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what do you mean, gone? | Seven Deadly Sins AU/Fanfiction


Years after the second Holy War, Meliodas and his friends have finally settled in their new homes. But some humans started to get angry with the fact that the Demons didn’t get the justice they needed. So, stealing creatures called ‘Underworld Dragons’ from the Demon Realm, they proceeded to burn down anything possible in order to anger their King, Zeldris. Would the Seven Deadly Sins finally reunite to beat them, or will they let the evil run?

Adventure / Fantasy
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1. Ban

“You’re sure, like, completely sure? Kid, answer me.” Ban snapped, grabbing a small fairy’s shirt collar. The fairy looked absolutely terrified, “Yes, sir Ban! Very angry army with big flying creatures coming!” They squealed. Ban dropped the fairy, frowning. If the fairy was telling the truth, the whole forest, Elaine, King, Diane, they would all be in trouble.

Ban turned, rushing off into the trees. He needed to warn Elaine, he wanted her and his son safe. “Ban!” A yelp sounded. Looking upwards, Ban saw Diane helping out some fairies with rebuilding, “Where are you going? Is everything alright? Is King okay?” She asked, tilting her head with that curious look. It aggravated Ban, but he shoved his anger down his throat for later, “There’s an army and some-sort of creatures coming, from a report of the South Edge.” He remarked.

Diane’s eyes widened, “That’s awful! We need to evacuate the fairies!” She exclaimed. Ban nodded, “Fetch King and tell him. I’m on my way to get Lancelot and Elaine out of the way.” He said quickly, turning and rushing off. The forest erupted around him, the colors burning Ban’s eyes. He wasn’t used to the forest yet, but that wasn’t the current problem. He could solve it later.

“Dad! Dad!” A small squeal sounded. Lancelot rushed forward, wrapping his arms around Ban’s waist as he came to a stop. “Lance, fetch Elaine for me, okay?” He ordered the ginger-haired kid. Lancelot nodded happily, unaware of the danger, and rushed off into a cave.

Soon enough, Elaine walked through, her wings shining in the sudden sunlight. He slightly smiled, but Ban’s head was whirling. He needed to get the two as far as he could. “Elaine there’s-” Ban was interrupted by a loud roar of crashing echoed the forest, forcing Elaine and Ban to stagger sideways.

“Attack! Attack! Run for your lives!” The fairies shrieked, flying off. Ban gritted his teeth, clenching his fist. Elaine grabbed his fist, forcing him to look into her eyes, “Ban please, you’ve done enough to protect us. Let King and the fairies try to protect us, please.” She pleaded, giving Ban that saddened look, which normally made him shrink down and feel as if she were bigger to him. But it didn’t trick him this time.

He placed his hand onto Elaine’s left cheek, “I’ll be fine, Elaine. I know I’m not immortal anymore but I can still fight. King wouldn’t be able to take a full-on demon without help. And, if I remember, I’m still apart of the Seven Deadly Sins.” He explained lightly, bringing Elaine close as another explosion sounded, “We protect eachother.” Fuck, I sound cheesy. Meliodas would probably laugh his flat ass off. Ban thought to himself, letting Elaine go.

He looked down, taking a small tube out of his bag. It had a small lever on the side of it. Standing up, he held it to the sky and switched the lever. A firework shot into the sky, crackling and creating some sort of sign. It then exploded and shot across the sky. Meliodas had gave it to him.

“Ban, take this.” Meliodas had smiled warmly, handing Ban the same tube, “Point it up to the sky if you’re in trouble, switch the lever, and a flare will go. It’s made from the Demons, so only the one given it and any other Demons in the area will come and aid. Zeldris made it.” Meliodas had hugged Ban, then turned and followed Elizabeth out of the room.

“What did you launch?” Elaine asked, tilting her head. Ban shrugged, lying, “I guess it didn’t work.” He turned and hugged Elaine again. The two embraced for a good minute, and finally Ban got up and went to aid the others. Hopefully Meliodas or that shitbag Zeldris sees it. I’d love to not lose this forest. Ban thought to himself as he became face-to-face with his enemy.

They were humans with….dragons.


Short chapter lmfaoooo, anyways I got lazy.

I’m leaving you guys on a cliffhanger until I post the other chapters eheheheheh

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