Tadpole Diaries


Entry: Satomi:

Back in 1997, there was a patient named Satomi. She was first admitted to Chou Mori with her twin sister and boyfriend after an accident outside of Ikebukuro. Right away, Kitano was intrigued and dubious about this deal. He and Etsuko had worked on twins before in the first generation. Both wanted that experience again. The problem lay in the source.

Yodogiri managed to find Kitano good test subjects. Etsuko began to have questions of where he was getting them.

“Some of these patients have families,” she pointed out. “They are bound to ask questions sooner or later.” Kitano himself had his own concerns.

“How did you even find this guy?” Etsuko asked.

“He found us,” the doctor turned therapist said. He reflected back to the best of his knowledge of how this happened.

“He did start giving money to this institution about five years ago,” he said. Etsuko gave him a puzzled look.

“Don’t ask,” Kitano said right away. “I am dubious about where he’s getting these people. I did try to ask, but he didn’t answer.” Nevertheless, they experimented on some of the patients Yodogiri brought in.

Such as the cases with the twins and the boyfriend.

The three of them survived the alpha, beta, and gamma drugs in the course of three weeks. In the beginning, the progress was going good. In the end, only two would survive. The older twin, Satomi, wouldn’t.

Her death had always been baffling to the Chou Mori staff. No injuries to the body. There were no copies of the autopsy reports either. Satomi only lasted for two months before an orderly found her body in her bed. Her sister said in the corner, visibly shaking. She couldn’t answer the orderly on what happened.

Another strange thing that happened was that Satomi’s body disappeared. The coroner couldn’t remember if it was filed properly or not. Kitano pretended not to know anything.

But, let’s back up a little bit.

Who was Inaba Satomi? She grew up with her sister in a loving environment. She shouldn’t have been in Chou Mori. Neither should her sister and boyfriend. In fact, they were going to the beach for the weekend with some of their friends. The three patients lived happy lives and expected to have a fun time that summer.

One second changed everything.

There was an accident. The driver swiveled to miss a car weaving through traffic. According to reports, the salaryman behind the wheel of the other car died of a heart attack behind the wheel. The father of the boyfriend’s friend couldn’t stop in time.


The car hit the guard rail. Only the twins, the boyfriend, and another friend survived. Satomi awoke to see an old man walking towards the wrecked car. She thought he was a good Samaritan checking on her and her friends. He said something to her, but couldn’t make out his words. Probably checking on her well-being.

If only she had known that strange man’s true intentions.

Satomi awoke in Hell on earth. The first thing she noticed was the overpowering smell of bleach. Her vision was blurry, but instinct told her that something wasn’t right. Etsuko stood over her, taking down notes. The doctor paused and looked up.

“Oh, you’re awake?” she asked. Satomi’s eyes widened as the bleach smell overpowered her head. She tried to get up, but found that her body was strapped down to the bed.

“Easy,” Etsuko said. “We had to strap you down due to the shock you suffered earlier.” Satomi stared at her with a blank express on her face. Shock? That didn’t make sense. It was then the patient looked around the room. This place didn’t look like any normal hospital she had visited before. Except for a light from a lamp over her face, her room was pitch black. And bleach in the air.

“W-W-Where am I?” she asked. “Where’s my sister? Where’s my boo?” Etsuko put her finger to the child’s lips.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “They are fine and here too. Your other friend went to another hospital in Shinjuku. We couldn’t save the others.” The teenaged girl laid strapped down and panicking. What was this?

It would only get worse.

Only her sister knew the truth of what happened to her on that day in August of 1998. She was too traumatized to speak back then and she wouldn’t speak now.

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