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"Please Chris, don't leave me." He heard his little sister cried from inside of her room. "Mom left me, Wyatt left, don't leave me too." Piper and Leo had another child; a daughter. She was only 2 when Piper died in the future and became very close to Chris. For some while, she waited for Chris to return home but he did not so she went to the future herself hoping she could help both her brother and her family. If Wyatt turns good the power of three will be reunited again but if she could not help save Wyatt the power of three will be banished forever. Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed or the Halliwell family. However I may also not own the original characters, maybe one or two. The original characters are mainly based on my friends but they don't even know it. I just like to write this story to torture the characters… I just love to torture other people's character…

Caitria Mack
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Letting Go

The week had been dragging to an end. Chris watches Andrianne sit on the worn out bed reading in the back room of P3. Never once did she complain. She never once did she whined. Instead, she constantly reminded him how lucky she was to be with him and in a peaceful place as this. Chris knows that because of his stubbornness and his arrogance, Andrianne was not as comfortable as she should be. Piper insisted for him and his sister to stay at their manor. The family’s house that he and Andrianne grew up in until it was turned into a museum by Wyatt.

Wyatt. He was the reason Chris came back to the past. He was the one reason Andrianne was stuck in the past with him. He was also the reason for their horrible future. Nonetheless, he did not come back to stop that from happening, he did not come back to just merely turn Wyatt, but he came back to fix his family. He came back to warn them of the consequences of their actions.

Andrianne walked slowly towards Chris and sat by his knee. Leaning her head against his thigh she sighed quietly. “Are you sad that I came?” Andrianne questioned. It was not how she thought it would come out, but it did anyway.

“What?” Chris said a little shocked at her question. Andrianne straightened up and looked up at her brother. “What kind of question is that?” He asked. “Of course not. I’m happy you’re here. “I could never have asked for anything more than to have you here with me.” He said as he leaned and touched his little sister’s face. “What’s wrong Andy?” He asked.

“Nothing.” Andrianne replied. “It’s just that never once I see you smile or laugh since I came here. Are you sad that I come or are you just mad at me?” She asked him.

“Andy, listen. You know that I came here to settle some things right?” Chris questioned. Andrianne just nodded. “I’m glad you came. I just have so many things in my mind right now.” He answered. “Piper,” he started. “I mean mom wants us to stay in the house. I told them, no.” Chris said.

“But?” Andrianne asked sensing what her brother was going to say next. Chris just shook his head, and smiled. “You want to send me there? Alone.” She questioned. Chris let out a loud sigh and shrugged his shoulders. “Chris?” Andrianne said softly as she rose to his level. “You made a promise six months ago you will come back to me. When you didn’t, I thought you’d be glad to see me. Instead, you really are looking for a way to be away from me. Why? Am I that much of a burden to you?” Andrianne asked.

“God, Andy. No.” Chris said regretting telling her his plans. “God, no. How could you think such a thing?” He asked. “I want you to stay with mom, and be like any other kid your age. Go to school, have friends and have a life. Besides, I haven’t told them yet.” He said as he gestured for her to come closer to him.

Andrianne had always been very close to Chris. Chris practically raised her up on his own, after the death of their mother. Andrianne backed away and sat on the bed. A tear rolled down her cheek. Disappointed and sadden, Andrianne just could not hold her tears any longer. She wanted to just scream at Chris for being so ignorant and self-centered at that point. Instead, she just sat in the corner and shed her tears silently.

“Oh, Andy.” Chris rose and sat beside her. “All I wanted is for a normal life for you that I never had. I want you to feel the love of a mother. Andy, I’m sorry, princess.” He said embracing the little girl. “Please don’t cry, darling. I’m sorry. I’m not going to leave you again. I promise.” Chris said as he caressed Andrianne hair softly.

Andrianne wrapped her hands tightly around Chris and mumbled something inaudible. Her tears soaked his shirt. She had always been the strong one between them, and to see her cry was very rare. She did not even shed a tear on their mother’s funeral. Chris had a hunch something else was wrong and the reason for her to come to him instead of waiting for him as she would have done.

Chris just let her cry in his chest until she finally fell asleep. He laid her on his bed and dragged the stool for him to sit in beside her. Her little body was shrinking. Her face was paler than it used to be. Chris had a real bad feeling he was going to lose her.

Chris had been hiding from the sisters for almost a week and not making contact at all. He could hear Phoebe calling him and all but he just could not handle the might-be reaction of his mother when she learn the truth about him. He sighed as he laid his head beside Andrianne. It was not too long before he too entered the dreamland.

Chris’ Dream

Chris entered the familiar safe house cautiously. The sweet smell of strawberry and lavender stung his nose. Andrianne was sitting on the couch reading her book that he just gave her not two days ago. She was about to finish the 600-page book. He could see the frustration in her body language as he entered the room.

