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Shinobi Journalist ~Book of Summer~

By FanfictReader/Writer1290

Adventure / Romance


17-year-old Sasha Kanaka is a 2nd year high school student of Yōkai Private Academy and is ready to go out into the world for the summer but what awaits her isn't fun and games when a mysterious figure appears and threatens her beliefs. Join Sasha and her friends on this crazy roller-coaster ride of the hectic and the adventurous as she outwits both the past and the present with the help of her friends, family and allies as they unlock a powerful secret that holds a key to Sasha's mysterious past. Can Sasha survive this game before time runs out or will her naiveté cost her the life of a certain medical specialist?

Chapter I

Authoress: Hello everyone! I’m Neriaruku120695 and I am ecstatic to say that I’ve decided to re-upload and renewed my story! Meaning more DETAILS, SUSPENSE and HUMOROUS SATIRES!

It all began today as I was inspecting my fanfict and realized of how little (or mistyped) details there were and thought of restarting it again. Yes as the name implies, it’s a crossover between Naruto and Rosario+Vampire and the plot takes after the Land of Waves and Season I Arcs - Meaning it’s kind of like a mash-up of the Manga/Anime adaptations.

Our story begin with a young 17-year-old Sasha Kanaka –– Yōkai Private Academy 2-1 student and all-time resident of the Ayashi World –– is ready to go out into the world for the summer but what awaits her isn’t fun and games when the past comes back for a haunting.

Unbeknownst to both the school and its students –– including Sasha herself –– The opposing threat happens to know more about Sasha’s past than she knows herself!

Join Sasha and her friends on this crazy roller-coaster ride as she outwits both the past and the present with the help of her friends, family and allies as they unlock a powerful secret that holds a key to Sasha’s mysterious past.

Can Sasha survive this game before time runs out or will her naiveté cost her the life of a certain medical specialist?

Authoress: And that’s the gist. I’ve own neither Naruto, Rosario+Vampire nor anything else that will be viewed here. However, I do owned a few characters. So I ask you my dear readers and soon-to-be readers to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

P.S., here are some pointers: “‘[...]’” is for thought, **/italic is for voice over, bold typing are for English Pronunciation.

Chapter 1: 1st Step into the World of Unlimited Light


**My earliest memory was only a dream... A dream of deep darkness and a voice calling out to me...


A voice cried out into the darkness as raindrops of light tinted with copper-blue drips down as it slowly caused ripples to form before raining down like a waterfall.

“...I’m so sorry...”

In it, the voice had whispered to me so softly as if it was apologizing to me for letting me experience something lonesome and scary...

Very soon, the voice was riddled with choked sobs as the tiny droplets of blue light descends in the cold darkness like rain until it changed into a maroon-red color.

“I’m truly sorry for what I am about to do... I won’t deny the fact that the road ahead of you is long and harsh but you mustn’t lose sight of yourself...”

Suddenly, the sound of cracking was heard as the cracks begins to form up like a spider’s web as tiny rays of light bleeds through the crevices like how a cloth is when it absorbs water.

“I’m sorry for making such a decision for you, but I can only pray that you don’t spend your life in hating me for leaving you.”

The voice said as the cracking soon became louder and louder with each passing second until it shatters into a thousand of pieces like glass shards as light washes evaporates the darkness until the scene itself was dyed in shades of indigo-blue/purple as it was illuminated by the light of the crescent moon.

My second memory was the prelude of my story...

*‘Yōkai Gakuen’, commonly known to all as ‘Yōkai Private Academy’, not much is known about this school except it possesses a very dark and dangerous secret: It is a school built for the sake of *Ayashi to attend...

The sole purpose of this establishment is to learn how coexist peacefully with Humanity since the world is now in the hands of Humans (which is the current main problem today). Everyone from the staff to the students are all Yōkai, hence the fact that there are no genuine Humans but if any unsuspecting Human were to enter on the school grounds, they will be KILLED on the spot.

~(Somewhere near the perimeter of the Yōkai Gakuen Girls’ Dormitory Building – 17 years later)~

Upon the northern side of the Girls’ Dormitory, lies a modest-sized duplex cottage located on the northern side near the pathway ranging from the dormitories to the campus as the sound of clicking was heard from the 2nd floor window.

“A little graphics here, a little writing there, proofreading and... PRESTO!”

