Tadpole Diaries


Entry: Tadpoles

Why were the tadpoles created?

Russia wants them to become the ultimate super soldier. England wants them to breed and create a new god for the new world. Kitano wants neither of these things. To him, their plans are detestable. His pets would never be war machines or godlike puppets.

He’s got bigger plans for them.

They needed to be strong and powerful. They had to survive the Woman in Red’s pending storm. That’s why they created all of these drugs and ran those patients through the tests. They needed to endure. They had to.

With that in mind, Kitano and Etsuko have the new drugs and formulas ready. The Heartseed plant is ready too. The first new experiment has been completed. Russia will be coming in four months’ time to see their progress. They expected to see results. Both Russia and England would get their money’s worth.

But neither would have his pets.

Oh no. Kitano will see to that himself. But now…

He turned to Etsuko in his office at Rampo Biotech.

“Are you ready to begin?” Kitano asked.

“Yes,” the doctor replied.

“Good, good,” he said. “Go gather the interns and we shall begin.”

“Yes, sensei,” she said. Etsuko walked out the door. Kitano looked down at the baggie of red pills in his hand. He could already taste the awaiting results of the further evolution coming for his pets. The first test was a success.

Kitano couldn’t wait to see how this next experiment would turn out.

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