You were the unknown daughter of Hades, the only beings that knew about you were the big four. You were kept a secret from the world because.... **** "I can't" you looked up to the boy in front of you. He was amazing compared to the one your parents had betrothed you to. "Yes you can, just take my hand" you want him to know but you can't tell him, he would die because of you.

Romance / Adventure
Age Rating:

Important copy rights and more

Hi! Welcome to this whole new world.
My name is Cindy and l would like to thank you for having the time to read my book. It means a lot to me.

l will not allow plagiarism, translation or anything else without my permission first. You know l work really hard and if you steal my ideas it would be sooo wrong.

If you see anything related to other stories you have read it is purely coincidental and you can pm before making any reports or commenting directly on my story and l will find a way to fix it.

Annnd most of my stories have BTS in them buutt l don't own rights to BTS. I am just using there appearance and names buuutt of cause they are my own characters and l don't see the boys like this in real life since they are really fun, nice and amazing.


I am sort of new to all this. I have never written a book before so they is gonna be a lot of spelling and grammar errors and of cause plot holes buuuutt l was hoping you guys could help me out with that.
Annnd all my stories are unedited.

Thank you again for reading my story,

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