Said the owner of the said cottage - It was a young girl with dark rondo-purple hair like the *‘Kyōto purple’ Lisianthus flower in the early summer as her side-swept fringe covers her eyes - As she continues to type on her laptop’s keyboard automatically while sitting on top of her futon crossed legged as she was typing up on her dark purplish laptop revealing a season-colored desktop that reads:

*Saika no Kisetsugi:

Topic of the Day:


The girl lets out a proud smile at her work before hearing her clock ringed out as she looks at the lower left corner of her laptop and saw the time before letting out a small gasp.

“Oh crap, it’s nearly 12... Almost time for the meeting. I’d better get a move on before the bus arrives.”

She said before she ties her dark rondo-purple shoulder-length hair into a ponytail with a long indigo-purple velvet ribbon - She wore a midnight-blue laced-up sleeveless hoodie underneath an royal purple shirt followed by a pair of black shorts, black-amethyst stockings and matching sneakers - She also sports an dark purple-colored fluorite crystal bullet pendulum necklace entwined with a pair of blue zircon dragons tied with *sōran-iro ribbon.

The girl gets up from her bed with it and grabs a messenger bag and hangs across her right shoulder while carrying her briefcase while double-checking her list.

“I’ll work on the column while I’m in the Human World. I mean, it’s not like Gin-nīsan will go BALLISTIC on me”

She said as she adjusted her glasses as she saves her work and closed the file and packs it away into her briefcase-like black/purple dufflebag while double-checking her list, such as clothes and necessities before realizing that there was something missing.

“Huh? Oh geez, to think I’ve nearly forgotten one last important item... ‘[Well, it’s not like I’m going to need it anyway...]’”

She said as she makes her way over to her nightstand and reaches for a *lépine savonnette-like mirror featuring an *hoshizukiyo-colored lining with a twilight-colored *shibori silk tassel tied at the metal ring and places it in her left pocket then she turns to the front door and opens it as the light switch off simultaneously.

“Well, with that done, it’s time to meet up with the others at the bus stop otherwise they’ll go on without me––?!”

She said as she locks the front door and made her way to the front gate before remembering that it was in need of repair due to an incident concerning the Headmaster’s pet *kaijū-nezumi rampaging and caused the gate’s bolts to jam together, making it difficult to open correctly.

“... ... ... ... Finally, after 17 long years of waiting...”

Stopping herself in her tracks, the girl remained silent and walked back a few steps until she reached the front stairs and quietly whispers before swiftly turning around and ran towards to the jammed gate before she channeled her *yōki into her legs as she effortlessly performed a backflip over the fence and landed safely onto the ground.

“I am finally able to enter the Human World... So fellow Ayashi, hear me now - Y’all better watch out ’cause *Sasha A.I Kanaka is coming to town!”

Sasha shouted as the wind ruffles her bangs out of the way as her eyes were revealed to be a beautiful shade of navy-blue as if it was like the midsummer evening as she brims with confidence and makes her way on the path and over to the bus stop.

~(Meanwhile somewhere on Yōkai Gakuen Rooftop – 12:16 pm)~

The wind blew through the dormitories surrounded by the haunted forest filled with tombstones and grave-markers as the campus entrance can be seen up ahead as it leads upwards to the rooftops encased by a series of black iron fence which surrounds the rooftops and behind reveals a young man wearing church attire that priests and monks had worn back in the ancient times.

“17 years, huh...? ‘[So the day has finally come... I wonder how she’ll handle herself...?]’”

The mysterious figure said as he thought curiously as the wind howling vividly as the hood’s hemline begins to waver like ripple in the calm water and takes it off entirely as his silvery-white hair flows along with the wind – He leans against the bars as his eyes looks pass the fence as he sees the said girl walking towards to bus stop.

“‘[However, knowing her antics...]’ *sigh* Looks like I have to prepare myself a couple of all-nighters––?!”

“Oya~ Now this is a sight! The ‘Strategist’, Tenmei Mikogami, is displaying a depressed look like a father giving his daughter away for marriage.”

After seeing how excited the young nōshishoku-haired high schoolgirl is as she walks along the path and recalling the past events that she was in, the figure –– Now known as Tenmei Mikogami –– sighed exasperatedly as he dejectedly prepares himself for a grand amount of paperwork before sensing an familiar presence coming from behind him as a small anger mark appeared on top of Tenmei’s forehead as he turns around to see a young tall *bishōnen with long unkempt black hair – He wore a black robe tied with a decorated sash around the waist followed by a white bell-sleeved robe.

