Dear, Sincerely,


Dear J. K. Rowling, Your books are entirely unrealistic. I'm not buying it. Sincerely, I mean, a ginger kid with two friends…? I'll upload a new joke every day.

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Sincerely, Voldie

Edit: This is a story that I wrote back in 2011 when I was very active on FanFiction. A few weeks ago I got a PM from Theresa asking me if I would like to publish my work on Inkitt. I was very flattered and I since I was already thinking about become more active again I could not pass it up. So here I am, republishing my own story. It gives me a nice chance to spell-check all of them. I'm not quite sure what to do with the original notes and edits that I wrote. Some I will keep, but I might delete most of them. Let me know what you guys think. I will however go back to the one-joke-a-day thing I had going on. So here I go, I hope you'll stay with me for the next 100 days.

First I felt kind of bad about doing this fic, it felt like I stole somebody's idea, since it has been done before. But hey, it's a very well known concept and I wrote a lot of them already. Hope I do have new things though. Enjoy the 'Dear, … Sincerely, …'!

Also, I don't own any of the characters, just like playing with them ;)

Dear Fanfic writers,

Please stop giving me cute nicknames.

Sincerely, I'm NOT now, nor will I ever be named Voldie!

Edit: Trust me, most of them are a lot better then this one.

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