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Only us ~Javier x Original Character~ TWDG fanfic


This story follows a girl named Delilah, one of emotionlessness, and need to find a place to settle down, for good. Though with a teenager on her hip, and an unsettling guilt burrowed deep away, that’s a bit hard for her to find. Even though, when she meets a young man with 2 children and a potential love interest, will she be able to feel again? Will she be able to learn how to love again? Please do read to find out

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


Third person

Delilah roamed the deserted, empty streets of what she once used to call home. Eyes wondering from side to side, up and down. She was never sure. She could never be sure with a restless teenager attached to her hip that seemed to not like the strict rules that had been set upon her. “Delilah! I’m not a fan of this!” Avery growled, straying close behind her older sister. “No one cares, Avery.” Clementine bit irritably, rolling her eyes. As the teenagers continued to go back and forth with one another, Delilah soon grew tired of it. “I need both of you to be quiet, so I can think.” Delilah finally said. “I can’t even hear my own thoughts over you two.” She said.

The rest of the walk was quite, and Delilah didn’t mind the stillness one bit. It was until a loud roaring engine could be heard. “Hey! Do you guys hear that?” Clementine said. “No, I don’t Clem, please explain to me what that roaring engine is.” It was now Avery’s time to be annoyed, her tone laced with Sarcasm. “Both of you, shut up.” Delilah said, all monotone. She walked towards a lean tree and took out a saw from her backpack, and began to cut until the tree was hanging on by a single thread. “What are you doing?” Avery asked. “She’s going to stop the truck.” Clementine murmured. As the truck came driving by, Delilah took a misstep and accidentally cut the tree a little too late. The driver swerved, causing the truck to crash. “Fuck…” Delilah muttered, until a man caught her eye. He grabbed the gun and ordered the man who was driving the truck, who was now running. Delilah put her saw back and grabbed her machine gun, took out a pistol, and a knife. Then handed the knife to Avery since she was good with knifes, and the gun to Clementine. Delilah moved steadily towards Javier, who put his gun down in defeat once he realized he couldn’t shoot his captor. Delilah scoffed and just before his captor could run away, Delilah took aim, and shot him in the head. Before Javier could say anything or let alone raise a finger, Avery had a knife to Javier’s throat and Clementine had a gun to his head. Delilah groaned as she saw the trashed car, and Javier stared at her with awe. “The truck.. it was you?” Javier asked cluelessly. “I was trying to just stop the truck.” Delilah said, complaining. She reached in and looked at it, grabbed what bullets she could find, and the spare gums she found. She put everything in her backpack, then walked up to Javier. Delilah’s tight coiled curls fell down just below her waist and her dark chocolate skin glimmered in the moonlight. A blush coated Javier’s face, and Delilah took notice. She causally rolled her eyes, and began to pat Javier down. “Anything gonna poke me?” She asked, in all seriousness. Staring bullets into his soul. “Why am I getting robbed? I’m the victim here!” He shouted in annoyance. Delilah rolled her eyes. “Aren’t we all?” She countered. “Don’t try anything funny, Avery will slice your throat and Clementine will shoot you in the head before you can say ‘I’.” She threatened with a deathly glare. He nodded. “Now close your eyes, and count to a hundred before you leave.” Delilah ordered. And just as they were about to leave, Javier shouted, “WAIT! My family! I need to get back to them! We were driving and came across a junkyard, and we decided to stay there, but we got attacked!” Javier yelled. Delilah chewed on it for a moment, before asking, “you said you were driving?”
“Yes, in our van!”
“I know where that is..”
“I’ll take you to the junkyard, if you let me have your van.”
Delilah smiled, walking back to him, taking out her knife and Javier winced. Delilah chuckled as she cut his binds, and before he could offer her his thanks, Delilah went up against his ear, and whispered, “don’t make me regret this, Baseball boy.” She said in a honey sickening, sweet, sultry tone. She backed away from his face and offered him a sour sweet smile as Javier’s face coasted itself with a pink hue.

“What’s your name, pretty boy?” Delilah asked Javier, hands hanging loosely at her sides while they walked. “Javier, Javier Garcia.” He spoke. Delilah let out a laugh. “No shit, so my gut was right. You are that gambling dude.” Delilah said with a laugh. Javier’s face coated in an embarrassed red, before he spoke up. “They just wanted to make an example, and I was the poor bastard they decided to use it on.” Javier said in an poor attempt to defend himself. Delilah chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Alright hot shot.”

