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I am sorry sir


Manik and Nandini come to an BDSM relationship after an unexpected night. They both try different role plays and toys to have fun together.. Manik is rich businessman, he's also a film producer.. While Nandini is model & actress who mostly gets projects by sleeping with different men, you can understand how her character might be..

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A party was going on where all the actors, actresses, directors & producers were present...

Nandini entered the party in an extremely revealing dress, she was wearing a short skirt and a coatie above just tied with a small thread, with nothing inside, no top or bra, showing her cleavage

Everyone saw her and gasped, specially the men, they all knew Nandini's slutty character and how she always did such things to gain attention..

She was walking enjoying all the attention when her eyes fell on someone..

Nandini's pov..

Wohoo, now he's like some man, in coat & all he looks like a perfect daddy material..

Let's take him to the bed tonight...

Pov end...

She went towards towards him and intentionally stumbled a little and he held her hand stopping her from falling..

Manik - you ok..?

Nandini - yes

"I'll see you", he said to people he was talking with and they left..

Manik was no fool to not realise her intentions..

Nandini - myself Nandini..

Manik - ofcourse, I know you, who doesn't..

She smirked a little not knowing in what means he meant that..

Manik - I'm Manik.. so would like to dance with me..

Nandini - why not..

They both started dancing and in a flex Manik just held the knot of the coatie and pulled it, causing it to open it..

It opened revealing her half breasts and a bit of her nipple...

Everyone looked at her with lust and some with disgust, she quickly held it and started tieing it..

Manik - Oh I'm so sorry, plz come with me...

He said and took her to the washroom..

She was going inside but pulled him in too seeing no one else...

Manik - what are you doing Nandini..

Nandini - don't act innocent I know you did it intentionally, and now I'm gonna reward you, you tried to humiliate me in public, that's my biggest fantasy..

She opened the knot properly and and removed her coatie totally making her totally naked above her waist..

He smirked seeing her big breasts, he moved towards her and grabbed them harshly making her moan..

"You slut", he said slapping her breasts..

Nandini - ahhh, yes I am a slut, treat me like one

He took her nipple between his fingers and squeezed them after pinching them hard..

Nandini - ahh, your hands really feel like a man..

Manik - my dick would feel more, wanna taste..?

Nandini - you don't ask sluts what they what, you just do whatever you want..

He opened his zip and pulled down his pants with his boxers revealing his long hard dick..

He pushed her down with his hands and pinned her to the wall..

Bending a little he pushed his length into her mouth

He gripped and hair and started moving in her mouth, groaning..

He stopped after cumming and looked at Nandini who was kneeling below him with her mouth sucking his dick, that moment he realised he wants her..

He pulled after cumming and looked at her, kneeling below him, half naked and mouth open, he smirked seeing her..

He gripped her hair and made her stand, he placed on the bathroom slab and was about to open her skirt when he stopped him..

"What?", he asked..

"I think it's enough for you, you just humiliated me a little, that too people must have thought it's an accident, I don't think you deserve to fuck me", she said wearing back her coat and his nose flared in rage. For the first time a girl had rejected to have sex with him, he felt his ego clashed..

As she was about to leave he held her hand dragged her towards the party..

As they reached he threw her on the floor with force and everyone looked at her..

"Attention everyone, this is Nandini, oh sorry slut Nandini, she wanted to get publically humiliated so I thought why not fulfil her wish", he said and everyone looked at shocked..

He came towards her and pushed her sideways, now she was lying on her back..

He tore her coat and start opening her skirt, everyone gasped in shock seeing them.. few ladies and men left the party seeing the scenario..

In no time she was utterly naked in front of the whole party..

"Girls die to get touched by me and you fuckin' rejected me slut, now you see..", he said bending to her level..

She made a sacred face but deep down she knew she was gonna enjoy it, for the first time she was naked in public, she always wanted this, but she didn't want to do it herself, she wanted someone to do it to her and Manik was doing it to her..

"You slut, because of you, I was horny the entire party", a man said coming towards her, he pressed his shoe on one of her breast while she screamed..

"I even got a erection because of you, it was so embarrassing, you dirty slut tried to embarrass me", he said and slapped her face with his shoe..

Seeing him, other men came to her and started humiliating her, by touching her body with their shoes. she didn't even think of something this humiliating, she saw Manik standing the corner with a dirty smirk..

She shouted when one man entered his shoe inside her vagina..

"Scream bitch", he shouted..

One of the man started to open his jean button when Manik stopped him..

"Oh wait, she's a slut, but we all are respectful people aren't we, we can't strip naked in public, why don't you all take her to a room, she's all yours for the night", he said and Nandini glared at him..

Now she was really scared, everyone looked at her with hunger, was she even gonna survive after this night..?

Few men picked her and started her to the room..

"Ahh, leave me", she shouted but in return earned a hard spank on her butt..

"Shut up slut", one of them said..

Reaching the room, they pushed her on the bed and she smirked, they were more than 5 men, this was her another fantasy..

"Wait, I agree sleeping with you all but on a condition, when I tell you all to stop, you have to stop, because if I say that means I can't take anymore", she stated..

"And what if we don't agree, you don't have any other option rather than surrendering", one man said..

"Oh, do you want a rape case to be filed against you, even if you get saved your image is spoiled.. now think about it, I'm not refusing, just one condition", she stated..

"Fine, I agree", one man said and everyone agreed consecutively..

They all opened their clothes in a flex and climbed on the bed pouncing upon her..

A man gripped her hair and trusted in her mouth, while two thrusted their dicks in her pussy.. another two men started sucking and playing with her breasts. While the last one lifted her butt a little and inserted his dick in her asshole on which she screamed earing a tight slap on her face...

After all of them fuckin' the hell out of her and playing with body like a toy sat there breathing heavily covered with sweat, while Nandini was lying there filled with cun, all exhausted..

"One of you, drop me home and yes get me some clothes as that asshole Manik tore mine", she said and they looked at each other and laughed out loud..

"You really think were gonna do that for you, who are you..? My wife?", He said and laughed..

They all wore there clothes and were leaving the room...

"Wait you bastards", she said and tried to get but couldn't as her hands and legs were tied to the bedpost..

"I think we forgot something", one of them said coming towards her and she looked at him with hope but he picked up a tie and pushed it inside her mouth avoiding her from speaking..

She made sounds trying to free herself but it was no use. After a few mins she laid there giving up..

Half an hour, knob of the door opened, Manik entered inside and saw her sleeping or rather unconscious..

He smirked seeing her. He did feel a little sympathetic for her but this is the consequence of rejecting him..

He moved towards her and removed the cloth from her mouth..

He took water from the near by table and threw it on her face waking her with a gasp..

"How was the night", he asked and she glared at him..

"Anyways I don't care about that now I'm fuck you hard I assume I fulfilled enough of your fantasies", he said unbuckling his belt..

"No, I can't take anymore, I'm tired, you can fuck me tomorrow"

"You think I care", he whispered and she looked at him with wide eyes..

He lifted her naked body and placed her on shoulders..

"Hey leave me", she said earning a hard spank on her butt..

"Quiet", he said walking out with her..

Reaching his car he spanked her ass again..

"I was quiet now, they why", she asked as he placed her down..

"My wish sweetheart", he said smooching her lips..

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