looked down and nodded, trying to suppress his tears. "Sungchan, don't cry," Jaehyun cooed "What's wrong?" wiping the little boy's tears and Sungchan cried.

"He looks like eomma," Sungchan defended. Jaehyun replied "I know he looks like her, but that's not how you behave," he added "And so, you will take a nap as a punishment,"

Sungchan whined, He doesn't like naps. He's the kid who's outgoing and energetic. He doesn't take sleep and naps kindly.

"I don't wanna!" Sungchan whined, crossing his arms and looking down.

"You disobeyed daddy's rule," Jaehyun explained with a pout. Sungchan stubbornly looked away. "How about I'll give you some time with my employees?" he coaxed his son in which he opened Sungchan, opened his eyes and looked at his father "REALLY?" Sungchan exclaimed "Yes," Jaehyun replied.

Sungchan hesitated at first but obliged. Jaehyun tucked Sungchan and kissed his forehead before leaving the room and went to his office desk. He keeps thinking about the incident, Sungchan was tugging Taeyong and mistakenly called him eomma. He picked up the telephone and dialed Ten, his secretary.

After a few minutes, Ten picked up the phone and asked "Sir Jung, What are your inquiries?" "I want to see Lee Taeyong," Jaehyun ordered, Ten answered "Yes, Sir Jung. I'll call him as soon as possible," before hanging up.

Later, Taeyong entered the office. "Good morning, Sir Jung," he bowed down to his boss. "Lee Taeyong," Jaehyun sighed as he tried to process everything "Tell me, what happened to my son, moments ago?" he asked with an authoritarian look.

Taeyong gulped and gathered up the courage. He explained, "Well, I was finishing some paperwork and answering some calls when your son, Sungchan came and told me that I was his eomma," After Taeyong explained the whole story, Jaehyun smiled and giggled as he stood up.

"Is there anything wrong, Sir Jung," Taeyong asked the younger one.

Jaehyun paused, creating a sense of suspense and silence in the CEO's office. "Since my son has been visiting your cubicle and really loves your presence. So, I want to ask you something," Jaehyun said as he approached Taeyong.

"What is it, sir?" Taeyong asked

"Will you go out with me?"

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