Tadpole Diaries


Entry: Tetsu

-January 11th-

-10:00 a.m.-

Tetsu felt like throwing up as he walked around the crowded Ikebukuro streets. The winter air did little to ease his suffering. He felt like he was burning up on the inside. When the college freshman woke up this morning, he thought he was about going to faint. His boyfriend, Taichi, noticed the look of discomfort on his face.

“Baby?” he asked. “Are you feeling okay?” He put his hand on Tetsu’s forehead. Taichi gasped as he drew back his hand.

“You’re burning up!” he said. “Are you coming down with something?”

“I don’t know,” Tetsu said.

“I think you should stay home,” his boyfriend said. Tetsu shook his head.

“I will be fine,” he said. Sadly, he moved around like a drunk fawn when he tried to stand up. Taichi raced forward and held him up.

“I think not,” he said. He sat his boyfriend down on the bed. “I think you need to stay home today.”


“I don’t want to hear it! You are staying home today and resting!”


“Don’t argue with me. I don’t want you passing out in class. No, sir. You are staying home today.” Taichi’s voice commanded authority and Tetsu lowered his head.

“Alright,” he mumbled. Taichi kissed him on the forehead.

“I’ll bring you back something to eat, okay?” he asked. His boyfriend reluctantly nodded.

“I’m taking off now,” Taichi said in a low voice. “I’ll be place this afternoon.” Tetsu sat on the bed as his boyfriend left for school. Unfortunately, the heat wouldn’t let him rest in bed. Under the sheets, Tetsu thought he was burning up. When he took off the seats, his body would break out into a cold sweat. If he covered himself up, the young man would feel like he was burning up again. Finally, Tetsu sat up, panting.

The former Chou Mori patient wound up wandering around the city in his coat, jeans, and boots. Tetsu felt like fainting with each step. When did these streets get so long? People walking by looked like blurry trees in his vision. Tetsu swallowed to hold down his sick. Closing his eyes made the sounds echoing like bad feedback. He didn’t know why thought it was a good idea to go wandering around the city like this. His body wouldn’t allow him to rest. Going back to the apartment didn’t help his condition either.

The whole time, he remembered the experiments that Kitano and Etsuko put him through. The needles in his eye, tongue, arms, legs, and heart. The IV treatments in arms. The revolting liquids and pills they made him take. He could hear them laughing at him again. They were laughing at him right now. Tetsu broke down trembling as he covered his ears.

“Stop laughing at me!” he shouted. The young man raced into an alley when he couldn’t take the torment in his head and body anymore. He rested his hand against a trash bin and panted. What is wrong with me? Objects in the alley began swimming around in front of his eyes. Tetsu closed his eyes and shook his head.

“Get it together,” he told himself. “You’re just delirious from the fever. That’s it. That must me it.” But then, he smelt something burning. Tetsu paused and took a smell. What is that? His nose picked up the smell of plastic, waste, paper, and metal burning. The direction caused him to turn his head to the left. Right next to him, the trash bin his touching had caught on fire. Tetsu’s eyes widened as he drew back his hand. He screamed when he saw the flames coming from his right hand. But then, the young man stared at his hand with a puzzled look.

“What the…?!” he asked. “Did I do that?” Tetsu stared at the burning trash with big eyes before it donned on him, yes, he did that.

“Oh shit!” Tetsu shouted. The young man took off running as fast as he could.

That’s when his cell phone.

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