As they all got closer to Prescott, Delilah could see the gate starting to close. “HEY NO WAIT! TRIPP!” Delilah yelled as she started to run, dodging walkers left and right. She wasn’t aware that she was running as fast as she was, causing her to leave her fellow companions behind her for the time being. She started to bang on the gate once it closed. “TRIPP! ITS DELILAH! OPEN UP!” She yelled in a panic. “No! It’s too risky! Not until you clear them out!” Tripp yelled back. Delilah groaned as she grabbed her knife as she started to stab Walkers left and right. Soon she was surrounded, and one grabbed her wrist. “SHIT!” She yelled, and before it could sink its teeth onto her wrist, a gun shot rang out. Javier had shot the walker for her. “Hey thanks Number 25!” Delilah shouted in gratitude and a playful tone. Javier rolled his eyes as they all started to clear out the walkers. Once Tripp framed it was safe, he allowed the gates to open, and as they were walking in, she heard a horses loud feet trampling the soil. Delilah put a hand on Javier’s chest, which seemed to fluster him as she pushed him out of the way so he wouldn’t get trampled by the horse and it’s rider, aka Francine. “I swear Francine, once of these days that gate is gonna shut and your ass will the on the other side!” Tripp scolded. “Yeah, and when that day comes Tripp, I promise, I’ll eat you first.” Franny said with a smile. Delilah chuckled as she looked at Clementine and Avery. “No bites?” She asked them. “No bites.” They both responded simultaneously. She nodded her head as Tripp decided to butt his head in the conversation. “I damn sure hope not.” He said and Delilah rolled her eyes in spite. Tripp looked to Javier, and scowled. “I’m a pretty cool dude Javi, just follow the rules and be cool. That is if you want to hang onto all of your teeth.” Before Javier could answer politely, Delilah cut him off before he could offer a nice answer. “Oh cut the shit Tripp. If you touch any one of us, I will hurt you.” The girl threatened, pointing a finger at Tripp. Tripp scoffed, And Javier took Delilah’s small finger in his hand and put it down. Delilah’s face coated in a blush, and she looked away, embarrassed. “I’m sorry, we’ll be going now.” Avery offered as they all began to walk away. Avery soon ran off as she saw one of her friends, and Clementine said that she needed to see Eli about some bullets. Delilah nodded in understanding, and now it was just her and Javier. “Here, let’s go to the hanger! I think you’ll like it.” Delilah offered with a smile as she grabbed his hand and began to string him along to the hanger. Once they were in and Javier found a seat for both of them, Delilah grabbed a bottle of red wine for herself, and turpentine for Javier. She walked back to where Javier had chosen to sit the two of them. She gave Javier the bottle of turpentine and a shot glass, as she poured herself some wine in a wine glass. “You all classy and shit?” Javier joked. Delilah couldn’t help but smile. “Damn right, even in the apocalypse a bitch has to have some sort of classiness.” Delilah said with a smile. As they joked and talked, it was all fun for them until they heard a frustrated yell. “Oh shit, we should probably go see what’s happening.” Delilah muttered to mostly herself but also Javier as they hopped out of their seat and ran to the back of the hanger. Eli and Clementine were arguing, and even though Delilah had a pretty good idea of why, she still wanted to be sure before making any sort of accusations. “Okay what in the absolute fuck is going on right now?” Delilah asked as she stared at the two. “I gave him a perfectly good box of batteries! And he gave me bullets that won’t fire! This guy ripped me off!” Clementine shouted in frustration. Delilah sent a glare Eli’s way, and he could only roll his eyes before they drifted to Javier. “What are you? They’re fuckin body guard or something?” Eli asked rudely. “Damn right, so you better find a way to fix this, and fast.” Javier threatened with a deathly glare. “Oh if looks could kill~” Delilah said in a sing-song tone. Javier let out a quiet laugh. “Look, what’s done is done, there ain’t no fixin it.” Eli said. Clementine pulled out her gun, and fired it. Only for nothing to come out of it, a loud click with every fire of the gun. “Look at him! He’s not even nervous..” Clementine yelled in annoyance. “Oh fuck this.” Eli murmured and pulled out his knife, slicing the side of Javier’s face before Javier slammed Eli back down into his seat and punched the shit out of him. Delilah chuckled to herself, but looked at Javier’s new wound. “Hey, hey, let’s all calm down right? I was getting a little crazy, but so were you guys! We all got a little crazy.” Eli started to ramble. “Bullshit!” Delilah yelled in irritation. “Alright, Alright, fine! I’ll give you back another box of batteries!” Eli yelled. “I don’t need batteries, what I need are bullets that won’t get me killed-” before Clementine could end her sentence, the gun went off, fired, and shot Eli in the head. Delilah let out a gasp, and stared at Clementine in surprise. “Shit! Javi, say that he attacked you, and was going for his gun!” Clementine whisper yelled as Tripp walked into the back of the hanger. “There’s a fuckin heard out there and your in here firing off a fucking gun!-” Tripp yelled, until he cut himself off and stared at Eli’s lifeless body. “What In the absolute fuck!?” Tripp yelled. “Eli attacked Javi! I only shot because!-” Clementine began to explain, but was cut off. “That’s enough from you, what happened Javi?” Tripp said, looking to Javi and asking him. “Do you think she’s lying man? Look at my cheek. That’s proof enough.” Javier said, backing Clementine and Delilah up. Delilah let out a breath that she didn’t know she was holding In, and looked to Javier in gratitude. Tripp let out a sigh. “Im all throwing you in the pins till I figure out what to do with you.” Protests rang around the room, mostly from Delilah. “Oh bull fucking shit! You have me all the way fucked up with your white boy bullshit, hell no!” Delilah shouted, and giggles could be heard around the room only to be stifled a minute later. “This is not negotiable, Delilah!” Tripp yelled, and soon they came to terms and got escorted out of the hanger. “Y’all got some nerve coming up in here and fuckin up my bar..” Conrad murmured. Delilah put up her finger, flipping Conrad off. “Fuck you too Conrad.” Delilah said with a smirk. Javier could only stifle his laughter.

