Loving You


A stunned Victor materialized with his two grandchildren in the attic. Andrianne smiled as she assisted her grandfather to sit on the stool. Piper and Paige who was sitting down scrying for Phoebe instantly stood up and neared her father.

“You’re okay.” Piper said happily seeing the three of them, no bruises, not dismemberment and just fine. Victor was still stiff from being stunned turned his head slowly as if he could break it if he moves too fast.

“Who says I’m okay?” Victor said finding his voice. Andrianne giggled as she looked at Chris.

“You’ll get used to orbing in the future, grandpa.” Chris said with a smile stretching from ear to ear. A picture Piper and Paige do not see every day from him.

“You’ll love orbing in the future.” Andrianne said giggling as she walked towards her mother. “Goodnight, mom.” Andrianne said as she excused herself to her room.

“Are you feeling well, dear?” Piper said cupping her daughter’s chin up to face her. Andrianne just nod silently. “You’re a little pale, darling. I think you better stay here with your brother.” Piper said quietly. Andrianne just replied with a groan. “Want to learn how to scry?” Piper asked, Andrianne looked at her weirdly and broke out a laugh.

“With fire?” Andrianne asked excitedly. The one way she is never allowed to scry with.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now. Start with the crystal first, young lady.” Piper said as Andrianne sat beside Paige.

“Let me try.” Andrianne said. “Who are we looking for again?” She asked casually.

“Phoebe.” Paige said as she hands the young girl the scrying crystal. “Maybe all we need is a little beginner’s luck.” She teased. Andrianne just made a silly face as they both laughed.

“Isn’t Phoebe downstairs in her room?” Victor questioned his two daughters.

“She’s out the window, dad.” Piper answered. “Just like old times.” She shook her head.

“Worse still she’s under the influence.” Paige said cynically.

“Of alcohol?” Chris questioned. Andrianne looked at her brother. ‘What?’ Chris mouthed.

“Nope. Of adolescence.” Paige answered.

“What do you think this is 2018? Alcohol can make you go bonkers like drugs?” Andrianne mumbled quietly. Piper and Paige stared at her silently waiting for her to repeat what she just said. “What?” She questioned.

“Bonkers?” Piper said. She shook her head and turned to back to her father. “And she stole a cop car as a prank.”

“That’s not a prank. That’s a felony.” Victor replied. “What was she thinking?” She said to himself.

“Well, she isn’t. Teen Phoebe apparently has her adult powers. She casted one on her senior class and the rest is history.” Paige voiced out.

“Luckily, Paige was able to reverse the spells on her classmates.” Piper said as Paige smiled smugly. “And, uh...” She said as she stepped back woozily. Chris and Victor quickly reached out to her as Andrianne instantly got to her feet and near her mother.

“Whoa. Here.” Chris held her for a while and let her go. “You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Piper said as she looked at her daughter beside her. “I’m just a little light headed.” She said.

“I’m sorry.” Chris said softly. “You know, about me.” He gestured at his mother’s stomach. A smile formed on Piper’s face.

She hummed an ‘hmm’ as a reply to her son. “That must have been some hell of a talk.” Piper quipped. Chris just looked down and then at his little sister.

“Let’s get you off your feet, honey.” Victor said as he escorted his daughter out of the attic.

“Look, we need to stop Phoebe before she gets into some trouble that we can’t get her out of.” Chris said diverting Paige’s attention to him.

“Chris, let me try. I found Ryan with it before. I know how to do it.” Andrianne said. Chris just shook his head. Piper just stood in her track to hear out her daughter’s suggestion that Chris is strongly against.

“Try what?” Paige asked.

“You’re not doing it again.” Chris said through gritted teeth. “It’s too dangerous. You’re not scrying with fire. Especially not here.”

“Scrying with fire?” Piper asked. Andrianne pleaded with her face.

“Aunt Paige can’t get her with the crystal. Why not try. Fire is way more powerful than crystal.” Andrianne reasoned.

“And way more dangerous too.” Piper backed Chris up before he even has the chance to voice his mind. “Andrianne, we’ll save it for the last choice if we really have no other choices to make. Okay darling?” Piper coaxed her. Andrianne just sighed as she nodded.

Just as Paige about to announce that she had found Phoebe, two scabbards demon materialized and attacked them. Victor jet to the door as Chris froze. “Glass.” Paige said loudly as she waved her hand and motioned it towards one of the demon. The shard piece of glass just disintegrated with the bodily fluid of the demon. It does not do much other than just stalling the demon,

The demon took a deep breath and shoot his venom towards Paige with full of vengeance. “Icky stuff.” Paige said to the yellow slime aimed at her. The slime was deflected back to the demon. As it hit him at the square of his chest, the demon burst into flames right in front of their eyes as the other one just took off in the whips of the wind.

