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Stuck in the Whoniverse

By Gallifreyanqueen

Horror / Scifi

Chapter 1

In a town in California, there is a school called Central High. Currently attending that school is a girl with medium length brown hair that has fading streaks of caramel highlights in it. She has hazel eyes and is rather slightly short for her age. Her name is Emily DeCamp and she is currently sitting in the back of her history class drawing like she does whenever she’s bored. Emily sighed and looked at the clock. In just 2 minutes, she could go home and watch some television since it was Friday and she had no homework. 2 minutes later, the bell rang and Emily grabbed her bag and hurried out of the classroom to start walking home.

“Hey Emily, wait up!” She heard someone call her. She turned around and saw her friend Rachel running towards her.

“Hey Rachel!” She said.

“Hey! Are you excited for the series 9 premiere tonight?”

“YEESSS! I can’t believe it’s finally airing.”

“Me either. Hey do you mind if I come over to your place for a bit? My parents are getting home late and I’d rather not wait for them in this heat.”

“Yeah that’s fine. I’m sure my parents won’t mind.”

“Great, thanks.”

Rachel and Emily started walking down the street towards Emily’s house. When they reached it, Emily unlocked the door and they went inside while Emily went to turn on the air conditioning.

“I downloaded some songs from a band called Chameleon Circuit the other day. Ever heard of them?” Emily heard her friend ask from the other room.

“Yeah”, she called back, “I have about 20 of their songs. Ran out of money before I could get the rest.”

“My favorite song is Big Bang Two.”

“Mine too,” Said Emily, “I think I’ve listened to that song more than any of the others.” “It’s so catchy”

At that moment they looked at each other. A huge grin spread across their faces as they both had the exact same thought.

“The Doctor’s stuck in the Pandorica, Amy might be dead and Rory’s a roman with a gun inside his hand seems like things aren’t going as planned.” Emily sang.

“River’s in the TARDIS, the TARDIS is on fire, she’s feeling the heat on repeat she’ll require someone she can trust someone with a bow tie but he’s been locked up and left to die.” Rachel started singing along.

At this point they were both singing the song very loudly.

“Oh my god, what will they do? It seems impossible to get through. My mind is blown I bet yours is too, well I guess this is Doctor Who. Rory’s quite distressed and he starts to sob, when the Doctor appears with a mop.

“Get me out of the Pandorica.” Emily sang

“But you’re not in the Pandorica.” Rachel sang back

“Yes I am, well yes I was, it’s complicated but I can’t explain it now because...” Emily finished.

“Then he disappeared into a hazy fuzz, they both started singing again, “that man I can’t explain why he does some things he does. Oh my god I don’t have a clue, these paradoxes are hard to construe my mind is blown I bet yours is too. Well I guess this is Doctor Whooo. It’s the Big Bang Two and I need to review what on Earth just happened before my eyes? Time has gone askew the universe has too. I’ll try and explain to you the Big Bang Two. The Big Bang Two. The Doctor’s got Rivers vortex manipulator which he uses to meet Rory 2,000 years later where they find Amy after her sleep in the box. They realize the Sun is really the exploding TARDIS, Doctor saves River from the imitated star. This women, when she’s back, can’t help but point out the obvious. Oh my god he’s wearing a fez. Oh my god he’s wearing a fez. Oh my god he’s wearing a fez. Oh my god he’s wearing a fez. A dalek pops up out of nowhere, shoots the Doctor, kills him, quite unfair. He jumps back 12 minutes to the stairs. He’s dead. And everyone despairs. Little do they know The Doctor lies, he’s gone stopping the universe's demise. Amy says her last good-byes, Doctor flies up into the skies. The universe is back it’s true but The Doctor’s said his final adieu. Maybe you’ll come back if she remembers you. It’s the Big Bang Two and I need to review, what on Earth just happened before my eyes? Time has been renewed, the universe has too. But Amy still can’t help but cry. There’s someone missing, the question’s “Who?” Then she remembers, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And that's the Big Bang Two. I hope I didn’t confuse you.”

Emily and Rachel finished singing the song and started laughing. “I love that song.” Emily said in between giggles.

“Me too” Rachel replied. “What were you drawing in class today?”

“Just a little sketch I did.” She opened her notebook and a slip of paper fell out. She handed the paper to her friend who opened it up. Inside was a sketch of a Dalek “This is incredible! I didn’t know you could draw,” Rachel told her.

“I don’t draw often, but yes I can.”

Suddenly, Rachel looked like she had an idea. Before Emily could question it, she took out her phone and started scrolling through some pictures.

“Caption Contest! Ready? Go!”

She flipped her phone around and Emily looked at the picture. It was a picture of the tenth Doctor with an “Are you kidding?” me face on.

“My face when someone has the audacity to ask what Doctor Who is.” Emily quickly said. “Or, my face when someone tells me they hate Doctor Who.”

This went on for the next few hours with more caption contests, drawing, and watching the marathon. Finally, Rachel’s parents got home so she had to leave. They said “Goodbye” to each other as Rachel left.

Emily threw herself onto the couch and grabbed the remote. It had been only a few hours since her friend had left and her mom, stepdad, and little sister were out of town for the weekend so she was home alone. She had practically begged her parents to let her stay home because the new Doctor Who series was starting today and she didn’t want to miss it. Yes, you read that correctly, if you hadn’t figured it out before, then I’ll just tell you. Emily was just your normal, average, wanted to meet and travel with The Doctor, whovian. She loved the show and watched it all the time and almost everywhere you looked in her bedroom there was a Doctor Who themed prop. Her laptop wallpaper was a weeping angel slide show. There was a marathon playing before the first episode of series 9 and she was currently watching it. There was just one problem that was on her mind: A lightning storm was supposed to be coming in sometime before the episode began. She hoped it wouldn’t cause a power outage and cause her to miss the episode.

Finally it was time for the episode to begin. However at that moment her worst nightmare came true. The lights started flickering and the image on the television turned to static.

‘Great,’ she thought, ‘Just what I need. The power to go out so I can tell all my other Whovian friends I didn’t watch the episode when it came on.’ She stood up to get a flashlight from her room in case she needed it. As she walked into her bedroom, she passed her posters of the tenth and eleventh doctors, her TARDIS beach towel, her TARDIS vase and a few other items she had. She was even wearing an exploding TARDIS t-shirt that she had gotten for her 16th birthday. She grabbed her flashlight and went back to the living room. She sat back down and almost immediately leaned forward in curiosity. She noticed a small white light emitting from the center of the television that seemed to be getting larger and larger. She started to wonder what it was until she noticed the air blowing all around her. She thought the wind had blown the door open but when she looked at it, it was still closed...and locked. She gulped and looked back at the T.V. that was when she noticed that there was an assortment of papers, pillows, and anything else in her living room blowing around her as in she were in a tornado. Suddenly she could feel herself being pulled towards the television and quickly tried to grab onto something. But there was nothing to grab onto and no one was around to help her. After a few more moments of screaming and clawing at the sofa, she was blinded by a sudden flash of light and was suddenly still.

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1. Chapter 1
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