“But then again, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happen...”

He said while leaning against the stone railing as he inhaled tobacco from his *kiseru and exhaled puff of smoke as he re-adjusted his dark circular glasses neatly to the bridge of his nose as Tenmei stayed silent for a moment until he broke the ice by smirking as he gives the young man his second opinion.

“Tōhō Fuhai, I prefer the term ‘Honored Student’ however you’re right about one thing; Kanaka-kun has excelled in everything ranging from literature, history and war strategy. So much in fact, that she can easily surpass her classmates if she desired; but I can’t shake this foreboding of mine.”

Tenmei said as Fuhai raised a brow when the wind howled even louder than before as he stretched out his arms as he walks over to his teammate and stared out in the distance.

“You know, I once read an article that distress can cause gray hair to grow––?!”

Tōhō Fuhai said jokingly as he raised his left hand to cover Tenmei’s mouth as he pulled out a rosary from his chest.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding~! Man, don’t you learn how to take a joke, Mikogami?”

“We’ve known each other for the past 200 years and not once has your jokes ever impressed me...”

Fuhai asked nervously as Tenmei frowned and replied bluntly much to the man’s chagrin as he retracts his hand as images flashed before his eyes from the time when the young nōshishoku-haired girl was brought at a young age as if it were only yesterday.

~(Flashback – Yōkai Gakuen Institution – Thursday Dec. 10th – 5 Years Ago)~

The dark gray clouds rumbled and moved slowly as the air grew remained ever moderate inside the secret world concealed by an gigantic barrier created by the Three Dark Lords as a means to protect future generations Ayashi from the prying eyes of Humans as the trees surrounding the campus were either stripped of their leaves and stood bared to the world as if their pride were on the line or retained their colors as silence which had lingered in the air was broken by the sound of someone drawing in the dirt was heard.

“So that’s the girl?”

Tenmei asks as he sees a young girl wearing a cobalt-blue/black pleated-checkered dress with a starlight-gray long-sleeved shirt underneath a dark blue/purple lined hooded cloak followed by pale brown-colored stockings and white tennis shoes hunched over as she continues to draw doodles in the ground without even noticing that she was being watched by the former himself from his office’s front window.

“Yes. she’s a resident of the hidden Yōkai village, *Shinrinmura.”

Said one of Tenmei’s subordinates as he looks over the child’s profile and informed his employer the rest of it including personal details whereas the listener himself was preoccupied by the appearance of a ball rolling towards the girl’s way and sees a few preschoolers walking up to the latter as they engaged the girl into a conversation.

“Oh, so she’s a member of the mysterious race, the *Ainokoyō, huh?”

“Yes, they’re considered as the subspecies of the *Hanyō and furthermore––?!”

“How very interesting...”

The man said but was interrupted by Tenmei as he silently predicts that the young girl’s upbringing will become much more interesting during the latter’s stay here in Yōkai Gakuen...

...A fact in that would later become reality 17 years later...

~(End of Flashback – With Tenmei and Tōhō Fuhai - Present time)~

“‘[Is what I said at the time but what I didn’t realize that the girl had exceeded all my expectations... If only she embraced her powers and past altogether]’.”

“Heh heh, I had a feeling you’ll say that... Fun fact about the *Sanjo is that they’re much more feistier than your average country bumpkin.”

Tenmei thought back how interesting of how she’ll grow over the years as he looks beyond the gates as the wind grew strong enough to rustle even the most stilled forests as it breaks their silence as Tōhō Fuhai reassures his young companion in a confident way.

~(Meanwhile somewhere along the path to the bus stop – With Sasha)~

By entering the clearing, Sasha walks slowly on the path as she remembers that she’s been living in the *Ayashi-yo since she was a newborn and for a brief time she lived in the forest outside of human reach prior to the age of 5.

“‘[To think that I’ll be able to walk out of here just like that.]’”

Sasha thought as she smiled when the wind spirals around a few times as she walks from a rocky corner to see a old tree with stretched-out branches like arms and a small scarecrow at its base as she sees a boy and a girl talking inaudibly as they high up in the tree and seated themselves on its branch.

“Yo! Hope I’m not interrupting things between you two lovebirds!”

Sasha said as she sees them both jolt slightly as they looked down down from the tree and blushed nervously as Sasha smirked deviously.

“K-Kanaka-san! How long were you––?!”

