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Secretkeeper’s Awakening: Book 1. | Talons of Truce | Wings of Fire OCs


Sixteen different dragons, sixteen different stories. Will they all come to face their destiny? Or will they perish against destiny’s talons? - Wings of Fire OCs! Based off of the Talons of Peace - CONTEXT WARNINGS: Graphic Descriptions of Blood and Gore, Mentions and Doings of Suicide, Insane Characters, and Adult Language. Please proceed with caution! - ONGOING, THERE WILL BE 16 CHAPTERS TOTAL

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter One: Secretkeeper’s Awakening

It was about time the sun rose above the horizon. Secretkeeper stretched her wings, letting a yawn escape from her maw. Her eyes blinked slowly as she examined the area. Tonight, after this day, would be the Three Full Moons. It would be the day every dragon of her newly created Talons would meet together to discuss the current war.

Her wings spread as she prepared to leap into the air. Her greenish black scales and her white underbelly glimmered in the fresh sunlight. Her green eyes glistened, twinkling with joy. Leaping into the air, Secretkeeper slightly dived down over the lush forestry, her nightly wings popping out against the orange-blossom sky.

Secretkeeper dodged sideways, her wings closing as she prepared for a actual dive. She closed down and let the wind carry her down towards the forest head. Her wings expanded just before she hit the trees, gliding over the green scenery. Secretkeeper laughed, loving the silence to herself. It was amazing being free, away from the Queens and away from bossy Nightwings who told you what to do every single day.

But she had a job to do. Secretkeeper plunged into the treetops and into the forest, landing gently on the grass. But she wasn’t alone now. Two voices grimly entered her hearing, forcing her into the bushes. Secretkeeper wrapped herself in her wings, but let a small part of her wings open to see who it was. The shadows of the bush was able to hide her just enough, but any movement could startle birds and alert her hiding place.

It was two Skywings. One was a massive crimson red female, had to be around 26’8 in height. The other was a decently heightened, maroon male. Secretkeeper guessed he was around 23’11. But they were still bigger than her, which made them a threat.

“Well, Queen Rubellite is no Queen.” The female snarled. That shoved Secretkeeper into thinking. Normally, Skywings were extremely loyal to their Queen. Evil or not. “Did you hear? She ripped the front leg off of her brother because he didn’t want her to go to war with the Icewings.” The male sighed, “She’s gone crazy. I remember when Queen Thrush was alive. Rubellite was so kind and calm then, I wonder what happened?”

The female shook her head, “I don’t know, Arashi. Everything’s so different now that she’s gone.” She responded, “I wish I could join the Talons of Peace. They’d know what to do. But someone would find out in an instant. They can’t keep secrets.” The male nodded slowly, a sorrow look on his face.

Secretkeeper frowned. She felt so bad for these soldiers. They were trapped under a command of a evil Queen, and they couldn’t rebel. Arashi, the male Skywing, stopped in his tracks, “Someone’s here, Lustrous.” He said to the female, whipping his head to look in the direction of Secretkeeper. She froze. Secretkeeper shifted very slowly.

“Come out, Nightwing.” Lustrous, the female Skywing, snapped. Secretkeeper had no choice. She slowly emerged from the bush, bowing her head in defeat. The two Skywings growled with hostility. “Explain your business, spy.” Arashi roared. “Shush it, Arashi!” Lustrous snapped, “We’re near a Icewing camp. They’ll here you, Moons above!”

“I’m establishing a new Talons.” Secretkeeper said quickly. The two Skywings blinked at her in surprise, then bursted into laughter. “You? A tiny pipsqueak? Talons and Tails, that’s the most stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. You’re no more than a sand-snorter!” Arashi cackled.

“I’m serious. We’re called the Talons of Truce. No one knows about it besides the members. We have fifty members so far.” Secretkeeper snapped. The two shut up instantly. Lustrous turned her head, blinking at Arashi as if to say ‘she’s telling the truth, right?’ Then it hit her. Is she telling the truth, Arashi? What if my dream is truly coming true? Can I see my brother, Gallant, again? Secretkeeper overheard Lustrous’ thoughts. Growling, Secretkeeper looked down at her talons. She lost her Sky-Fire. Stop whatever you’re thinking, Lustrous! Nightwings can’t be trusted, they’ve lied to us years after years! Arashi thought arrogantly.

Secretkeeper smiled awkwardly, “You two can come with me. We aren’t too far from the camp of the Talons. Come join me, maybe you’ll like it there.” She suggested. Lustrous nodded slowly, while Arashi snarled. Secretkeeper turned, leaping into the air. Lustrous and Arashi did indeed follow like she hoped.

If this Nightwing lies, I will seriously declaw them, take out their tongue, and force them to swallow their own tail. Arash was thinking. Secretkeeper shivered. Hopefully, they stayed and did not do anything horrible to her or her friends.

short chapter 😭😭, anyways I hoped you like it.

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