Loving You

Ryan Ritter Smith


“Knowledge is the most important thing. You can do anything, be anyone you like with knowledge.” A young man of about twenty years of age said as he looked upon the little petite pupil in front of him. “Annie, I know you hate this, but believe me, this is important.” He said. “I’m sure Chris would be proud of you for learning history. It is not all about dead people. It’s more about learning their mistakes and not to repeat them.”

Andrianne groaned as she rolled her eyes at the older man who now was at her eye level. “Ryan, it’s not that I don’t want to learn history.” Andrianne paused. “Okay, maybe I don’t. But that’s not my fault. It’s about dead people. It’s just like a bedtime story. Give me the real education. Math, science or even the magical thing and beings. Just please no history today. I even hate the Book of Shadows.” She whined. “Just don’t tell Chris. It’s his sacred book.” Andrianne giggled.

Ryan sighed at the little girl in front of him. “Imagine this, say in thirty or forty years time and you had done something really big like find the vaccine for cancer, you’d be in the history books as well.” Ryan said. “Or there’s a new pact of demon attacked and you have killed it but they come back in a few thousand years, you’d want your next generation to be able to know what they have to do. That my dear is history.” Ryan smiled.

Andrianne just rolled her eyes at the young man. “You know, if Chris was here he would agree with you. But he is not is he?” Andrianne said sarcastically at Ryan. “Come on Ryan, You know I love you and all, but I just can’t stand history. Give me some problems to solve and we call it a day, shall we.” She said merely a suggestion.

“Four out of seven days a week, you are studying math and science and I never hear a complaint. Three of which is with me. Two days, you study your language and literature, and I never ever hear any whine either. Just one day, one, for history and you’re always finding a way to get out of it.” Ryan reasoned. “Listen here little missy, you as well as everyone knows that this is the most boring subject to teach as well as to learn, but it is as significant as your math and sciences. So will you just shut your yapping hole and learn. Then you can beat me in tennis or football. Your call.” Ryan said sealing a covenant with the young girl.

Andrianne sighed heavily and shook her head. “Football it is.” Andrianne said half-heartedly. “But I choose the topic.” Andrianne said bargaining on her side. Ryan just nodded. “Okay. Nothing political or beyond 1950′s. Let’s keep it up to date.” Andrianne smiled.

“Okay.” Ryan said pleased. “Events and preventions. Tsunami, 2004, Nusantara or World Trade Center, 2001, New York City. Pick one and discuss.” Ryan said.

Andrianne sighed. “History.” Andrianne said heavily. “Tsunami, December 26th, as an after effect of an underwater earthquake a few minutes after midnight or something like that, the epicentre of the earthquake is on the west coast of Indonesia. And many were affected because many were unaware of the warning of the earthquake since tsunami never occurred there before. This even also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami.” The nine-year-old girl said as her eyes closed and trying to remember what she read the previous night. She opened her eyes and Ryan nodded in agreement.“WTC, September 11th, 2001. Said to be a terrorist attack by an Asian terrorist and I can’t remember anymore.” Andrianne gave up.

“Any part of that don’t you understand?” Ryan said shaking his head. “Andrianne, I know you are a smart girl. You learn fast, faster and more brilliant than any other girl your age. Even the homeschooled ones.” Ryan said. “The only problem with you is that you are too stubborn to learn about the past and to accept that changes might not be all for the bad.”

“What past?” Andrianne said harshly. She knew what Ryan was saying was about her past. “I never knew my father, my mother died when I was two, and my brother gave in to evil. Another brother cannot wait to leave me to go to the past that he thinks he could change. Which is absurd considering he will not exist in the past.” She said half yelling as she stood up a little too fast, and a wave of dizziness washed over her as her vision blurred in front of her.

The next thing she felt was a pair of hands holding her as her legs gave up on her. Her weight was entirely on the supporting hand. Hot liquid was trickling down her nose and the stench of iron and salt fills her lungs. “Andy, my god. What’s happening?” Ryan’s frightened voice whispered in her ears. She could hear footsteps coming to them. The narrow heels clucked on the wooden floor hurriedly. Bianca. The name came up in her mind.

“Put her down slowly, Ryan.” Bianca said accusingly.

“No. it’s not what you’re thinking.” Ryan defended himself. “She stood up and blood was coming down her nose and ears.” Ryan said. Andrianne forced her limp arm to move but nothing happened. A groan escaped her mouth as she felt the woman snatched her body from the only other man she trusted other than her brother.

“Andy wake up.” Bianca whispered quietly.

“Andy please don’t do this to me.” Ryan said in a pleading tone. “Andy.” He called over and over.

End Dream

“Andy.” The voice called to her. “Come on, Andrianne.” A cold towel was pressed on her nose as she used all her might to force her eyes open. “That’s it, girl. Easy does it.” Ryder’s voice said softly as he aided her to sit down.

“What happened?” Andrianne asked.

“You guys were studying I guess, and you might have pushed yourself a little too hard and fainted.” Ryder said as his hand was still holding the towel to stop her nose bleed. “You must have hit your head hard on the table to have a nose bleed this bad.”

