Dear, Sincerely,

Sincerely, Fred Weasley

Dear members of F.I.N.D.,

A book with a battle like Harry Potter had, wouldn't be a good book without some losses. The fact that you loved me all so much made it possible for me to be killed and die.

Sincerely, so I died, the story was over anyway.

When I found out about F.I.N.D., Fred Is Not Dead, I had to write this one. Fred dying opened the door for a lot of fanfics about grieving George and the book would honestly suck big time if all the good guys lived through the war. To me it was clear one of the Weasleys would die. Seriously, where would the excitement be if everybody lived through the war. It would make Lord Voldemort a lot less scary. By the way, please don't think I hate Fred, I love him very, very much and think that Rowling should have given him and his brother a lot more page time, they are hilarious!

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