It came down to one decision, one choice, that changed my life. Now during the midnight hour, I fight for my life, evoker in hand. Alongside SEES I fight the shadows to eradicate the dark hour,

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Persona: PrometheusHi, this is Arcana XII with the first ramblings of what could be a great story. So... I noticed that there weren’t many fanfics on here, so I hope this goes over okay. this is just something I came up with on a long ride, and I hope it goes well because I really enjoyed writing it, it felt like I was experiencing the scene to be honest. I’ll have more notes at the end but for now enjoy.

The gun slid across the ground, stopping just within my reach, i pick it up on instinct. It felt familiar, almost comforting, in my hand. Then i remembered, the feeling of cold metal on my neck, the weight in my hand. The words, I can hear them clearly now, ′Can you pull the trigger?’
It was under my chin now, the cold steel on the delicate skin of my neck. My hands shook, my breath became ragged, and sweat formed on my brow. My heart sped while time slowed as the monster moved towards me. The rest of the world faded away, leaving me, the gun, and the monster.
“Per...” my lips moved, forming a word I didn’t recognize.
“...So...” Another syllable, my finger squeezed the trigger a little harder as my grip on the gun tightened. The creature reached out for me
“...Na.” I closed my eyes as I pulled the trigger.
Glowing blue glass erupted from my head as a flood of cold washed through my mind, like some poured liquid calm into my very being. Cold, then warmth coursing through me, like being embraced by an old friend. The feeling was both foreign and familiar, new and old, like it had always been there waiting for me to call upon it.
Behind me, he formed. A man whose skin was colored like fire, slabs of stone etched with glowing red runes formed a suit of armor that left only his torso and head uncovered. On his shoulders was two large blocks of stone, between them was his head, devoid of features or an expression.
The monster backed away as the stone man behind me began to speak.
"I AM THOU," His voice was deep, but smooth, like polished obsidian, "AND THOU ART I, MIRROR OF THY SOUL, I AM HE WHO BESTOWED FIRE UNTO MAN, PROMETHEUS!"

FIRSTLY, for those who don't know this is a self-insert into Persona 3, I do not replace the main character in any way.
Expecting more? yeah well, i'd need to know which shadow i'm fighting and then i'd have that correspond with the dates and progression of the story in the game. and if anyone has any ideas just let me know, you're probably better at this than I am. i was leaning towards stumbling upon SEES while they're fighting a full moon shadow, Lovers/hirophant seems like a good one, hermit too maybe emperor/empress fight? wait... that gives me an idea. anyway feel free to comment anything you want, suggestions and stuff like that.
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