Tadpole Diaries

Mikado III

Entry: Mikado III:

-January 19th, Two Years Ago-

Mikado awoke in a darkened room. His eyes shifted around in the pitch black. Already, he didn’t like where this was headed. Mikado found his body strapped down to a cold metal operating table. He could guess that another experiment was coming. Mikado broke down, panting. The straps around his body felt suffocating.

A bright blue light flashed in his eyes.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Kitano’s voice filled the empty darkness. Mikado felt a tiny moment of shock before he began to put the pieces together. His ears caught a small clicking noise.

“January 19th, 2011,” Kitano said. “Session forty-one. It is now ten a.m. and we will now begin injecting the Jurojin drug.” There was a pause.

“Chirin-kun,” he said. “We will now begin the next phase of the Tadpole Project. We had to strap you down to keep you from hurting yourself. These walls are sound-proof. My staff and I have ear plugs for ourselves.” A small flash of his boss persona sparked in Mikado’s hazy blue eyes.

“I won’t say a word,” he said in a low voice. “Just do it. Kill me already. I don’t care anymore.” Kitano chuckled in the darkness.

“We’re not here to kill you, Chirin-kun,” he said. “And you will scream. They all scream.” Mikado saw a giant hypodermic needle filled with bright gold liquid inching closer and closer. A pair of female hands rubbed a cold, wet cloth over his bare chest. The slender fingertips felt for the aorta. The last thing Mikado remembered before the experiment began was hearing Kitano saying, “Perfect.”

It took only seconds for the needle to stabbed into his chest. The patient gasped as the damned golden liquid drained into his heart. When the needle was withdrawn, the experiment began.

-Day One-

Heavy breathing. Cold sweats. Freezing all over. Body aches. The heavy leather restrains kept him from trashing around. The pain had been much worse than what he had experienced in the past four months. His screaming filled the darkness. Mikado could feel their eyes on him.

They were enjoying this, weren’t they?

How were they able to get away with this? Mikado’s own screaming drowned out Kitano’s voice.

-Day Two-

No sleep. No food. No water.

The pain still persisted. It felt like he was being torn apart from the inside. Was he still screaming? Was it possible for a human being to make such a dreadful noise. The whole time Kitano and Etsuko watched him from the two-way mirror. Mikado couldn’t see them, but he knew they were there. Why were they doing this?

His body shook violently as if he was having a seizure. He lost count of how many times he had blackened out. It didn’t help that time ticked by so slowly. Mikado thought that he would be dead by now. Why did keep him alive like this? Each time they injected him, it felt they were stripping him of everything that he was.

“Where is your bravado that you had a couple of days ago?” Kitano asked over the speakers. His voice sounded so distant over the constant screaming. The restraints won’t not give.

-Day Three-

Not much has changed.

Mikado panted as his body was covered in sweat. It felt like little ants were crawling all over his skin. The pain didn’t stop, however. Neither did the screaming. Kitano would talk to the patient from time to time, but Mikado could barely make out what he was saying.

In the early hours of the morning, (at least it was said to be morning), Mikado felt his cheeks getting wet. Was he… crying? His brain was too screwed up with pain to figure anything out.

“Come on, Chirin-kun,” Kitano said over the speakers. “You’re about done with the worst of it. Just tough it out a few more days. I know you can do it.” In a rare moment of consciousness, Mikado heard him. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Tough it out? That’s all he had to say for this? Kitano was the reason he injected gold liquid into Mikado’s heart in the first place. He was the one putting him through these inhumane experiments. He was the one torturing them under the Chou Mori staff’s noses.

And now he said to tough it out?

Either that bastard was tone-deaf or didn’t care.

-Day Four-

The pain lessened, but not enough. They won’t let him up yet. How long will this experiment go on? The darkness made his eyes hurt.

But, he isn’t alone today.

Footsteps walked over to the metal bed that Mikado was strapped to. A little light flashed in his eyes. An ear was pressed to his bare chest.

“Hm, he’s still with us,” Kitano’s voice said above the patient. “We can give him the half dose now.” Mikado’s eyes widened.


“Yes sir,” a female’s voice, probably Yuka, said.

“Remember how I told you to find the aorta,” the doctor-turned therapist said.

“Yes sir,” the intern said. Her fingers gently caressed along the patient’s chest until she found the spot she was looking for. Mikado flinched as another wet cloth rubbed on the same spot.

“Perfect,” Kitano said. Chirin closed his eyes as the needle was plunged in again. The suffering resumed after the last drop was emptied into his heart.

-Day Five-

Five days.

Kitano and Etsuko had been watching Chirin and taking notes. Most tadpoles couldn’t make it past the first dose of Jurojin drug. This is what killed most of the first generation. Half of the second generation survive. This was a new formula they were working with on this new generation. So far, nobody died yet. There were close calls, but the test subjects managed to pull through.

In fact, Chirin was the last test subject to receive the Jurojin.

Kitano was finishing up on today’s notes when something caught his eye on the monitor. He took out his earplugs.

“What did you say?” he asked over the mic. Mikado’s lips muttered two small, but powerful words.

“Kill… me…”

“What was that?”

“Kill me.” Mikado’s voice sounded so hoarse through the microphones in the other room.

“You want us to kill you?” Kitano asked.

“Yes!” the patient croaked. Kitano turned to Etsuko sitting next to him.

“What is he saying?” she mouthed.

“He wants us to kill him,” her partner replied.

“Oh,” she said in a low voice. Kitano turned back to the two-way mirror.

“I’m sorry, Chirin,” he said. “We can’t do that.”

“I can’t take this anymore. Why are you doing this?”

“I told you. We’re doing this to fix you. We want to make a better version of you.” There was a pause. Etsuko and Kitano had their eyes glued to the patient strapped down to the metal bed in the other room.

“Then you leave me no choice…” Mikado said. He took in a breath and held out his tongue angled to where his teeth are.

“No!” Etsuko shouted. Two interns rushed into the room and forced a leather strap between his teeth and wrapped it around his head.

“Good work, ladies,” Kitano said over the speakers. The interns walked back into the room where he and Etsuko were.

“This is for your own good, Chirin-kun,” the psychiatrist said. “Just endure it a little bit longer. We’re almost done with the experiment.” Mikado lay alone strapped down on that metal bed, worn out, in pain, and a leather strap stuffed into his mouth. They wouldn’t even grant him the decency to end his misery.

He looked like a sad state.

-Day Seven-

The pain had finally leveled off. Mikado lay there, motionless. Kitano came around flashed his light in his eyes. He checked for a pulse and stuck a small mirror under Mikado’s nose. The therapist withdrew the fogged glass. He hit record on his tape recorder.

“Day seven, the patient survived the experiment,” Kitano said. “Will need to take patient down to scan for brain activity. This concludes session forty-one.” He hit stop on his recorder. The interns unstrapped Mikado from the bed and took him upstairs to the medical room. He was too weak for resistance. When the MRI scans came up normal, they took the patient back to his room.

Mikado lay in his bed motionless. Before last week, he never imagined that it could get any worse. One whole week of feeling violated. He felt almost dead inside. The boy slowly closed his eyes. Only one thought remained in his head.

I have to get out of here.

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