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Secretkeeper’s Awakening: Book 1. | Talons of Truce | Wings of Fire OCs

Chapter Two: Caribou’s Trial

Caribou wasn’t a normal Icewing like the others. He was born with special..mutations, so to speak. His horns were jagged and spiked, his spikes on his neck weren’t straight and beautiful. His teeth were dull, but they could still pack a punch. This is what he had to deal with, all his life.

And today, it came to haunt him.

The Queen had created a new trial for the Icewing Princes. It was to see their worth to her. If they had no worth, they would be banished or slaughtered. Everyone feared it, not just the Princes. Caribou feared it the worst. He wouldn’t make it, not in his shape. But his sister, Princess Absinthe, had faith.
Absinthe bounced over, nudging Caribou with a thrill of excitement. “You got this, big brother!” She smiled warmly, “I believe in you. Don’t let your looks get you down.” Caribou nodded, smiling back. He loved this about his sister, how she was always so happy for him. But it didn’t help him a lot.
“Everyone! Silence!” The Queen’s Guard and brother to Caribou and the other Princes, Klondike, roared, “Queen Aqualon is speaking!” All the Icewings shut their mouths at once, which drew a shiver down Caribou’s spine. Absinthe nuzzled him gently, gazing up positively at Queen Aqualon. The royal Icewing walked forward on her platform, clearing her throat. Aqualon looked beautiful. Her spikes and horns were perfectly straight, her scales shimmered just perfectly in the sunlight, her eyes looked cheerful and warm, and her jewelry glowed. It made Caribou gape. He loathed her so much, and Aqualon loathed him too.
“Today is the brand-new Ice Trial!” She announced proudly, “My sons will be taking on three different events to prove that they are worthy of being a Icewing!” The other Second Circle Icewings roared in approval. They quieted down as Aqualon spoke again, “Winterfall, Frostbreath, Caribou, Snowleopard, and Etoiri.” She recited the names of her sons, “They will each please me.”
Caribou growled. He recognized the gross tone she used for his name. She gave a sideways glare at Caribou as she opened her mouth again, “You may begin, Princes.” She roared. The other dragonets bursted out of the royal Courtyard, cackling happily. Caribou followed at a slow pace, concerned about how carefree they were.
He dodged a thrown sword, ducking under nets and axes. His heart dropped as he saw Winterfall yelling in pain with a axe drove deep into his shoulder. Caribou rushed over and frowned. “Winterfall, you have to be more careful.” He said. Winterfall flinched, nodding. Caribou pulled the axe out and used part of the bandages he was carrying to patch the injury. “Try to keep off the leg for the rest of this event, okay?” Caribou asked. Winterfall nodded, getting up and limping after his brothers.
Caribou ran ahead, seeing the light through the tunnel. But then, it hit him. A blaze of fire shot through the tunnel and blazed over Caribou, making him roar in agony. He stumbled forward, wincing at the terrible pain. It burned his silver wing, but didn’t break through the inner lining. Moons above, I was so careless I forgot to watch my back. Curse you, Winterfall! He thought, frustrated.
Caribou managed to push forward, exiting the cave. Klondike was sitting there, waiting for him. “I suppose Winterfall didn’t make it out alive?” He asked, tilting his head with that same, creepy expression. Caribou shrugged, “He’ll come out soon. Anyways, why are you here?” He snapped. Klondike’s tongue flickered, “To give you support, brother.” He said plainly. Klondike was a high ranking Prince, a prized possession of Aqualon.
“Don’t call me brother, Klondike.” Caribou snarled, pissed off. Klondike barked a laugh, shaking his head. The two stared at each other for a long, eerie minute. Klondike then handed Caribou a sword, then hugging him. Caribou shoved Klondike off with a hiss, but he knew that Klondike was supporting him
Klondike took care of Caribou most of his life when mother couldn’t, but Caribou still hated how creepy he was. Grasping the sword, he turned and shoved Klondike out of the way and headed for the next tunnel. “Caribou, you’re the only brother I’ve seen in generations that has the ability to deny a Queen’s leadership. I believe you can beat this trial, I know you can!” Klondike called after him, his voice cracking.
The next trial was a battle. He noticed Etoiri, his favorite brother, was still here. Everyone else already passed or got killed. He walked up, noticing his opponent. It was a prisoner, a large Skywing. One of the Icewing guards jeered it with a spear. “Prince Caribou the Second, you will be facing a Skywing today. His name is Gallant, son of a Firescales, brother of the war General, Lustrous.” She introduced.
Caribou blinked, gaping at his opponent. He looked distressed. “Don’t mention my sister, or I’ll chop your tongue off.” Gallant hoarsely growled. The Icewing guards bounced off. Gallant turned, snarling at Caribou.
“What happened to your and your sister?” Caribou asked.
He messed up.
Gallant’s eyes blazed with so much rage, it overwhelmed Caribou to even look at him. Gallant launched at Caribou with a furious shriek, slamming him against the wall. Gallant’s claws wrapped around Caribou’s throat and began to choke him. Gasping and coughing, Caribou struggled to get free. Whipping his tail, he slammed it into Gallant’s thigh, pushing himself free. Staggering left, Caribou struggled to gain the air that was knocked out of him.
“Gallant! Listen to me.” Caribou snarled, “Tell me about your sister.” Gallant froze, his teeth baring. Caribou braced for another attack, but Gallant just stood there in a state of grief. “I-I, I don’t know. Icewings trashed my patrol and took me and a couple others, and terribly injured Lustrous. I don’t even know if she’s alive.” He stuttered, his words soft and sorrowful.
Caribou couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the Skywing. He needed to get him back to his sister. He couldn’t even begin to think about the thought of losing Absinthe. But then, a whistle blew. “Caribou, you have failed the Ice Trial.” A voice spoke, “A enemy does not feel or ask another enemy their backstory. Meet Queen Aqualon at the front at once.” Caribou stared in fear. Gallant coughed, spitting blood. He gasped. Gallant was starving, injured, and weak. The only thing that kept him going was his fury.
Caribou ran over before the guards did, grabbing Gallant’s arm and shooting away. The guards shrieked, chasing after him. “Follow me, quickly.” Caribou ordered the Skywing. Looking surprised, Gallant followed without question. The two made it down the emergency tunnel and pass the royal dorms, pass the throne room, and to the entrance of the Palace.
He exited with the Skywing, flying left. “We have to avoid the Great Ice Cliff, or you’ll die.” Caribou said. He was going to get Gallant back to his sister, even if it costed Caribou his life.

Dramatic twist in events, mm? Anyways I hope you liked it 😏✨

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