As they got out in the pin, Delilah chuckled. “Fucking amateurs. Put us in a pin but leave me with my very resourceful backpack, how smart Tripp.” Delilah said mostly to herself once again, but also to Javier, sort of. Javier chuckled, but winced once he stretched his face muscles. The blood had began to trickle down his face, and just as Javier was about to wipe it with his dirty hands, Delilah stopped him. “Stop it! Let me clean it! I think it have some gauze and rubbing alcohol in my backpack.” Delilah said, swatting Javier’s hand away from his face as she grabbed her backpack, pulling out what she needed. “Lean back, and scoot back on the bed.” Delilah instructed. As he did so, She climbed onto his lap. Javier shot her a look, but Delilah rolled her eyes. “It’s easier to get at your sound like this.” She said, offering an explanation. Javier nodded and she began to clean his wound. Javier winced, and Delilah held him still with her legs. Javier blushed, and stared down only to be accompanied with a pair of plush tits in his face as Delilah hovered over his lap instead of sitting down since she was concentrated and cleaning his wound. Javier blushed, and tried his best not to look but ended up failing miserably in the end. Delilah noticed, but waited till she was done cleaning his face until she would say anything. As she finished cleaning his face, and put a bandaid on it, Javier looked up at her face only to see her staring back down at his face. “Are you um, you know, going to get off?” He asked, feeling like a teenage boy at the tent growing in his pants as she continued to stay in that position. “I don’t know, you seem to be enjoying yourself down there~” she teased with a smile. Javier blushed a shade of dark red, and started to ramble. Delilah lowered herself, and instead of sitting on his upper thighs, she placed herself right on Javier’s growing erection. Javier attempted to pull back a groan, but failed. Delilah chuckled and began grinding herself against him, and Javier grunted in response, finding the curves of her hips and moving her as he pleased. Javier found Delilah’s lips and kissed her roughly, needy. Just as Javier and Delilah were enjoying themselves, they heard footsteps. Delilah quickly got off of Javier and sat next to him, and saw Eleanor and Tripp looking at them with knowing smirks and hooded eyes. “Are we interrupting something?” Eleanor asked, and Tripp laughed deeply. “Should we come back? Seeing as we caught you guys at a bad time?” Tripp offered with a smirk. Javier shook his head, unable to form proper words. Delilah smirked and got up. “I mean, you guys kinda did but what do you need?” Delilah asked, unashamed of her actions. “Well, I’m here to tell you that we’re leaving in the morning to get to your people Javier, and I’m taking you to that junkyard myself so nobody can say that I didn’t do right by no one.” Tripp said. As Javier protested, Tripp only denied it and left a bit after. “Well, I would tend to your wounds but it looks as if they’ve already been tended too.” Eleanor said, staring at Javier’s cheek then at Delilah. Delilah shrugged and smirked. Eleanor nodded then left, and Delilah climbed into bed. “I would love to continue, but I’d rather not fuck you for everyone to see. I’m bold, but not that bold.” Delilah said with a laugh. Javier nodded as they both shared a good laugh as Javier got up and walked to the floor. “Hey, where are you going?” Delilah asked with a smirk. “Oh, the floor? I just wasn’t sure if you wanted the bed to yourself-” Javier said, and Delilah could only giggle. “It doesn’t matter, I don’t care. Come, come.” Delilah offered and Javier took it, climbing into bed with Delilah and pulling the covers over them. Delilah curled up next to Javier, and Javier slung an arm around Delilah. And not too long after, they both had drifted off,


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