Asked Aono Tsukune as he jumps from the tree branch - A young tan-skinned boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes - He wore a white shirt with a black short sleeved polo-style coat followed by light beige jeans along with grayish white sneakers.

“Just got here but if you guys want some alone time together, then I completely understand––?!”

“N-no no, we weren’t doing anything like that Kanaka-san, honest!”

The next was Akashiya Moka who followed him in pursuit - A young girl with knee-length pink hair, green eyes and a rosario attached to a black choker - She wore a white sun-dress with a pale yellow cashmere sweater along with white knee socks and European-style black shoes - Said as she unknowingly hurts Tsukune’s feelings as he gapes in shock and sulks dejectedly much to Sasha’s amusement.

“‘[Oh, woe to the daily struggles of the average guy...]’ I was just kidding, Moka-chan and I told you to stop with the formalities, we’re practically the same age.”

Sasha thought deadpanned as she announced that she was only joking about how close the girl and the boy are before asking the latter to stop addressing the former in a formal way.

“Sorry about that. So, Sasha-chan, are you ready for the retreat this year?”

“Yep, I’ve been waiting for this chance my entire life!”

Moka said apologetically before asking Sasha if she was excited to enter the Human World in which caused the latter to answer ecstatically.

“Speaking of which, you never did told us the reason why you never entered the Human World for school field trips.”

“Yeah, what was all that about?”

Tsukune asked curiously before Sasha’s shoulders twitched at the mention of the topic in which Moka agreed before Sasha gulped nervously and thought of an excuse to throw them off.

“Ah well, let’s just say that I wanted to make an honest living here until graduation. ‘[Well initially speaking, I’ve thought about telling them about the true reason once we all graduate but apparently the Headmaster has something else in mind.]’”

Sasha said as she secretly thinks of wanting to tell the others her reason behind her reluctance of staying behind on events concerning the Human World before thinking about her meeting with the Headmaster prior to the now.

~(Flashback - In Tenmei Mikogami’s Office - 2 nights prior to the Summer Retreat)~

The clouds shrouded the campus with its shadowy darkness as a source of light was lit as it flickers slightly almost like it was dancing as the silence was broken by the sound of knocking at the end of the room.

**At first, I thought that my life here in Yōkai Gakuen would be no different than spending time in a detention center.

“Yes, what is it?”

Asked Tenmei as he looks out into the window with his back turned against the door as the muffled sound of a young woman was heard from the other side.

“Pardon my intrusion, Chairman but I’ve brought the girl.”

Tenmei asks for the woman to send in the recipient as it reveals to be a casually-dressed Sasha as she walked into the room softly as Tenmei smiled and gestures over to the chair positioned in front of his desk as the girl bowed and seated quietly.

“You wanted to see me sir?”

“Yes, there’s something I want to discuss with you. Are you still aware of what had happen during your 3rd year in Junior High?”

Tenmei then talked about her Junior High years much to the latter’s displeasure while the latter herself thought about it before answering the former reluctantly.

Due to a certain incident, I was prohibited from leaving the school grounds until graduation and that’s something that I had to accept...

“Yes... ’[Not a day goes by when I don’t remember it]′ But what does that have to do with me––?!”

“I’ll cut to the chase: it’s my deepest pleasure that you now have the opportunity to go with your club for their summer retreat.”

“... ... ... Eh?”

Tenmei said bluntly as the girl went silent for a brief time before gaping in shock as she lets out a loud gasp so much in fact that it had caused her to cough uncontrollably as Tenmei remained calm.

...Or at least, that’s what I thought originally.

“*Koff-koff* A-A-Are you serious, Headmaster Mikogami?! But what about the–– But the condition was––?!”

“‘Unless a part of you is on his person at all times, you are not to step outside the barrier’s boundaries’, right? Well, it just so happens that the condition only applies IF *Kagenashi-kun is out of your reach.”

“’Out of my reach––?! But wait, that means that I––?!”

“Sasha Aiki-Ichiya Kanaka, the time for you to enter the Human World is now...”

Tenmei said as he recites the said ‘condition’ again to the young baffled Sasha as her mind begins to process the meaning of the loophole as her eyes widened at the realization while Tenmei smiled politely and declared the outcome.

For the first time in my life, I absolutely think–– No, I truly felt the world had suddenly began to brighten up.

~(End of Flashback - Present time)~

Sasha thought silently as she, Tsukune and Moka began to hear a couple of voices coming from the corner of the pathway and saw four girls and one boy coming towards them as one of them called out.

