Murder At The Primrose


A Fan-Fiction Novel associated with the Death of Sarah Winchester (widow of the owner of the arms company). The story starts after the death of Sarah Winchester in the book. It would be a Murder-Mystery/Horror, Detective type of novel. The Characters are fictional, just the name of Sarah Winchester, and her niece's name would be used throughout the novel.

Mystery / Horror
Rayyan Aamir
Age Rating:


1. Sarah Winchester (deceased/widow)
2. Marion Marriot (Sarah's Niece)
3. Male Detective (The narrator) = Mr. Elliot
4. Female Investigator = Miss Evelyn
5. The Servants (available on the scene of death) , the nurse = Miss Marilyn
6. Sarah's Son = Mr. Arthur
7. Arthur's Wife = Miss Catherina
8. Sarah's Grandson = Nicholas
9. Police Officer = Mr. Anderson
10. Doctor for the case = Dr. Harold
11. Jeff (would be revealed who he is/was).
12. Priest = Father Wilson
13. Gardener = Mr. Byron
14. Psychic Medium = unknown

Settings :
1. 1884 Timeline, England
2. Primrose Valley (Murder took place)
3. Fournier Street (Detective's place)
4. Shad Thames (would be revealed later)
5. Winchester House (murder house)
6. Psychic Medium's cottage
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