Loving You



“Andrianne, want to come and see Phoebe’s picture? I’m going to her reunion tonight and I thought I’d do some research on it.” Paige asked opening Andrianne’s room a little, while she was doing her homework.

“Sure, give me a minute, to finish this up. You go ahead first.” Andrianne said as she looked down at the pile of paper on the table.

“Okay, but don’t push yourself too hard okay.” Paige smiled as she spoke. Andrianne just nodded as a reply to her aunt.

Andrianne went back to her work, then cleaned up her room a little before Chris comes back then went to Paige who was in Piper’s room where Paige and Piper were talking.

“Can I come in?” Andrianne said knocking on the opened door frame of Piper’s room.

“Wow. Someone actually knocks. See this is what I talk about, knock before entering.” Paige said to Piper, who just made a ‘like-I-care’ face. “Come on in. Why are you still standing there?” she smiled at her young niece.

“It’s must be fun to have sisters right?” Andrianne said walking in and sat opposite Paige and beside her mother. The glow of happiness was radiating from her face as her face makes her seem more happy and more than glad to be there in the room.

“Well, it’s fun but you have Chris right…” Paige said.

“Yeah, Chris is so much fun.” Andrianne replied sarcastically.

“Isn’t he?” Piper asked.

“He’s all study and work. Never play. Only sometimes when he’s free which is not a lot of times.” Andrianne said and was cut by Phoebe’s scream. All three of them ran out of the room.

“What happened?” Paige and Piper said concurrently.

“What happened? You want to know what happened. The dry-cleaner ruined my dress for tonight that’s what happened.” Phoebe rambled as she was pointing to the stain on her ruby red dress she had tailored made for her earlier that week for her reunion night.

“Phoebe you know better than to scream in this house if there’s no demon.” Piper scolded her younger sister.

“I’m sorry but what am I supposed to wear to the reunion tonight?” Phoebe said desperately.

“How about some prison stripes?” Paige joked smirking at Phoebe who was a little flushed with annoyance.

“You told her about the shoplifting?” Phoebe asked Piper. Piper just answered with a sly smile as she darts a look at Paige.

“You little thief.” Paige added. Andrianne just stood at the door frame giggling, looking at the three of them talking.

“No. I acted out. Okay?” Phoebe retorted. “Now back to what am I supposed to wear tonight?” Phoebe asked.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you wear your little black suit with the thigh slit? You look sexy and successful.” Paige suggested nonchalantly.

“Nah. I think black’s too threatening. I’ll be in my closet.” Phoebe said finally before running back to her room.

“She’s funny.” Andrianne said almost laughing, as Paige smiled as she turned towards the giggling girl. Chris out of the blue orbs in from nowhere.

“Chris. Hey.” Piper said a little startled by the materialization of her grown son.

“Hey.” Chris said quickly not even looking at Piper. “Look, I need your help. I think I got scabbards on my tail.” He said quickly. Piper and Andrianne looked at each other then they gave him a funny look.

“Oh, well, I have some hydrogen peroxide in my bathroom.” Piper said unsure of what he actually meant.

“No!” Chris said wincing a little. “Scabbard demons. I went undercover to follow a lead on who turns Wyatt, but I think they’re onto me.” Chris utters quickly and still avoiding looking at Piper. “Everything is all right. I need a cloaking spell just in case. Is the book still in the attic?” he asked.

“Yeah, last I saw.” Paige said sceptically. Chris just continued to ignore his mother and quickly ran up the stairs to the attic.

“Want me to help you?” Piper uttered but he was already gone into the attic. Leaving her offer hanging. “He hates me.” Piper said.

“No he doesn’t.” Paige begs to differ.

“Yeah, he does.” Piper said as she turned and walk back into her room. Paige and Andrianne turn and followed Piper into the room.

“He’s just…” Paige said thinking of the right word to say. “Distracted.” She continued. Andrianne just grinned at Paige. “That’s all.” Paige continues and Piper shot her a dead-pan look. “By… you know… imminent… death.” Paige tells her pity excuse.

“He don’t hate you, mom. He’s just a little distracted and worried.” Andrianne said. “About me, about what happened. About Wyatt, and about the world.” Andrianne said giving her excuse to Piper.

“That’s no excuse; I mean he’s been avoiding me for weeks. He won’t even look at me. What could I have done in the future that would be so bad?” Piper asked she looks at Andrianne. Andrianne stared at her fingers fiddling with them discreetly. “Andrianne?”