“Ara~ *Ohayo-gozaimasu, Tsukune!”

The first to greet was Kurono Kurumu - A young girl with light ocean-blue hair tied back with a headband and deep purple eyes with thick eyelashes - She wore a short-sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie followed by a pale yellow-colored vest and a light brown-checked skirt along with white leg warmers and plain black dress shoes - She runs up to Tsukune and hugs him as he suffers suffocation by her large breasts as Moka twitches in anger as she tries to pry the flirtatious girl off of Tsukune.

“Moka-san, Tsukune-san––?! Sasha-san, are you also coming with us to the Human World too, -desu?!”

“You bet! I can’t wait to meet Otonashi-nēsan again after this whole time!”

The second girl to greet is Sendō Yukari – A young girl with short brownish-black hair and purple eyes - She wore a pink top with a matching corset along with green checkered-pleated skirt accented with bright pale yellow over-the-knee socks and brown shoes followed by a black witch hat drooping down - But was sidetracked by Sasha’s appearance as she smiled excitedly and asked the former if she’s going to participate their club’s retreat to which the latter replied enthusiastically.

“Oya, oya, Kanaka-san; you’re here too?”

“Ah well, Someone has to keep on eye on you guys from going all-out, especially after the *PSC incident, the Field trip Incident and the *Ririsu Affair. ...What? Did you guys honestly think that I’m so busy with my freelance services that I have no time for a little R&R?”


The third girl to greet was Shirayuki Mizore – A young girl with short light purple hair and blue eyes - She wore a black singlet underneath a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves and a yellow pendant followed by light brown pleated-checkered skirt along with long dark and light purple striped stockings with white sneakers and a belt tied to her left leg - She asked Sasha while the latter remarked of how they caused three disturbances within 2 years’ time and how they assumed the latter’s schedule was so booked that she was unable to have a day off.

“Well who wouldn’t be, considering the fact that you go on errands once a week and participate in other club activities, I’m surprised that you haven’t peeled over and died of exhaustion yet.”

The fourth to greet was Moka’s younger sister, Shuzen Kokoa - A young girl with green eyes and red-orange hair tied into two bushy ponytails with red bows - She wore a white shirt with a red sailortop with the buttons and tie split in two followed by a short yellow-green skirt and long auburn stockings with a white stripe at the top along with brown heels with bows and a little bracelet on her left arm – She said as she remembers of seeing Sasha going back and forth between her assignments and her club activities over the past weeks much to the latter’s annoyance.

“Uh, Kokoa-chan; I believe you got it all wrong... You’re suppose to say ‘Well, considering how much of a hard-worker she is, Kanaka-sempai is the coolest~~!’.”

“Now why would I do that? It’s obviously a lie.”

Sasha enunciated through gritted teeth only to have Kokoa shrugged it off and retorted with sarcasm as Sasha’s brow twitched in annoyance and growled softly to her underclassman.

“Kokoa, temē...”

“And what’re you going to do about it, you *Shōnenrashī––?!”

“Who’re you calling an hot-blooded tomboy that can’t score herself a date because she’s deemed as one of the guys due to her boyish looks, you jerk!?”

“Nobody said that, you selective-hearing idiot!”

Kokoa retorted by uttering a forbidden word in which Sasha shouts out in response to the words that Kokoa had said before the latter herself twitched in annoyance and retaliated much to everyone’s dismay.

“You would think that after a few months of bickering constantly would’ve give them a pair of ulcers...”

Mizore asked bluntly as she and the others watched the verbal fight between Sasha and Kokoa before they were stopped by Huáng Fāng-Fāng – A young Bishōnen with black hair tied in a long braid and pink eyes - He wore a form-fitting sleeveless navy-blue/black *tángzhuāng followed by blue jeans and matching tennis shoes - And breaks up the fight between the two girls before it turns into an all-out brawl.

“Now now, Kokoa-chan, Sasha-san. Let’s just calm down now...”

“Yeah, Huáng’s right... This is suppose to be a momentous occasion so let’s all just agree to disagree and enjoy the summer, OK?”

He inquired nervously as Sasha and Kokoa continued to glared daggers at each other before Yukari steps in and calms the two down as the sound of an bus engine roaring from the direction of the tunnel as it comes to a full-stop and opens its doors.

“Hello everyone, nya~!”

