Tadpole Diaries


Entry: Kohaku:

-October 29th, Two Years Ago-

It’s quiet again.

The red liquid injected into her body had settled down. Kohaku still felt like throwing up. She huddled her body into a little ball.

I feel cold.

She wasn’t supposed to be here. Her mother wanted to get rid of her. Kohaku couldn’t understand what she did. She was the victim of her father, not the seducer.

The patient closed her eyes and tried to push out the thoughts of that monster. Her mind wound up to that period after that first injection of the alpha drug. That first shot put her body through hell.

Just like Mikado, Kohaku’s heart stopped for a short second as her pupils dilated. Bright flashes appeared in her eyes as she could hear the blood rushing through her body. It felt like she was being held under water. Her limbs with numb as she began sweating buckets. The sounds around her head only made things worse. She couldn’t breathe as the drug raced faster in her small body. Her heart raced in double time like she was having a heart attack. Kohaku’s vision would blur just before losing consciousness. The little light in her eyes did little to ease her pain when she came to. Breathing made her chest and lungs ache to the point she thought she was going to die. By the end of the first day, Kohaku started praying for death.

Trying to think of something positive didn’t help.

By day three, the symptoms had leveled off and her body relaxed. After she was examined, the orderlies walked the patient back to her room. She hadn’t moved from the same spot where she sat on the floor ever since they left her.

Kohaku started biting on her thumb as she trembled. The fluxes in the sounds round the room made her head hurt. Her empty stomach didn’t help her need to throw up. She wasn’t the only one suffering through this, at least. Oh no. There were twenty-eight others like her. Fifty-six patients were selected for this “cure” to make them “better”. Only half of them survived.

Unfortunately for the patients, this was only the beginning for them.

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