Chapter 2

Columbus, a Glee fiction

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In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He ended up finding Cuba. Today we celebrate Columbus day, or what Blaine likes to call "the day some foreign guy took over the home of the indians." He has plans to go shopping with Kurt this morning. It's probably one of the only things he does to celebrate his temporary freedom from school.

He turns off the tv special that is on. He decides that he'll celebrate the firsts of America. Then again, he doesn't want to celebrate the first idiot to coin the word gay or the first person to shove a kid into his locker. Maybe it's better just to celebrate his own victories. And a failure or two, because it made him who he is.

First Disney movie. His mother grew up on Disney movies and had started a collection of all her old favorites. They lined the shelf in chronological order. They were taped off the tv, so the picture was a little shotty and commercials for Burger King and new cars played throughout. He had been home sick with a cold. His nose was chapped and he begged his father to let him watch a Disney movie. His father found the manliest sounding one he could. The Fox and the Hound. He felt his eyes water toward the end. He blamed it on the cold.

First stuffed toy. When Blaine was a baby his mother went to the zoo. At a sudden burst of rain she took him into the giftshop. He kept reaching for a stuffed penguin on the shelf. It had a big dopey grin that screamed "take me home!" Mrs. Anderson named him Mr. Penguin (he was a baby after all) and tucked him into bed that night. Now he is a teenager. met his other favorite penguin Kurt. He thought it was an insult to be as sexy as a baby penguin. Blaine found it downright attractive.

First Katy Perry song. He walked into his room after the Sadie Hawkins incident. He had tried to pretend life was normal, that he hadn't spent the last several hours being checked out in the hospital. Turning on the radio Katy Perry's voice came through the speakers.

I kissed a girl and I liked it...

In the future he would get his first kiss with a girl named Rachel Berry, and he would not like it. He still hadn't kissed anyone, but the song gave power to the homosexuals. If Katy Perry could kiss a girl then he could kiss a boy. And when he did he played Teenage Dream on repeat. It was their song. It still is, because nobody expresses his feelings better than her.

First shared ice cream cone. It was unnaturally hot out. So Kurt agreed to split a bowl of ice cream. Unfortunately, or not, depending on how you look at it, only cones were left. They thought ahead to use spoons. While Blaine enjoys the idea of sharing without a spoon, the public just isn't ready for that. Two heterosexual teenagers can swap spit all they want, but god forbid to boys tongues touch the same spot on an ice cream cone. It's not like he was licking Kurt's tongue. Even he has to admit that should not be done in public. (In private however is another topic he refuses to discuss at this time if he wants to be presentable when he leaves for Kurt in an hour.)

First dance with a more than a friend. Kurt had been humiliated in front of his entire class and he still had the nerve to take his prom royalty dance. He was rejected by the king. Blaine conjured up all the courage he could muster and asked Kurt to dance. All eyes were on him as he took his boyfriend's hand and treated him like the queen he was.

First day at McKinley. He approached Kurt's locker in his bowtie and hot red pants. He received his first bonecrushing hug. He then gave his first New Directions performance. It reminded him of the first performance he gave on those stairs. He had a team of Warblers behind him. Now he had Cheerios. And he caused a piano to catch on fire. Kurt later explained the cheerleaders had doused it to make it light up per Sue's request. That was after joking that he was so hot the piano burst into flames.

First dirty dream. Kurt had gotten stuck trying on a pair of skinny jeans in the dressing room when they went shopping this summer. He assisted him in getting them off, to which Kurt rewarded him with a small kiss. He also got to catch a glimpse at what he had been wearing under said pants shortly before getting kicked out of the cubicle so Kurt could have enough room to try on a teeshirt without elbowing his boyfriend in the eye. His mind filled in the rest of the blanks for him. He awoke to wet sheets, not the first time considering he had to be potty trained once upon a time. It was his first midnight load of laundry.

First sign of hope for the future. When he met Kurt, he was fascinated. He was a delightful elfin creature that caused a rumbling in his stomach that can only be referred to as parade of the butterflies. He found himself drawn to Kurt. Mentor became friend and friend became boyfriend. But even before they started to date there was one little girl who knew better.

They were coming out of the Lima Bean when a six year old came running past, chasing after a dog. Blaine had caught a hold of the leash and gave it to her.

"Thanks mister." Kurt smiled down to his friend who was checking to make sure the labrador wouldn't escape again. He stood when he was certain the leash was wound tight enough around her mittened hand.

Blaine had parked on the other side of the road. It was icy out, being midwinter, so he insisted they hold hands while crossing to keep upright. Kurt laced his fingers through Blaine's. The girl's mom arrived, out of breath from running in three inch boots. She then scowled pointedly at their hands. She plastered on a fake grin to thank them. The girl stood on her toes to whisper into Blaine's ear.

"Sorry about my mommy. She doesn't understand that guys can love guys too." She glanced to Kurt. "Your boyfriend is pretty cute."

Blaine, not wanting to burst the small angel's bubble chuckled. "I know. How lucky am I?" Her mother towed her away. Kurt eyed him curiously, but got no explanation. Some things were better left a mystery.

Blaine felt a smile forming on his face. Sometimes in the most unexpected places you'll find a glimmer of hope. It was that minute he realized something.

Kurt was that glimmer.

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