“Ah, Nekonome-Sensei, Tōjō-san, Ohayo!”

Suddenly, two young women deboards the bus and greets the group - The first to greet was their homeroom teacher - Nekonome Shizuka - A young woman with sandy-blond hair with slant-closed blue eyes and semi-dark red teardrop-shaped glasses - She wore a blackish-red shirt underneath a white blouse and a brown skirt with low-heeled white sandals.

“Are~ Minna-san, Kanaka-kun, *Hisashiburi!”

The second to greet was Tōjō Rubi - A young girl with long dark black hair with two locks tied into ponytails on either side and reddish-pink eyes - She wore a carnation-pink corset with long brown frilled-skirt and black high-heeled shoes - As she step off the bus, she handed Nekonome-sensei with a clipboard and started to load the luggage onto the bus with the help of the others.

~(Minutes Later - On the school bus - With Sasha)~

As everyone finished boarding the bus, Sasha soon became the last one to board as she paused a little and lingered in the doorway as she turns around to see the school in the distance as the sound of roaring waves crashing onto the cliff-side and trees rustling in the background as Sasha looks up to see the clouds shrouding the landscape momentarily before sensing white-hot searing pain from her right eye as it threatens to draw blood from her socket as the girl to grasp it in revelation.

“‘[Ah~! Ow, shit... M-my eye... It’s hurting something fierce...]’ O-Ouch...”

“Something wrong, Kanaka-kun? You looked as though you’ve seen a ghost or something..”

Sasha thought as she cringes slightly before a voice ranged out from behind her as it snaps her out of it and looks away from the corner and over to the bus driver as his cap conceals his eyes – He wore a dark blue suit with a white dress shirt followed by a black tie along with white gloves and black shoes.

“Nurari? Ah–– No, It was nothing, just got some dirt in my eye, that’s all.”

Fearing that he witness the whole ordeal, Sasha immediately sat up and wipes away any sort of discomfort as she replies breathlessly while the pain was fading away and made her way to the window seat as Nurari shrugs it off while reaching for the lever to close the doors and restarted on the engine as the bus slowly made its way over to the tunnel.

“‘[Come to think of it, I haven’t felt something like that in a long time... Not since that day...]’”

While feeling relief from the pain, Sasha thought about the pain suspiciously as she remembers that an similar event had happened to her but was force to set it aside as she was pulled away from her train of thought to see three of her fellow female classmates arguing as the bus enters the 4th Dimensional Tunnel connecting to the Human World.

“‘[Just what is going on?]’”

Sasha thought worryingly as the bus picks up in speed as Kurumu and the others are fighting amongst themselves about who gets to seat next to Tsukune while Nurari secretly looks over his shoulder and thought about what his good friend had proposed a few months prior to the now.

**[Upon the final week of June, I think it’s about time for Kanaka-kun to stop being ‘shackled’ by the shadows and start living in the ‘light’...]

“‘[Mikogami... Are you really sure about this? Are you that confident that the seal will hold during the girl’s stay in the Human world...?]’”

Nurari thought reluctantly as the bus was filled with laughter of youthful bliss, pure intentions and hilarious gags as the 1st step of Sasha’s Adventure to the Human World has begun.

~(Meanwhile at an unknown cabin located somewhere outside the Great Barrier)~

Around the same time, the air grows by the hour as the landscape was blanketed by a large cloud as the sound of pacing was heard from the deserted cabin.

“‘And so the caged bird has been freed from the cage and set its sight to soar the skies...’ But what awaits her is not the joy of freedom but rather, DESPAIR.”

Said an unknown figure as he paces back and forth inside the cabin before turning his attention over to his cloaked assistant who was kneeling down in respect before giving the latter an order.

“*Ascella, you know what to do...”

“Sir, I swear this on my life, I will not fail you...”

“Have Renge at the ready and make sure the interactions are kept at a minimum, we do not want uninvited guests to stop us now...”


He said as she replies curtly before she disappears into thin air as the man was left alone for a minutes until he spots a cup filled with darts located on the table and picks up one of them while taking a few steps back from the wall.

“Very well then... Let the Hunt begin.”

He said as he twirls a black dart in his hand until he threw it across the room until it landed a few inches from a photo depicting Sasha A.I Kanaka donning the high school uniform before it was slightly dyed red from the wall as the man smirked sinisterly and broke out in laughter, aware of the fact that someone was listening in on his conversation from the outside as a tiny puddle of blood forms up on the ground before it reveals that there was no one from behind the wall.