“Andrianne.” Chris said alerted as his sister was out of his sight.

“I’m fine.” Andrianne said as she rose out of a clatter of glass. “Just a little cut. Nothing I can’t handle.” She said as she healed herself. “Chris. What did I say about scrying with fire?” She smiled as she held up the ruined scrying crystal.

“No.” Chris said still headstrong about his decision. “Let me do it. I’m not going to let the same thing happened five years ago happen to you. Not if I can prevent it.” Chris said protecting his little sister as his mother and grandfather witnessed it.

“Headstrong, temperamental. You remember right, Chris. I never listen to you.” Andrianne mocked her brother.

“For god’s sakes, Andy. This is not the time. And your health clearly doesn’t permit it.” Chris said. “Mom please talk some sense into this kid.”

“Andrianne, I do think your brother is right.” Piper intervene.

“Mom, please. Scrying uses the least of strength.” Andrianne reasoned. Piper sighed.

“It still uses strength to scry with fire.” Piper said. “I have another crystal and I am sure Paige noted where she was just now.” Piper looked at Paige who was not very sure of what to answer. Andrianne just shook her head.

“I will never get to do anything would I?” Andrianne pouted.

“Just look at you. Trying to act grown up and then pouts like a little baby.” Chris scolded. “Andy, come on. I’m tired of fighting and of just arguing. We made a deal, you’ll get your chance once your power is matured enough. You are still way too young to be consumed in all these things.”

“Fine.” Andrianne stomped her feet once as Chris neared her.

“I’m sorry for raising a little brat for you mom.” Chris said to Piper. His voice were just contented, no sinister tone nor apologetic tone in them. “Come on now, as much as I want to ground you right now, I don’t have the means to anymore. Nor do I have the power. So I just need you to get your rest before you faint. Deal? And tomorrow we can have a long day of practice while we can okay?” Chris said softly as he knelt down to her level. Andrianne just nodded nonchalantly. “Good.”

“Okay, dad. That was freaky.” Piper said as she set her hand on the small of Chris’ back. A jolt of energy sort of course from the point she touched to his whole body. “You do reminded me of me.” She said smiling to Andrianne. “And I like the ring of your voice when you call me mom.” Piper smiled sheepishly at her son.

Paige who was quietly observing the family bonding instantly voiced. “Take the crystals and barricade the room. I’m searching for Phoebe the new way.” She said. All four pairs of eyes were pinned on her. “Cell phone.” She smiled.


Piper placed the crystals on the windowsills as a barricade against any demon that wanted to enter the attic. Also, it was going to work as a safe place for Chris to be in. “The crystals should protect you. They won’t be able to find you as long as you stay in the attic.” Piper said softly to her son. Her sour-faced daughter was now resting her tired body on the couch.

“Are you sure about that?” Chris questioned Piper as his eyes drifted towards his sister. He wondered why was she keep on finding things to fight about with him.

“Pretty sure.” Piper answered.

“Alright. You and Wyatt need to go somewhere safe.” Chris said suddenly as he walked towards the attic door. “I’m going to get him.”

“No. You are going to stay in this room and not move.” Piper said as she catches her son’s strong arm. “I’m going down and help Paige summon Phoebe.”

“But mom, I’m part witch too remember. I can help Paige do that.” Chris insisted.

“Chris, listen to your mother.” Victor said softly to his grandson.

“What if something bad happened to her?” Chris questioned.

“Nothing bad will…” Piper said stopping midsentence. “Is that what you two have been living with? Something happened to me?” Piper asked. Chris nodded as Andrianne sat up straighter on the couch. “What is it, Chris?”

“I can’t tell you. I could change the future in even worse ways.” Chris responded.

“Right, but isn’t that why you came here in the first place to make the future better? How do you know you haven’t already changed mine?” Piper asked. Andrianne stood up and walked towards them.

“She’s got a point.” Victor spoke quietly.

“She doesn’t have a point grandpa. The future will vary with every little action or knowledge we know.” Andrianne said.

“Alright, whatever happened will not happen till you two were born.” Piper said softly. “So save it. I’ll be real careful for the time being.” Piper said.

Andrianne leaned her head towards Chris’ waist as she took his hand to wrap around her shoulders. ‘I’m sorry.’ She mouthed at her brother. Chris just gave her a simple nod and smile. “Be careful mom.” Andrianne said. Piper smiled at her two children and went straight to Paige leaving Victor with them.

Andrianne and Chris were glad that the issues between Chris and their mother were resolved. A mother that she never knew and he never had. Chris loves his mother too much to let her get hurt but she did anyways. With much hope, he really wished that this time would be different. Andrianne was just glad to know and remember her face.

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