“We can’t tell you about the future without changing it too much.” Andrianne said quietly quoting what Chris had said to her earlier.

“Maybe he should have a father-son talk.” Paige suggested.

“NO!” Andrianne proclaimed as Piper said it too. Paige looked at Andrianne weirdly.

“I can’t do that to Leo. He had a hard enough time letting go. Besides, he doesn’t even know that I’m pregnant.” Piper replied.

“I know but don’t boys need their…” Paige said trying to fit some words but cannot seem to find the right one.

“I know that’s why I called my father, so he could figure out why his surly new grandson hates me.” Piper said cutting Paige mid-sentence.

“Chris, don’t hate you, ma.” Andrianne said softly. Wishing in her heart Chris had not done what he did earlier and his manners as a whole. Andrianne knows in her heart her brother could never be angry at their mother much less hate her to that extent.

“Uh huh.” Piper said not really believing any of the reasons both her sister gave and Andrianne. She could feel that Andrianne just wanted to protect her brother and cover for him. She can feel the bond of the two goes way beyond just siblings relationship. “Ooh…” Piper said getting sick again. She got up and Paige followed her from behind to the bathroom.

“I got you.” Piper said as she helped Piper to the bathroom.

Andrianne smiled and took Phoebe’s yearbook and began flipping them uninterestedly as she waits for her mother and aunt to come out of the bathroom. Phoebe suddenly rushed in with an off-white dress.

“Guys, how about this one?” Phoebe said holing up her dress as the bathroom door closes behind Paige and Piper. “Okay.” She said to herself as she smiled at her younger niece.

“Morning sickness.” Andrianne said blasé. For she herself was unsure of what it means or what it was really.

“Hmm…” Phoebe smirked. “What you got there?” Phoebe asked as she walks to the bed where Andrianne was flipping Phoebe’s senior class yearbook. Andrianne closes the cover to show Phoebe. “I remember that.” Phoebe said. “Here,” she said asking for the book. “This poem. I remember this poem.” Phoebe said nostalgically.

“Didn’t know you were much of a poet.” Andrianne teased.

“I wasn’t.” Phoebe said. “Those who mock who I am; Let them always remember when.” She read the two lines she wrote on the yearbook. Suddenly she flashed into the teenage self of Phoebe that many had forgotten and Andrianne had never seen.

“You okay Aunt Phoebe?” Andrianne asked.

“Yeah.” Phoebe said. “I… ummm… I have to go get ready.” Phoebe said quickly before she walks away.


“Mom suspected something.” Andrianne said as she helped Chris going through spells in their room after she had her share of chats with her mother and her Aunt Paige.

“What?” Chris asked not knowing what she was talking about.

“About you avoiding her and all. She thinks that you hate her.” Andrianne said.

“I don’t hate her. I know that and you know that. That’s good enough for me.” Chris said. Andrianne just nodded. “Hey, I avoid her because I don’t want to lose her again. I’m sorry, but I just can’t go through it again.” Chris said looking at Andrianne.

“Maybe I was too young to remember her.” Andrianne said softly, hurt by the tone and the sentence her brother just said to her.

“I didn’t mean that.” Chris reacted quickly to her words. He kneels down in front of her holding her shoulders. “Maybe you were younger than me and Wyatt was. But I know it affects you too.” Chris said. Suddenly they heard his name was called by a familiar voice. “Someone’s calling me?” Chris shouted from the room.

“Can you be any nearer to me to shout?” Andrianne said in a whispery tone. ‘Sorry.’ Chris mouthed and he hushed her.

“Yeah, uh sweetie can you come here for a sec?” Piper called.

“Now what.” Chris said tugging Andrianne along with him. “Come on. You’re the only one who can save me here.” He said and Andrianne just rolled her eyes.

“Jeez!” Victor Bennett cried. “He can come out?” He asked. Chris and Andrianne can hear Piper sighing.

“Umm... can we air this out, ’cause I gotta get…” Chris said stopping mid-sentence as he saw his grandfather sitting near Piper. “Grandpa!” he said quite thrilled, some emotion Piper almost never saw in her son. Chris walks past Piper and hugged his grandfather. He pulled away and he motioned for a distant Andrianne to meet Victor. Victor was stunned and out of words to say as he saw his two quite grown-up grandchildren.

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