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Waiting on a Miracle


Bruno vanished them into the night, but they are now scattered helplessly across the world. All searching for someone to help them save their Encanto. I hope you enjoy this exciting sequel to the now very popular book, Welcome to the Madrigals!

Fantasy / Children
Fiona The Author
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Bruno grabbed Antonio and Mirabel and pulled them into a huddle and chanted, “Ecto Masro Alsta Wpoo!” In a swirl of green smoke, the three of them magically transported to a hidden hill somewhere in the moors.

“Take us back!” Mirabel stormed as she yanked her hand away from Bruno’s, “Mama is still there, and Luisa and Isa-”

“We can’t save them now Mira,” Bruno pleaded, “We need a plan. And a plan we shall have.” Bruno started to draw out a plan in the sand they stood on.

"Maybe we could go to the Coven of the East and ask for assistance. Or maybe we could go to the land of Kumandra and ask for their dragon orb. Or we could go to Arendale-"

"Dio Bruno," Mirabel sighed, "We'll need all the help we can get."

"So...we split up. Bruno will go to the Coven of the East, Antonio will go to Arendale, and I will go to Kumandra."

Bruno nodded, "That would work, accept,"he looked at Antonio,"Antonio is just a kid. But, but I have a solution."

Bruno set to work making a small clay figure of himself and chanted, "Maklo Melo Asla Wpoo!" The tiny figure came to life and jumped on Antonio's shoulder. "Hi, I'm Mini Bruno!" It squeaked.

"Well, it's better than nothing. Bruno, can you teleport us to those locations?" Mirabel prepared for the magic.

"Yes, that I can do." Bruno started chanting, "Ecto Masro Alsta Wpoo!" In a flash, all that was left was a lone shoe.

The demon hoards arrived at the Mountain minutes later, but all they found was dust.


"Wow, Kumandra." Mira stood before a giant doughnut with a city on top of it. "I don't think that this obeys the laws of physics."

She approached the doughnut. Before she could even get a word out when she reached the gates, a blue and purple dragon swooped in and grabbed her. Mira was lifted towards the castle in front of a tall man with a baby on his shoulder.

"Ehh? Who is this! Sisu! Why did you bring this girl?"The man snorted.

"Gaya!" The little baby agreed.

"Wait, wait. This girl has some...magic." A girl with long black hair and tan skin strode in with a tall man with her same complexion and hair, "Baba and I have seen monsters with her same prowess kill millions. Maybe we should hear her out."

But her Baba had no intention of hearing Mira out. He collapsed to the floor and gasped, "Julieta? Is it really you?"

"No, no that is my Mama. Who are you?" Mira said.

"I, I am your Uncle. Your grandfather took me and your aunt Elsa when they divorced years ago. Your Abuela had been cheating on her with a dirty sorcerer called Pedro. Your grandfather, Fernando, had always been competing with him and this was the last straw. I haven't heard from my siblings in ages. We used to talk every Sunday via Bruno's powers. How are Pepa and Julieta?"

Mirabel broke down sobbing. She explained through sobbs that Pedro had taken over the family and now she had come to ask for help.

"I can't Mira. My duty is to the Dragon Gem and the Dragons. The Dragon Gem is the only thing to ever bring my family together. My Elsa was stolen years ago by the King and Queen of Arendelle. But we have been in connection since forever. We have been working to bring down Arendelle's government. Maybe you could go to her."

"Wait," Mira said, "Isn't that where Antonio is?"


Bruno's boots squished as he stomped through the muck. He had teleported to the town of Mascrietas and gotten directions from there to the Mystical Forest, or so it was called. It was fine for a while but after about two hours he had broken out of the entrancing forest to a mucky swamp, and the only thing enchanting about the swamp was the glowing berries hanging from the mossy tree tops.

After he stomped and splashed around for a few minutes, the cackling witches showed themselves.

"He he he, Cricket, how long will it take for him to learn that we are leading him in circles?" A man as tall as a giraffe rose out of the water, with a beard composed entirely of cobras, "Well, the jigs up. You're that Bruno kid eh? My proudest achievement."

"Who are you?" Bruno asked.

"Why, I am Serpento, god of snakes, rats, and horrible misfortune."With those words something clicked inside Bruno.

"Are you the Man of Misfortune? I heard him the night before Abuela went rogue and tried to harm me. The night she, she all but seceded me from the family."Bruno's voice broke as he recounted how Abuela had abused him as a child.

A swarm of bugs flew through the air in the shape of a rotund woman and hugged him in a tight embrace, "I am so zzzory honey. That devil woman was the work of a Mister High-and-Mighty snake man over there."

The woman had a kind face of shifting beetles that changed color. Her entire skin was covered in them, but her insides were more so hornets and bees.

Bruno understandably puked and scrambled away from the disgusting woman. "BLARGGEE!"

"Oh dear, I seem to have only brought disgust as usual."

"Now now Cricket," An elderly woman said from a rocking chair beside the swampy lake, "I couldn't change my appearance any more than Serpento could shave. HA HA!" The old crone cackled at her own joke.

The snake man scoffed and seemed to whisper to his snakes something along the lines of shaving was for wimps. "My snakes are free, unlike your whiskers Chidaun."

Bruno yelled, "Stop. This isn't what I wanted. I came to ask for help defeating my evil Abuelo; Pedro Madrigal."

"Poor, poor boy. We don't interfere with mortal affairs anymore. But, we can give you some tools to help you defeat this wizard. You'll need all the help you can get."

With that the three witches twirled their hands and the swamp melted around them. The old woman, Chidaun, shrunk into a mouse, Cricket into a cricket, and Serpento into a small gardner snake.

"We will be with you for your adventures," Mouse-Chidaun whispered to Bruno as they crashed through a solid brick wall into a church. A monk came to poor Bruno and as he slipped out of conscienceless he heard the monk say, "Well, misfortune has blessed us again."

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