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Putting it clear heartstheartstopper is not my story it is a netfix/book made by the wonderful Alice, Osema i love it so much that i made my own adding little twiced and more chapters and new characters. //Hope you like//

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter, 1-Meet

It was a new term and I was not ready for it, I tryed to convince my parents to hold me back from school as I couldn't have a repeat of last term but they just left me at the bus stop with my impending boom waiting just an hour away.

I was sat in silence with my head phones in and my sister to my left it was simple I would stare out the window whiles she texted her boyfriend(jack) it was easy but today's was different. As we got to our last stop some one uncommon stepped on the bus some one who was now to get drive and had the money to maybe drive them self.
I grad Tori's hand in shock hopping he wouldn't say a thing but it was my bad luck that made him sit behind us, the journey was horrible he would kick my chair and make small laughing sounds at me I wish I could just fade off then but it go worries when he turned to Tori and started to fight with her.

Harry"you know about your brother right, gay boy you know super gross"

Tori"I do and so what you want to kiss him, you got a crush huh"

Harry"ew shut up bitch"

Tori"dick head"

As Tori's mouth opened wide in shock I just couldn't help but face down with tears already falling she noticed quickly and moved us to the front where I got a texted from a secret someone but at that moment in time I just didn't care I was to busy with my emotions.
The bus came to a stop and we rushed out many kids went straight to class while others sat out side waiting for the bell but I sat at the corner of the road waiting for Tori's school to start.
'I know I'm your older sister Charlie but you could have helped, unless that was him from last term' Tori said with anger in her face but I couldn't answer as it was him but there was more to say but the moment went short as my bell went and I had to rushed off to the office ready to grad my new time table for a my new form room it was all strange in the eye at first but it was true I was finally free from those old bully's and hello to a new class maybe a better class.
I got there late seeing nothing but year 10s throwing shit around the class and year 11 fighting ok it was paper but this boys school really did stink like shit and the older kids just sat there with more emotion.
I walked in quietly giving no attention to my self until I made it to the teacher.

Mr, May"aah Charlie I didn't think you would be moving again"

Charlie"yea see there in that class and my parents are super pertective over me"

Mr, May"well sorry to here um the only space we have is there nexted to Nick,Nelson year 11 but he's sweet ok he's just over there in the corner"

Charlie"thank you"

Mr, May"Charlie would I be seeing you in the corner of my art room at lunch or we going to try sit with friends at lunch"

Charlie"Isaac and Toa are back so friends I guess"

It was an awkward chat but most teacher didn't under stand me and mr,may just got me right away maybe cause he is gay too I couldn't tell.
I wondered over to my seat wonding what this boy looked like as he sat staring at some art on the wall, I was half way there when all of a sudden his face shined in my eyes and there he was, his gorgeous skin with tiny fregals all around his face and his golden brown eyes with brown/gringer hair he was beautiful. I slowly made my way over trying not to make eye contact until I was finally setting my things down nexted to him and then we were shoulder to shoulder it was scary at first as I could feel the butterfly's trying to get out until he spoke and his dark tone gave my butterfly's freedom.

Nick"Hi I'm Nick, Nelson"

Charlie"Hi I'm Charlie Springer"

It was a slow chat as it just started off as hellos and hi until we went for longer stuff talking about life and what was going on until it felt like we had know one another of years and not just an hour. It was amazing but it broke as soon as the bell went and I had to rush off to maths.
I was alone in the halls until a light tap came to my shoulder.
'Um Charlie' said a deep tone I turned around seeing his golden brown eyes once more almost getting lost until I was pushed back down to earth well more like hit. It came out of no where a ball smashing the back off my head sending me to the ground I knew who it was I could tell by the laughter Nick helped me up but my really knight came to safe me Toa and Isaac my two besties.

Toa"oh what smart ass go crush on some one else harry or are you just obsessed with charlie"

Isaac"Charlie are you ok"

I had no words to say it was like my mind had been hit to hard I just got up and looked at him in shock until our faces went red and Toa took me away. It was like magic it was the only thing on my mind.
I had finally made it to maths and with no breaths it was still sitting there playing over letting me watch as many times as I want until a book slammed down waking me up.
'How stupid are men I mean I'm straight but I'm not stupid' Toa said like a fearless solider I just couldn't help but sit there and laugh at it he was right men were stupid but there was a problem to that men were the only things on my mind.
Maths rushed along and I was now on my way to pe but I couldn't bring it to my self to go to the changing room so it was the olds sports office but I didn't mind as we were running today and that seemed like the only thing I was good at.

//Nick's site//
I was in the football cage doing my pe lesson when all of a sudden the year 10 rushed out into a race many in the back and one in the front him in the front I wished to get close no I wanted to...but I was scared not knowing what these feelings were so I hiched a plan just so I could get closer to....Charlie, Springer.

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