Andrianne’s eyes were transfixed to the pair of eyes in front of her. “Your left eye have a gold fleck in it.” Andrianne’s voice came out merely a whisper. Ryder shook his head smiling at the young girl. “And your eyes are blue.” She smiled.

“Okay now, you feeling better?” Ryder asked. Andrianne just nodded. “Want to tell me what happened?” He questioned. A shrugged says it all. “Who is Ryan?” He asked quietly, so that no one else would hear. Andrianne’s cheek instantly turned pink at the question. “Hmm…” he smiled at the young girl. “I can keep a secret.” He smiled as he helped her on her feet.

“Thank you.” Andrianne said shyly.

“I better call your aunts. You should get a proper rest. And the rest of the day off.” Ryder said as he walked Andrianne to the nurse’s station followed by two other younger boys, Riley and Nadim. Andrianne could not disagree with the father of the man she had a crush on in the future. “And the two of you should be off to class not tailing me.” He said hinting to his younger brother and Nadim.

“But…” Nadim started but was cut by Ryder.

“I know she’s your girlfriend, she’s just not feeling well and needs to get some rest. You two go back to class.” Ryder said full of authority. The other two boys could not say much but to obey him. As soon as they were nowhere in sight and they entered the nurse’s station, he sat Andrianne up on the examination bed. “Do they know about the tumor?” he asked.

“Nadim does.” Andrianne said quietly.

“Are you getting treatment for it?” Ryder questioned. He did not even need to wait for the answer for he already knows himself. “You know that you should be getting treatment for it right?” He said. “Andrianne, I know you are stubborn and you keep saying that, will to live is the best medication, whatever crap and all, but I am sure there are many people want to see you live and be happy.” He started.

“And that everyone that I can think of loves me just that the way they show it is different.” Andrianne said quoting what Ryan said to her when she decided to stop the treatment she was getting.

“How’d you know I was going to say that?” Ryder questioned. The answer he wanted to listen to was cut by a nurse entering the room. “She fainted in homeroom, luckily my brother called me. She had a nose bleed for about four minutes and apparently, there are no bruising on her head, suggesting that she did not hit her head upon falling.” He explained.

“Ryder, I know you want to be a doctor, but I think you are a little ahead of yourself diagnosing for her.” The female nurse said to him. Ryder just smiled and turn towards the door.

“Oh, one more thing, she has brainstem glioma. Just so you know.” Ryder said before exiting the room.

“Ryder. Wait.” Andrianne called. “He can stay till my brother come and pick me up right?” she asked. The nurse whose name was Allison just nodded. “Please.” She asked politely to Ryder. The young man just sighed as he walked back in and sat beside Andrianne.

“Who is Ryan?” Ryder asked quietly as the nurse walked out of the room to another room. Andrianne just sighed.

“A friend.” Andrianne answered quietly. She wanted to scream to him and tell him that Ryan Ritter Smith is going to be his son. His heir. He is her doctor. A secret that she could tell no one except for her brother.

“Like Nadim?” Ryder questioned her some more. Andrianne answered him with a shook of her head.

“No. He is more like a big brother. Something like you. He was the one who thought me everything, well almost everything I know.” Andrianne said. Her eyes lost in the memories she had with Ryan.

“You sound close to him. You must’ve missed him a lot to say his name while you’re out.” Ryder teased.

“Is there going to be one day that you are not teasing me?” Andrianne asked. Ryder shook his head. “I’ll tell Mr. Smith that you are bullying me and Nadim again.” Andrianne said whining. He just raised his eyebrow at her. “Fine. I’ll just have to learn to live with it then.” She said finally giving up.

“Ms. Perry, your brother is here.” Nurse Allison said as she entered the room after around ten minutes of absence. “Mr. Smith, you better get back to class.” She said quietly.

“Yeah.” Ryder smiled at the young nurse before heading for the door. “Dy, think about the treatment. It would not kill you to try would it?” He said before disappearing out of Andrianne’s sight. Andrianne just nodded quietly to herself.

“I heard.” Chris said as Andrianne walked beside him after leaving the school compound. “You should really consider it you know.” He smiled at his sister as they orbed home.

“Don’t tell mom please.” Andrianne said quietly as they got home. Chris just nodded not thinking that the school would have called their mother as well. “When I was out, I dreamt about Ryan.” Andrianne said. “He really does look a lot like Doc. He is like Doc.” Andrianne said smiling.

“Did Ryder know?” Chris asked a little alarmed. Andrianne shook her head. A soft sighed escaped from him. “I know you like him.” Chris smiled. “It’s so obvious. I wonder how a person as smart as him could not realize that.”

“Do you ever think that he was just ignoring it. He said he thinks I’m too young.” Andrianne replied. “He said he don’t want to make the same mistake his father made.”

“He was not a mistake and he knows that.” Chris said.

“But I was.” Andrianne looked down as she uttered her words.

“Oh, Andy. You are not.” Chris said realizing where the conversation was heading. He held his little sister close to him as he felt the silent tears stained his t-shirt. “You are my little angel. You can never be a mistake.” He whispered so softly he wondered if Andrianne heard what he just said.

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