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The Beginning of five friends


Power Rangers AU: What happenes when fives seemingly ordanary teenagers get something that was beyond their wildest dreams who is Mia a friend or a foe who knows well maybe one person Zordon, What really happens in one relationship, and what really happens to Kayleigh is she friend or foe. or is it someone that the Rangers never expected at all, is Star what she seems?

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Chapter 1

One day on the moon there was a gold dumpster, and two Astronaughts had landed and where wondering around, and had spotted a red dot in the distance, so they walked over to see what it was, and one of them put their hand over the red dot on the top, and the dumpster opened, and four funny looking things appeared out of the dumpster and the Astronaughts where very scared that’s when Vinster said

“After ten thousand years I am finally free”

Which scared the Astronaughts even more then Baboo walked over to the dumpster and said

“Rita, Rita we are free”

And Rita said

“Ahh after ten thousand years I am finally free”

Then Baboo helped her out of the dumpster and Rita said

“You made me stand in a puddle”

And then she turned to the Astronaughts and said

“Don’t leave yet the party has just began and the first place I am going to destroy is planet Earth and the first city I am going to attack is Angel Grove.”

That very same day five teenagers where doing their own thing, Jason and Zack where training for a karate contest, Mia was studying for a science test, Kimberly was practicing her Gymnastics, for a competition, while Jason, Zack, Mia and Kimberly where doing their own thing Billy walks in ready for his first karate lesson, just after Billy entered the juice bar Bulk and Skull walked in and Bulk Said to Kimberly and Mia

“How about that double date we talked about”

Then Mia said

“Sorry can’t”

As Skull walks away Bulk pulls him back while shaking his head he then says to the girls

“What’s up girls we not good enough for you.”

Just after Bulk and Skull had been beaten by Kimberly the five friends where sat at the juice bar waiting for Ernie to bring their drinks over but just as he was about to hand them their drinks Rita created an earthquake just to let Zordon and Alpha know shes back so Zordon says to Alpha

“Calm down Alpha it’s Rita she’s escaped I need you to recruit five teenagers with attitude”

Alpha Replies

“Ey, ey, ey I was afraid you where going to say that”

As Alpha teleports Jason, Zack, Billy, Mia and Kimberly to the Command Centre and gave the five of them Power Morphers and said

“Jason you are the Tyannosaurus Dinozord,

Zack you are the Mastodon Dinozord,

Kimberly you Pterodactyl Dinozord,

Billy you are the Triceratops Dinozord, and

Mia you are the Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord”

As they Morphed Zordon transported them to Angel Groves Town Centre where Goldar is destroying the city before before the Rangers called their Zords they tried to take him on them selves but just as they where about to attack Rita made him grow so they called their Zords and formed the Megazord but as they where fighting they found out that Goldar was getting to many hits on them so the Rangers called the Sword of Power but as Goldar seen the shine on the tip of the sword and with that he disappeared and the Rangers where Teleported back to the Command Centre and congratulated on their victory over Rita and they also also decided to take on the role of being super hero’s known as the Power Rangers always there to Protect the world from Rita’s evil monsters and her evil spells.

After that Zordon said

“There are more evil monsters to come, so do what you do best and save the world, so for now go back to your normal lives until I call you again but don’t use your powers unless you know you can not win the battle”

And the Power Rangers said

“Thank you Zordon and Alpha for choosing us to protect the world and we won’t fail you”

And zordon said

“It’s my pleasure to you all”

and after that he sent them back to Angel Grove to get along with their normal day.

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