~(Moments later – In some unknown forest near the outskirts of a suburban town in Kyoto)~

Rushing through the forest near the outskirts of an town located somewhere in the old capital city of Kyoto, a cloaked figure panted breathlessly as he jumps throughout the trees while gripping his left shoulder in pain as a trail of blood trails behind him as it stains the ground like a paintbrush flicking a handful of paint onto a canvas.

"*pant, pant*"

With each passing breath, the figure soon slowed a bit and rested against the trunk for a minute before sensing that the man from earlier had sent out his minions after him while the sky darken with passing clouds as it shadows the landscape briefly.

“Ah, shit!”

The individual cursed slightly as he soon found himself surrounded by them as they launched an all-out assault against the latter as the tree was caught in an explosion as bark, splinters and a balk of clothing came falling out from the trees and landed onto the floor as the attackers lands away from it and waited until the smoke cleared.

*Ba-thump, Ba-thump, Ba-thump...*

The sound of an heartbeat was heard as the smoke clears only to find out that their target had survived the attack and disguised a log with his cloak.

“What the––?! *Kawarimi no Jutsu?!”

Asked the leader as she senses an strong amount of *yōki as a flash of black and purple appears behind and strikes at the nape as she collapses to the ground while the sound of punching was heard when it revealed the her team-mates were taken out by the same person.

“It’s gonna take a lot more than a couple of lackeys to take me down.”

It was a tall young man with dark rondo-purple shoulder-length hair tied into a half-ponytail and dark sunglasses covering his eyes – He wore long-sleeved kimono-style black shirt with matching form-fitting pants followed by shin-length low-heeled ebony-black boots.

“Tch, talk about being short-staffed but more importantly... ’[The ‘Strategist’ had already granted the girl permission to enter the Human World. If she were to encounter them...]′ Then I fear for the worse... But regardless of what happens, I won’t let that bastard’s plan come to pass, I swear it.”

The boy said as he thought about what will happen should Sasha Kanaka and the mysterious figure were to meet as he takes off his sunglasses and looks up to the sky as the clouds moved again as the sun brightens up the forest clearing before sending a message for reinforcements before remarking one detail.

So how is it? Hope you all like it! All in all, I hope to learn loads from your reviews and suggestions. But before I forget, here are some points and will appear in the next upcoming chapters and upon a much later note, I will be uploading an Bonus chapter featuring the OC’s attacks, explanations and much more so until then, Mata nē!

But for now, I have made some facts for the chapters:

- Sasha A.I. Kanaka (サ者 A・I 加中 ‘Sasha A.I Kanaka’) is my OC (original character).

- ‘Saika no Kisetsugi’ (サイカの季節記) means ‘Saika’s Season Chronicles’ in Japanese and is the main protagonist’s pen-name.

- ‘Ayashi’ is plural for ‘Yōkai’.

- ‘Ayashi-yo’ means ‘Ayashi World’ in Japanese.

- ‘Yōki’ is a Yōkai’s life energy and can be used for offensive, defensive and observation purposes.

- ‘Shinrinmura’ means ‘Woodland Village’.

- ‘Ainokoyō’ means ‘Crossbreed Monster’ in Japanese.

- ‘Hanyō’ translates as ‘Half-demon’.

- ‘Sanjo’ literally means a ‘Mountain Girl’.

- ‘Bishōnen’ roughly translates as a ‘Handsome Youth’ or simply put, a ‘Pretty Boy’.

- ‘Sōran’ means ‘pale blue color’ in Japanese.

- Kiseru is a Japanese smoking pipe that the Geisha and Daimyō used during the ancient times.

- ‘Hisashiburi’ means ‘Long time no see’ and is a way to greet someone after a long period of time.

- Tángzhuāng is a type of Chinese jackets that originated at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) and is now a common shirt to wear by men and occasionally worn by women.

- ‘Kawarimi no Jutsu’ is a ninjutsu technique known to all as the ‘Art of Substitution’ as a means of replacing their own body with inanimate objects, such as wood, and creates an optical illusion to cause the users to either attack the enemy or flee from the battlefield.

And one last thing: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR ROSARIO+VAMPIRE OR ANYTHING except for the names that have the symbol (*) are the OC(s) that I’ve created on the fly and the ones with the symbol (**) are the OC(s) that my pals from D.A and I have created!

Until that time, See you all then!

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