Another Chris sat opposite the little girl as he lowered the book softly. “Andy, I’m not going for long. I’ll be back before you know it.” The young man, who mirrors his look said softly. “I have to do this. I have to change our past to change our future. I have to go.” He said unconvincingly. The little girl seems like she was frozen in time. She did not budge a little. He knows she was unwilling to let the young man go. And he knew she disapproves of his plans.

“You just want to eliminate him.” She accused.“How could you? How could you bear the feeling of killing your own brother?” She said. Her voice was low and filled with anger. Her eyes were glassy and hurt.

“Andy, I’m not going to kill him. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Not even if I wanted to. Andy, look at me please.” The young man begged. His soul suffered a great pain. Torn between saving the people of the world from pure destruction and saving his splintered relationship with the only person left for him to care about.

“Prove it. Take me with you.” She replied.

“I can’t.” He answered. “Not that I don’t want to. I can’t.” He said sadly. If he could, he would bring her along. He could not even want to think about the consequences of taking her along with him. He was afraid of hurting her. But he was already hurting her. “I promise I’ll be back soon.”

Andrianne rose from her seat and walked away from him. “Hope it’s soon enough to catch my funeral.” She said quietly as she slammed her bedroom door. The phrase he did not catch when he left. He just went and left her all alone in the house for six long months.

Chris wanted so bad to wake up from the nightmare. He could still feel the ache of leaving his precious little sister behind, he needn’t the nightmare to remind him of it all. He did not need to be reminded of how he hurt his little sister and he definitely did not need a reminder of how hurt he felt when he had to leave her all alone.

“Please Chris, don’t leave me.” He heard his little sister cried from inside of her room. “Mom left me, Wyatt left, don’t leave me too.” She said quietly. The young man he was before him just walked away. He did not hear the sad cry of the little-broken girl on the other side of the wooden door.


“Don’t leave me, Chris, please, don’t leave me.” Andrianne mumbled in her sleep. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She said over and over again. Beads of sweat covered her little body. Her breath shallow and coarse.

“Andy. I’m here.” Chris whispered in her ear. “I’m not going anywhere, dear. I’m here.” He said as he sponges the little girl with the wet towel. “I’m always going to be here, baby girl. I’m never going to leave you again.” he caressed her hair gently as he wakes her up. “Come on, little girl, we need to get you to a doctor.”

“Chris. Chris, please...” Andrianne said as a tear rolled out of her eye.

“Andrianne Hope, wake up, princess. I’m right here.” Chris said gently as he wiped her tear. Andrianne opened her eyes and instantly she threw her arms. around Chris.

“Don’t leave. Please don’t leave.” Andrianne said sobbing in her brother’s arms. “Chris, promise me you won’t leave me.” She said.

“Princess, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I promise you I’m not going anywhere.” Chris whispered softly. Andrianne nodded as she pulled away from her brother. “What’s wrong?” Chris asked. Andrianne just shook her head. “Come on, I’ll be here. Go back to sleep, okay little girl?”

“Chris.” Andrianne started. The word seems. lost in her throat. He was all she had all her life. She needed to know that he is going to be there for her for the rest of her life. “I’m sorry I slammed the door at you.” She said. “I didn’t mean it. I was scared you were not coming back. I was scared that you were going to do something stupid to Wyatt.” She finally got it out.

“I know. It’s fine. Just go back to sleep, little princess. I’ll be sending you to mom’s for her to register in school in the morning. I promised Aunt Phoebe. So, get some rest.” Chris said as he dimmed the light and went out the door. “Sleep tight, little princess.”

Chris walked out to the silent dark street just to clear his mind and to absorb the moment that just passed. His dream. Her dream, it was almost like she was feeling what he was feeling. She was seeing what he sees and she was thinking as he did. He was afraid the day her powers matured will be too soon for her. It would be premature and she would lose control. He was afraid he might lose her instead of the other way around.

Chris glanced at his watch. It was late, but he wanted to tell someone about her. About him. All he wanted is to do the right thing. To save his family, and just to provide for his little sister. “Chris.” He heard her called. Her voice was near. He turned his head and saw his little sister beside him. Looking up to meet his eyes.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” Chris questioned.

“If it will make you happy, I will go and stay with mom.” Andrianne said quietly not meeting Chris’ eyes. “I don’t want you to be sad anymore because of me.”

Chris lowered his body to be at the same height as Andrianne. “Andy, I’m not sad. I don’t want to force you to do anything okay.” Andrianne just nodded in response. “Andy, look at me.” Chris said cupping her face. “Hey, I’m not sad. I just have too much on my mind.”

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