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H20/Mako Mermaids Descendants


The teen mermaids, humans, and Cleo, Emma, Bella, and Rikki have all gotten done with school. They are now grown up, married, and have kids who are now teens. The Mako Mermaid Pod now allows mermaids and mermen to marry each other. The mermaids are also allowed to marry humans as long as they visit. The children of the mermaids and humans go to school, and fall in love. Erik has changed his ways and is married to Ondina.

Fantasy / Other
Hayli Hill
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Author’s Note

I am making Charlotte’s children part merperson as there is a theory, I read on Wordpress, that Charlotte was a real mermaid. Louise Chatham has psychic powers as we see in the series. Louise just knew about Cleo, Emma, and Rikki being mermaids without them showing her. Charlotte develops her powers quicker than the other three girls. Her mother owns a seafood restaurant. I know Charlotte does have a fear of dolphins but, everyone has a fear of something. Maybe some mermaids have a fear of giant whales. Plus Charlotte can get over her fear of dolphins. It was wrong for her to hurt the poor dolphin at the water park.
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