Tadpole Diaries

Kohaku II

Entry: Kohaku II:

-Day One of New Treatment-

The poor child hadn’t slept in days.

Her eyes looked colored and empty as Kitano walked over to Shoujo Ko. He tapped her on the cheek. The therapist flashed his light in her eyes.

“She’s still with us,” Kitano said. He drew out a syringe of electric blue liquid from his coat pocket. Her eyes reflected him removing the orange cap. Kitano pushed open her mouth and stuck the needle in the main vein of her tongue. The vile taste made her body joint on its own. Kitano drew back the needle.

“Now, we wait,” he said. Kitano walked out of the room. Kohaku’s body shuddered as the taste swirled in her mouth.

-Three Hours In-

Kohaku’s body jerked in her restraints. On the surface, it looked like little ticks. Her eyes still looked dull. Despite, the dazed appearance, she had an idea what was happening to her again.

Then came the pops in her ears.

She couldn’t react the way she was supposed to. That didn’t stop the pops from getting loud in her ears. Kohaku could also feel a burning sensation in her throat. Her body jumped in her restraints again.

-Eight Hours In-

Kohaku started to wake up a little. Her body still jerked involuntarily. This time, her heart started beating faster. Had time slowed down? Her tongue and jaws still felt sore. It hurt to move her mouth, if she could. Kohaku could see shadows in front of her. A dull light flashed in both of her eyes. Their voices came out muzzled.

“She’s still with us,” they said.

“Don’t give her another dose yet.”

“Yes sir.”

Clear form started flowing out of the child’s mouth.

-Day Two-

She can’t sleep. The sounds in her body are keeping her awake. Clear liquid ran from her nose and mouth. It formed a sticky puddle on her lap. Her body was jerking around like she was yesterday. A hand did come by and wipe her face. It looked like no one was home in Kohaku’s body. They could do whatever they wanted to her and she wouldn’t be aware.

But she is still aware of what’s going on.

She’s trapped in her body and the restraints. Only Kitano, Etsuko, and the interns walk into the room. Kitano flashes the light in her eyes. He says that she is doing well so far. How can this be doing well? She couldn’t talk or move. Every part of her insides ached. Would this be the time that she finally died? She heard that the bodies dumped in the woods and left out to be eaten.

I don’t want to die.

Kitano promised her that she and the others wouldn’t die. He said that he wanted to fix them. Make them better versions of themselves. Something in his tone set off panic bells in Kohaku’s mind. But would that exactly be a bad thing? Maybe her dad would leave her alone and her mother wouldn’t look down upon her.


This wasn’t right! Change wasn’t supposed to be this painful. What they were doing was wrong? So why didn’t the head of the institution do anything about it? The care of its mental patients was supposed to be their top concerns. But they didn’t care. They stopped caring a long time ago. Chou Mori was just a dumping ground for the undesirable. That realization made Kohaku’s heart sting.

Am I undesirable?

-Day Three-

Kohaku’s body violently shook in the restraints. Footsteps ran over to the girl as they began to examine her. Etsuko forced a cloth into the girl’s mouth as Kitano flashed his light in her eyes.

“What’s happening?” one of the interns asked.

“It’s a reaction to the Apollo drug,” Etsuko said. The doctor held onto Kohaku’s body as she tried to shush her.

“So what do we do?” another intern asked.

“Let it pass,” Kitano said.


“If we try to move her, we could risk causing further damage to her body. The best thing we can do for the time being is to hold her down and let it pass.”

“Stay with us, Shoujo Ko,” Etsuko said. “You have to stay with us.” The violent shaking kept up for ten more minutes before Kohaku finally stopped. She went limp in Etsuko’s arms. The doctor checked for a pulse.

“Still alive,” she said.

“Good, good,” Kitano said. He drew out an empty, clean needle and stuck it into Kohaku’s arm. His eyes perked up after he collected a sample of blood.

“Excellent,” the therapist said. “We just need to get this down to the Heartseed to process what type she is.” He looked over at the test subject.

“What are her?” one of the interns asked. Kitano lifted Kohaku’s head. She had another dull look in her eyes.

“Heh, let her rest for a while,” the therapist said. “She’ll need it for the next experiment.”

“Yes sensei,” the interns said. Kitano unstrapped Kohaku from the chair. She looked like a worn-out ragdoll as she hit the cold white tile floor. The interns picked her up by the arms and dragged her back to her room.

Kohaku heard everything during her seizure. By now, she had come to expect the worse. Nothing could prepare her or the other tadpoles for the new drug that Kitano had developed two years ago. For now, she was just rest and hope that she would live to see tomorrow. Once the interns slung her onto her bed, she drew her eyes closed.

The strangest thing about these experiments? Kohaku found that she couldn’t dream anymore.

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